Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Don't Drink Without A Bit Of Paper But You Can Steal Our Money!

What is the difference between a pub manageress called Pauline Dallas and Councillors, Ronnie Burns, Celia Lawson, Derek MacKay, Mark McMillan and Tommy Williams.

Pauline Dallas was unfortunate in that, due to work commitments, she made a late application to Renfrewshire Council's legal department for a drinks licence to run a bar at a wedding reception she had arranged at Paisley Town Hall. Obviously worried about the wedding she attempted to have the council approve the licence, telephoning and even called into the council the day before the reception. She was informed that the licence had been granted but because it was a holiday weekend the councillor responsible for signing it was not available to do so. Stupidly, and not wanting to let the newlyweds down, she forged another licence she had to make it look as if it was for that reception. An eagle-eyed solicitor from the council saw that the event had gone ahead and informed the police and she ended up with a £600 fine.

In the case of Councillors, Ronnie Burns, Celia Lawson, Derek MacKay, Mark McMillan and Tommy Williams these people have all been fiddling and defrauding the tax-payers, some to quite serious amounts. See the video from STV, in the Video Vault at the side, regarding the now ex-provost Ronnie Burns for just one of them. These people are all subject to a report to the Procurator Fiscal in Paisley.

Just what is going on here and why is it taking it so long to bring these people to justice? The difference between these two cases is that the Council, Police and Procurator Fiscal all fell over themselves to prosecute a woman who may have been stupid but who did not rob anyone. Yet here we have councillors who have been abusing their positions by stealing from the people they were elected to represent. It was easy enough for ordinary lay-people to prove that these people have been committing fraud so what is the Council and the Procurator Fiscal's problem?

The Procurator Fiscal cannot claim that the drinks licence was in the public interest when it affected no-one and yet it is that self same public that has been affected by the actions of these councillors. This stupidity will have a long-term affect on the future of this bar manageress yet these councillors are allowed to carry on as if nothing happened - Is the Council and Procurator Fiscal more corrupt than the Councillor's?


Anonymous said...


I was shocked and stunned to read this page on your site. Why have we never read about this in the local press on television, do you have further information, and I really am very stunned.


Allan said...

"To the north!!!!

Where we can do what we want!"