Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Nationalism Is Normal!

In every other country in the world the people are nationalist, it is normal. In these countries the people generally work together for the benefit of their people and their country.

What is it with Scotland? In no other country in the world would you get people voting for,or joining, political parties that are funded by another country and that includes England. Yet here in Scotland we have people who put their English-funded parties before their country, people who are in a cult when it comes to their party and who are as a result quite fanatically happy to trash their own countrymen and country for the benefit of that party. Only in Scotland would you get these same cultists who think that it is good for their country to give up it's sovereignty to another country who would not, and has no intention of, doing the same when it comes to Europe.

Now more than ever, with Labour having bankrupted the British economy, the people of Scotland should be working together for the benefit of the Scottish people. Nowhere else would you get people giving away their money to another family when your own is in so much need of it. It is time we sorted out our own country, dealt with our own poverty, created jobs for our own people. It is time to put the people of this country before any political party. It is time to become just another normal country in this world! Nationalism is normal!


Free Thinker said...

Independence is the only way. For many, many reasons...

Anonymous said...

And there are many many more not to