Saturday, 8 November 2008

Major Hypocricy In Action!

What an excellent subject to start a blog with on the dishonesty of politicians and political parties is the situation here in Renfrewshire with regard to the council wishing to close South Primary School.
This is a classic case of the dishonest politicians jumping on the bandwagon with regard to the parents and teachers trying to save this school. Here we have Labour Councillors such as Terry Kelly, MP's like Douglas Alexander and MSP's like Hugh Henry having the barefaced cheek to show up and show their false concern for the parents, teachers and pupils of this one school in Renfrewshire when they completely ignored these same people when they were closing numerous Schools, Sports Centres, Community Centres etc across the whole of Renfrewshire.
I wish the parents and teachers well in their fight to save their school but remember these politicians are only looking after themselves with their false concerns. These are the same people who are closing your post offices and are going to privatise it!


Tommy said...

Hi Billy, I came across this blog by accident. I want to ask you why you are picking on Labour politicians and not the SNP who opposed the closure of schools when they were in opposition. Surely you should be pointing the finger at them and congratulating the Labour MP and MSP for their support.

Billy said...

Hi Tommy, You are correct with regard to the SNP, they have been major hypocrites as well, saying one thing in opposition and doing the opposite when in power. You will hear more about this as this blog comes along.

I would not congratulate any of these Labour politicians for their support in this issue as they behaved exactly the same way to the people who protested about Labour closing all the schools, sports centres, nurseries etc that they closed when in power.

All they see in this issue is votes for themselves to try and regain power - they could not care less whether this school closes, they are as concerned about this school as all the others that they closed!

Mad Mitchey said...

Hi Billy,

I have just witnessed Del Boay Mckay on a Scottish political show today, what a little trumped up Tory; this guy is, up his own back end it's unbelievable.

He represents everything that is artificial about politics in Renfrewshire; I don't know how the opposition can sit there without the urgent need of sick bags.

I really think he has had a one hour make over, new suite, hair cut, don't shave for at least two weeks, in order to grow a little stubble, I keep waiting for his new Spec -Savers spectacles to appear.

Welcome to "Tammany Hall Politics" SNP style.

P.s I have heard that anywhere the boay walks in Renfrewshire House
His two hand maidens, McCameron & the lady McGee walk in front
Of the chosen one and throw fresh rose petals in his path.

susan said...

Mitchey, havn't you left this exact comment on another blog? You may want to consider finding some new material. That said, it must have taken you quite some time to come up with, you must be very proud.

Mad Mitchey said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your kind comments, I do try and spread myself about.

Not sure if your pro-Nats Administration or not.

Onto to some serious points.

In opposition "we will scrap the Council Magazine"

In power it's wall to wall Celia Lawson & her Robin Red Breast.

In opposition "opposes PFI"

In Power, you couldn't get anymore Nats & MSP's in the picture.

In opposition Iain Nicholson criticised many of his fellow Cllr's for going to Civic Functions

In Power, Cllr Nicholson couldn't wait to get the Depute Provost chain around his neck, this guy is not fit for office, threats, bullying is his "mantra", don't forget Susan it was this angel who was charged with Fraud and ended up in Court.

Cllr Iain Nicholson is a fat over-weight sleaze bag and he is representing us, yes us! In Renfrewshire.

The only chain I would put round his neck is a lavy chain.

Much Love.