Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Send In The Clowns!

Another one you could not make up! Here we have the Royal Mail which used to be very profitable. In steps the Labour party who wanted to privatise it but did not because of the huge opposition to doing so and it being dropped after Mandelson having to resign after being caught in another of his crooked deals. So Labour does not let the Royal Mail put up the price of stamps for years and allows the private sector to, not only take away the most profitable business mailings, but allows them to use the Royal Mail to actually do the delivering for them. The Labour party then sets up a commission to look into the Royal Mail which finds just what the Labour party wants it to find - allow the private sector into the Royal Mail!

That's funny it is that crook Mandelson who wanted to privatise the Royal Mail in the first place. It is him and the Labour party who has got it into this position and now are intent on not only partly privatising it but in reality getting it halfway there so that hopefully there will be less opposition when they fully privatise it.
They are now trying to claim that it is modern technology that is killing the Post Office - what a load of rubbish - it is Mandelson and the Labour party! Modern technology is also adding to the mail with the likes of e-Bay, Amazon etc with more and more goods being sent as result of the internet.

The reality is the Labour party have got the British economy into such a state that they want to sell off half the Royal Mail to use the money from that, plus the £22 Billion in the Royal Mail pension fund that they are eyeing up, to cook the books again to try and make them look less bankrupt. The fact that this pension fund also has a £7 Billion defecit does not mean anything to Mandelson and the Labour party - as far as they are concerned you can pay this off along with all the other debt that they have got us in to in the near future.

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