Friday, 6 February 2009

Government-Backed Council Fraud!

Just like my post regarding the wasters getting paid to do nothing as Scottish MP's at Westminster we also have the same thing happening here in Scotland with regard to our local councillors.

The new proportional system brought in at the last local elections has created a system where local councillors, who are not solely responsible for their own area anymore, are hiding in the system, working full time, or both and getting paid £15,500 per year plus expenses for the privilege. Over half the councillors in Renfrewshire council work full time and are getting paid the same full time rate as the councillors who are "working" full time as councillors.

The old first past the post system was not perfect but at least you knew who your councillor was and could judge them on what they were doing for your area. Just who is policing this farce!

One example of this situation is Labours Eadie Devine, this man works full time for Scottish Gas, doesn't turn up to anything in his area, and yet gets paid the full time wage for being a councillor. He wants the plaudits for not claiming any expenses yet why should he when he is already getting paid full-time to do nothing.

Another example is SNPs Jim Mitchell who, because he is unable to talk, has been unable to do the job of councillor for years. He can't phone anyone, other councillors had to do his surgeries, can't speak at meetings and takes the clerical staff away from helping other councillors because they have to spend so much time on him. The laugh is Jim and some of his colleagues back-stabbed two of the best and most popular, hard-working councillors, Bill Martin and Richard Vassie, out of his party all because the street where he lived was moved into their ward and he wanted to make sure that he got selected for that area because of that. Why should this man be getting paid to do a job he can not do? One of the councillors quite happy to hide in the system with the backing of his party!

These are just two of the examples of councillors who are getting away with government-backed defrauding of the council-tax payers. Why are councillors getting away with full-time wages when they are not even doing part-time work. Why are the councillors who are supposed to be "working" full time not being monitored like every other normal employee, having to keep a diary of what they are doing which is checked regularly? At the moment these people are getting paid to do nothing and they are getting away with it because as usual no one is monitoring what they are up to!


Anonymous said...


I find it offensive that Cllr Jim Michael at each and every election plays the Cancer card, without fail we plays this! for example, I quote Jim" I hope and pray that I can make my Daughters Wedding" then sucks up to the Labour Party and uses the Provost' Limo, what a little hypocrite.

Then the last elections, Jim again “I might never see my gran wains growing up". Cllr Mitchell should be reported to the Standards Commission; he can't talk, can't do his own surgeries, and can’t talk to the Council's Secretaries, what good is he as a Local Government Councillor.

The SNP are happy just to sit back and take the public for granted, how they have judged the feelings of the public wrongly, thanks to sites like this one, the public have a chance to air their views, I think the days of this Nat Administration are numbered.

Is it just be or doe's anyone else think that Derek McKay is very effeminate, " oh you bitch" I hear you say, don't take my word for it, visit a Full Council meeting and watch the "Bitch " speak, watch her mannerisms, then come back to me with your views.

Great Web site.


George McGee

Billy said...

How correct you are George, Jim Mitchell also uses the local press at election time for publicity by making up false allegations about people saying he is dead, not able to do the job(how correct), they are going to sell off Brodie park again for housing etc. None of it is ever true it is just Jim Mitchell thinking of ways to get himself in the papers. Jim Mitchell only ever thinks of Jim Mitchell!

Don't know about the effeminate bit but Derek MacKay is a fraudster. He bases himself on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. How he must have videod these two to copy their mannerisms and hand-movements to practice in front of the mirror, only a poor copy. A shockingly bad leader, he almost makes Iain Nicolson look good when he was leader.

Derek is also a fraudster of another kind but more on that in a future post!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you that cllr mitchell is a waste of space but i cannot agree with your comments about cllr devine.
this man works very hard for glenburn and does attend everything in his area. he has been more than helpfull to me and several of my neighbours when the snp administraton have not. you seem to have a personal grudge against this councillor and his family so is it not perhaps you that has the problem as the people of glenburn certainly dont. we need more councillors like councillor devine not nutcases like you deriding them.
glenburn resident

Anonymous said...


Having taken time to read and digest your site, you do appear rather insular in you attacks, you feel that Councillors of both parties are the devils in the piece.

Let me assure that, this is simply not the case, if I may be permitted, I work in local government in Renfrewshire, one particular nasty piece of work is one Mr Mark Ferguson, Unisons Branch Secretary, a more unpleasant individual you are ever unlikely to meet, over -weight, disgusting, common, mean, spiteful, vindictive, vengeful, do I need to say anymore, he speaks of women in disparaching ways, talks of his supposed sexual conquests, I even heard him singing the words to one of my former favourite pop tunes, West Virginia, Mr Ferguson changed the words to West Virgina". What a more sorry excuse for a person you will not meet in today's local government, he turned a blind eye to Labour Councillors transgressions and they were many, I can recall many times when staff complained about the conduct of Senior Labour Councillors, Mr Ferguson did nothing for the staff, he did make a point though of informing the appropriate Labour Councillor, thus hoping to carry favour with them. He back stabbed the workers when Labour was in power, talks of strike breakers as "scum" and says "they will not be forgotten or forgiven".

One wonders how he will continue to operate with the SNP Administration, he is keeping his cards close to his bloated chest, Mr Ferguson as stated in just a very immature unpleasant person who has questionable sexual orientations, many staff say that he is “fragrant” and likes to go shopping for fresh young meet, not the kind that Tesco sells! Let’s just say that I wouldn't like to be in his circle of friends, or even penetrate this ring!

Please give the politions a break, there are bigger monsters operating in the Council.

More coming soon.
Ex Unison Member.

Billy said...

Anonymous 08 Feb

The people of Glenburn gave their verdict on Eddie Devine for election after election for years and he only managed to get in the last time because his name came alphabetically before the sitting Labour councillor.

Funny it is the people who tell me that the only one who turns up for anything is George Adam of the SNP trying hard to crawl in with everyone without letting on what a crook he really is (It is OK, they soon will know). They do not see any other councillor from any other party!

Of course this will be the same Eadie Devine who ran, with a handful of his cronies, the Glenburn Community Council for years illegally so that they could keep it as a wee power base for himself and what was left of the Labour party.

Billy said...

Anonymous 12 Feb

Couldn't give monkey if he is into sheep. He was only put in by the Labour party to do the dirty on the nursery nurses on behalf of the Labour council at that time. Too many people in the unions put the Labour party before their members - scum!

Anonymous said...


If I may use your first name, please lay off Mark, he is a likeable big chap, so what if he likes blokes, surely that is his own personal choice, this does not deter him from achieving his dreams and aspirations. I will say one thing, Mark is head and shoulders above John McNaughton, who was know as a stooge of the SNP, Mark is his own man, he knows what he likes and usually gets it in the end. Mark always takes a healthy interest in ensuring that our younger members have direct access to their Unison representatives, I would go as far and say that he prides himself on being available to our younger members day and night. How is that for dedication.

So lay of Mark, he's not political, just a big softy at heart.

Aye yours

John J. Quinn.
Renfrewshire Branch.

Anonymous said...


The description & explanations provided Mrs Lorraine Cameron’s Council Tax Time Bomb , simply Does not stack up, can she please explain to "Joe Public" the rules and regulations governing the payment of Council tax.

If Councillor Cameron for whatever reason has not declared her husband a (working adult) as staying with her, then surely by definition, she was breaking the law, by not declaring a (paying adult) as residing with her and therefore enjoying all the Council services which Renfrewshire Council provides.

J. Harding.

Anonymous said...

your poor does she feel bringing up an uneducated imbecile.
you were kicked out of your s.n.p. when they discovered what an idiot you were and now you just slag off anybody without knowing any of the facts.
go get yourself an education and stop boring us with your drivel

Anonymous said...


I stay In Renfrew, opposite the Glynhill Hotel, I attended the Standards Commission hearings that has been mentioned on your site, I was studying at the time and this was of interest to me, I hope if you permit over the next few days, weeks to add to your site my notes as taken during these hearings, I should mention that I am not a member of any party, or I am related to any person who had an involvement with this sorry incident.

I hope to provide other bloggers an independent view of these proceedings and this in turn will generate debate.

Mr Steven Quinn

Anonymous said...


Please, please don't be put off by silly and stupid comments from the SNP, they have a Leader who has never had a real job in his life, now he is telling Renfrewshire Business Leaders what to do, they have an Education Convenor who can't string a sentence together, a former Bar Maid, Quiz Master, a Depute Provost who is just simply "scum" and not fit for purpose, this was the same man who was quick in his criticisms of others for attending Civic Functions but wait for it, he couldn't wait to put the Depute Provost's chain round his neck, all this fool deserves is the lavvy chain around his neck.

Take heart Billy, you and this site is getting to them.

George Adams (No relation to the used car salesman)

Anonymous said...


I agree with your comments on Cllr Jim Mitchell being useless for the people of glenburn however i find it very cruel of you to bring the mans health into your rants, lets hope you and yours never have to suffer the effects of cancer, shame on you billy, i do not agree with your comments on cllr eddie devine, this man has helped me on several occasions and always returns my calls, gets to the root of my problems and is friendly and courteous every time, i had dealings with both his predecessors Mr Martin and Mr Vassie and not once did i receive the same service from either of them, did anyone ever think question their integrity? I think its maybe a case of the green eyed monster here billy!

Anonymous said...

I find the comments relating to mark ferguson to be disgusting and untrue. mark works hard for his members and having had his help I can assure you that his ability to defend members is excellent.

I remember when he defended members who had been subjected to abuse from the then councillor richard vassie by reporting him to the standards commission.

I am proud to be a member of UNISON in renfrewshire and of the work the branch does.

I would suggest all those who have used gutter comments to get a life.

Happy UNISON Member

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to thank the one Unison member who took the trouble to answer some of the points raised on this site.

Unfortunately they forget to mention the fact that Mark Ferguson threatened staff who worked for the housing association that was set up by the Council to transfer the Council’s Housing stock, one of my co-workers was present when big bloated Ferguson marched to their Paisley offices and threaded them, yes readers threatened them with their jobs, double standards, what about when Labour Cllr Tommy Williams threatened one of the Council’s car parking staff, he went to Mark Ferguson, guess what readers, nothing was done, he was told and I quote directly " it would be better for you if this was dropped", with friends like this, who needs enemies, personally it matters not to me if he is Gay, straight or trysexual, I notice he appears with Mrs Jean Chalmers at most of the meeting I have attended, sorry Mark we are not fooled.

As I say his sexual preferences are his business, the way he spoke about the strike breakers, i.e. men and women who were low paid staff and could not afford to stay out on strike was a disgrace, I quote " they will not be forgiven" quote from Paisley Daily Express. So maybe the Ferguson supporter could answer these points, we await, so to recap, Mark Ferguson threatened Housing staff with loosing their jobs, secondly threatened GMB workers with their jobs, lastly sold out many Unison, low paid workers. My, My what a saint we have in Ferguson, come back Mr John McNaughton all is forgiven.

As for the actions of the ex-Cllr, I never believed that nonsense, I do note though that on this web site we will be hearing first hand from a member of the public who attended this sad and sorry drama which cost the tax payers
Over 35 thousand pounds to stage.

Mark Ferguson is a drama queen, who sucked up to Labour, who now sucks up to the SNP and did nothing to protect female staff from the actions of former Labour Councillor Richard Manser, who is a known wife beater, come, come Mark, was this not a priority for you, oh of course not, he was Labour and had a charge beating up women against him, Mark you really are a sad person, who has lost site of the reason you were put in a position of trust, you site in your ivory tower, I just hope to be present when you fall from grace, then again I work in the Education Dept and maybe loosing my job.

Need I say any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well i hope you are not teaching my kids english

Anonymous said...

I am a low paid unison member from glenburn and can assure the previous blogger that it was the low paid who went on strike.

I was in paisley when the branch secretary made the comment about strike breakers not being forgiven and neither they should - people earning 3/4 times more than me.

I work in a glenburn school and contacted unison because of bullying from teaching staff the only person to respond was mark, richard vassie was also aware of this and did nothing.

I find the comments relating to sexual preferences to be unhealthy, sounds like someones obsessed.

low paid school worker!

Anonymous said...

Low Paid School Worker.

If I was you, I wouldn't plan any holidays with all the cuts in the Education Budget.

Let's see, what will Ferguson do, oh yes, another sell out, why has no one spoke up for the staff he threatened, will I need to say more, Gilmour Street Housing Office, set up by the Council to deal with the Housing stock sell off! Council staff transferred, big bold Ferguson walks in, "threatens staff, one girl broke down in tears, many were genuinely taken aback that the Unison Rep would use this sort of language and threaten them and their jobs, one member raised this with his then rep, Mr Drew Gibson, surprise! Surprise! nothing was done, this guy Ferguson is a bully, careerist, stooge, no principals, need I say more, re-former Cllr, can't speak for him, maybe you should have followed Ferguson and reported him to the Standards Commission, maybe you should speak to the Current Education Convenor, you may catch her outside Cotton Street threatening members of the public.


Ross (Former Unison Member and proud of it)

Anonymous said...


Firstly I have no wish to be drawn into the sexual macinations of Mr Mark Ferguson or Andrew Gibson.

With regards to "Low Paid" with no name, does he or she not forget about the Unison sell out of our low paid Town Hall & Community Centre Staff, many of whom had to take out seperate action against the Counicl due to the fact that Unison sold them out. I can recall many of these low paid staff ripping their Uniosn cards in two, what about the Community Wardens, Maybe "Low paid" could take some time out from critising a former Councillor who has as far as I am aware been out of office for almost two years, cheap shot! but what about Mr Mark Ferguson, maybe "Low Paid" could comment on the many hard working halls staff, as I have stated got a very poor deal from Unison.

We await a response.

Cheers Billy, great site.

Counicl Worker (low Paid)

P.s Maybe "Low Paid" may wish to also comment on the large pay increases given to the Higher Paid Officlais of this Council, or was that the fault of the former Councillor as well!

Anonymous said...


Could someone please tell me how Cllr Jim Mitchell who can't speak, can represent his constituents, I am all for assisting the disabled, this man gives the disabled a bad name.

Answers on a postcard.

George (not used cars salesman)

Anonymous said...


May I comment on another anonymous comment which relates to Eddie Devine, I think Anonymous is looking through rose tinted glasses, they clearly have forgotten the outrage when fast Eddie called a respected Asian Businessman a "Black B******".

I would not want to go before Eddie when he sits on the bench with views like that, Carol Thatcher springs to mind, maybe Eddie and Carol should be sent back to school and learn not to treat other people or cultures with such contempt, as for Eddie working for Glenburn, this scheme is going down hill faster than one of George Adams used motors.

Glenburn Resident

P.s If Fast Eddie is so popular why did it take him 12 years to get elected.

Billy said...

Anonymous 20 February

My post was about people being paid to do the job of councillor full-time and not doing it.

In the case of Jim Mitchell he can't do the job, is not doing the job so should not be doing the job. He is an odious little man who only thinks of what is good for himself.

For you to compare Eadie Devine, or any of the other councillors, integrity to Bill Martin or Richard Vassie what a laugh. The increase in votes election after election for these two showed what the people of Glenburn thought about their integrity. Devine and Adam only got in through default, Mitchell just scraped in by the skin of his teeth and lazy and useless McGurk conned her electrate yet again.

Billy said...

Anonymous 21 February

This will be the case where the Labour party aided and abetted by Mark Ferguson got people to commit perjury in order to try to get him thrown out as a councillor.

Funny how the story started out as Councillor Vassie throwing food and when they could not get that to stick they then came up with the threatening staff bit.

The disgraceful thing with this case was where the SNP group jumped on this band-wagon because the odious Mitchell wanted into Councillor Vassie's ward and the other SNP councillors aided in this back-stabbing in order to get their own wee positions in the new council, all under the orders/aid of Derek MacKay who was quite willing to commit perjury and do illegal things like doctor minutes in order to get Councillor Vassie thrown out of the party.

The SNP councillors in Renfrewshire are a shower of scum -worst than the Labour party

Anonymous said...

Billy, Anonymous says that the suggestions of Mark Ferguson's sexual interest's are untrue, because they know it to be true, this is a sweeping open ended statement, how do you know this to be true, the Anonymous person, are you male, female, both, look without sounding boring, I have one question, just one?

How can we put a man on the moon but can't put a women on Mark Ferguson!


Billy said...

Anonymous 17 February 13:20

Funny I was thrown out of the SNP for calling the people who were back-stabbing Councillor Vassie, and then Councillor Martin for standing by his colleague, scum!

I was notifying HQ of what dishonest and illegal stuff was going on at the time, from the leader Derek MacKay down, and they did not like what they heard so instead of dealing with them they threw me out for calling these people scum.

Back-fired on the SNP though as they were left with the lazy and useless like yourself in Paisley South and North as all the people who like myself who did all the work left in disgust.

Anonymous said...

Billy, calling people "scum" is over dramatic. There are useless councillors in all parties. Councillor Williams, what about him, why is he still a councillor? Was he fired from his real job for fraud?
The careerists are in all parties and some of them are getting used to the money. Do they have a "real" job?

Anonymous said...


I can't believe that "Anonymous" has stated that they agree with "Slum Dog Fatty Ferguson” that "Strike Breakers will not be forgiven". How dare they, I went out on strike, then went back to work, I have a family to support, have now tore my Unison card in two and binned it, “Slum Dog Fatty Ferguson” is an unpleasant person who clearly still has followers who agree with his every gesture, well I don't.

I will never join a Unison strike again and it's not just me, many others are following, unfortunately hangers on like wee Jean Chalmers will always follow their master, I have to say though, she like “Slum Dog Fatty Ferguson” has more faces than the town hall clock (wee Jean is all smile to your face, while holding a knife to your back).

One thing I would like to say in closing, “Slum Dog Fatty Ferguson's” sexual connotations should be his business, I have heard him openly boast about being " a stud" and all that sort of stuff, I listened and treated this with a pinch of salt, I always thought that he had a boyfriend though, maybe he should just come out, in this day and age no one would bat an eyelid, Look at the Leader of Glasgow City Council, his admission has not stopped him in any way, so come on Marko, put us out of our misery.

Former Unison Member.

Anonymous said...

Billy, Have you had nay more contributions from that chap in Renfrew, who is going to be talking about the Standards Watchdog, can't wait to hear his views.

Keep up the good work.

Jim Devine.

mad said...


I attended the Standards Commission hearing’s in Renfrew a number of years ago now but kept written notes on the proceedings.

Firstly I would state that Paisley University allowed it's self to be "politicised" and also allow a drunk to testify at the hearings.

Mr Mathew Moir if he still works at the University should have been charged with perjury along with the Bar staff from the Students Union.

Paisley University showed its true colours when they couldn’t wait to drop "Paisley" from their name, the University is now rated near bottom of a list of top quality Universities in the UK.

So what we have hear is a failing discredited University who allows it's self to be "politicised" and allows "drunks" to give false testimony to the Standards Commission in Scotland.

From what I heard, Mathew Moir was indeed reported to the Procurator Fiscal on the grounds that he committed Perjury, but the local Fiscal Mr Scott Patterson ( No longer Fiscal in Paisley) thought that it was not in the public interest to charge him.

More to Follow.

Steve Quinn.

Anonymous said...


May i make a suggestion, theres a very good book i think you should maybe invest in its sold in many good bookstores, its called a DICTIONARY, you obviously do not understand the meaning of the word integrity, if you did you certainly could not use it to describe Messrs Vassie and Martin! You are very very bitter towards the SNP forgive me for asking but werent you once one of their biggest supporters or was that just your strings being pulled yet again, get a backbone billy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous must take a look at the SNP in power in Renfrewshire, Councillor Lorraine Cameron, fraudster, never declared her husband for Council Tax, more of that in the press soon, George Adam (Man of Straw) credit check done on him by McFee and Iain Lawson, what a happy bunch, Fraudster Dept Provost Nicolosn, Working Tax Credit Fraud, didn't declare his Council Income, man not fit for office.

My, My what a wonderful bunch, Mr Martin & Vassie got out at the right time, they shown in their honesty, as compared to this bunch, as they say Billy, the "s**** is going to hit the fan.

Aye Yours
Tom Flood

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 24 March

I am perfectly aware of the meaning of integrity and that is why I would not compare you or your fellow corrupt SNP councillors with Bill Martin or Richard Vassie.

I put this country and its people first, not any political party. I have not singled out the SNP any more than any other party on this blog and have only commented on what is left of the SNP in Renfrewshire because they are just as bad as the Labour party with regard to corruption and backstabbing.