Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Absolutely Not Very Satisfied Dougie!

It just goes to show that being a son of the manse does not mean that you will grow up to be any more honest than anyone else. In fact two that come to mind, Gordon Brown and Douglas Alexander, would seem to prove that the opposite is in fact the norm. These two have spent their entire political lives lying to, conning and using scare tactics to get people to vote to keep their snouts in the Westminster trough. They are also quite happy to go along with illegal things like the Iraq war, the London Bombings - very eager to avoid Independent Investigations into both of these, and their disgusting attempts lately to try and exempt MP's from the Freedom of Information laws with regard to expenses.

Here in Renfrewshire Dougie has spent his entire career conning the electrate, at their expense, that he is working hard on their behalf. No shame from Dougie of course as he is one of the Scottish MP wasters being paid to do absolutely nothing on behalf of the people of Renfrewshire and Scotland. Just look at the reverse of one of his propoganda leaflets above, paid for by you, for proof of what I say.

This is put out as a survey scam, but as you will notice every issue on this leaflet has absolutely nothing to do with his role as an MP. The only one you could say that is within his remit is taxation - how many people bother him with regard to this issue plus it is also an issue that the majority in the Scottish parliament think that they should have power over. These are all MSP and Local Councillor issues. You will also note how Dougie rates himself in Question 4 as you have five rates of how "very satisfied" you are of his "work"!

Proof that these wasters like Dougie are getting paid to do nothing, they cannot find anything useful relating to what they do for the people of Scotland in Westminster so they have to stick their noses into other peoples areas to justify their existence - Too many politicians wasting our time and money in another country's Parliament and affairs!

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