Sunday, 30 November 2008

Wakey! Wakey! Scotland!

Are the people of Scotland more stupid or useless than the people of any other country? It seems like it! Why does our country of five million people need three parliaments to run us? Every other country in the EU has two parliaments running them - the non-members such as Norway only have one.

Time to waken up Scotland we have too many politicians running this country, too many getting paid to do absolutely NOTHING! Take the Scottish Westminster MP's - in total these wasters of all parties are costing you the tax-payers around £30 million pounds per year and all they do is interfere in English matters. How many Doctors, Nurses or Police could we employ instead of throwing it away on these wasters? How many operations could this pay for?

Here in Scotland all they do is spend their time interfering in things that have nothing to do with them, Douglas Alexander MP with regard to South School here in Paisley - what a joke! The money that is being wasted on him could keep this school open. You have another waste of space MP, Jim Sheridan spending his time putting forward motions about X-Factor and football.

If you really need the proof that these MP's are a waste of space and money then look no further than the recent Glenrothes bye-election where the Labour party and their candidate fought their entire campaign on Council and Scottish Parliament issues. What are these Scottish MP's doing on full-time wages when they are not even doing part-time work? Wakey! Wakey! Scotland!


jimmy said...

I come from a background of protest and other forms of direct action, so I share your feelings about politicians. However politics is the only way right now for anything to get done. Direct action is okay, but only in rare occaisions and with huge backing does it actually make a lot of difference. An easier way to get things done is to get yourself elected.

Maybe I'm a dirty sell out, but thats what I'm doing, although I have waded in with a party that currently has the support of about 1% of the electorate, so my chances might be curtailed somewhat.

Jimmy Kerr

Billy said...

Hi Jimmy,

I agree that you have to get elected to get things done and I don't think you are a sell-out. Being ex-party I have seen it from that side of things and there are too many people who use that road for themselves rather than for the people or country, too many where they are in a cult and it is the party first - just look at the Labour party, a perfect example.

Unfortunately that is why the parties are in decline - that is what your party should start to push - the fact that the big parties are just as big as your party now, they don't have the people to do the work anymore - only their councillors, MSP's, MP's etc. and most of them are too lazy!