Thursday, 11 December 2008

You Couldn't Make It Up!

Yes you couldn't make it up - Here we have it the day after this shockingly inept Labour government states their intention to hammer the unemployed in order to get them into jobs when the jobs market is disappearing and the jobless total is rising at a record rate we have one of Labour's unemployed wasters mentioned in the previous post, Jim Murphy a man who has never worked in his life, stating that Scotland's place in the UK is a "major plus" in the economic downturn. He goes on to the usual drivel about how we rely on England etc.

This numpty claims that the UK union is about pooling "resources, reward and risk". Scotland's reward is the pensioners dying and the poor in Scotland freezing because of the high gas and power prices as we export most of our resources to England to reward the rich with lower prices there. Our reward as an oil producing nation is high petrol prices, an obscene amount of poverty and we get more of our fair share of the risk with the UK's illegal weapons of mass destruction being parked in the centre of our population.

Of course Jim and his fellow unemployed Scottish Westminster MP's will not be losing any sleep over any of this as long as you the people are happy to continue to pay them to do nothing but con you out of your money, your resources and your country and as long as we have a useless and foreign-owned press that lets them get away with it!

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