Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Funded From England And Wants To Reclaim The Scottish Flag!

Other signs that the Labour party are heading for extinction this week were not only the pitiful number who bothered to turn up for their Scottish Conference in Dundee, the fact that their membership in Scotland is now on a par with the SNP, but also the desperate attempt by the numpty Jim Murphy, the kiddy-on Scottish Secretary to try and portray the Labour party as being somehow Scottish.

Jim Murphy claimed that the financial crisis had proved the SNP's economic blueprint to be "fantasy beyond fiction" this from a guy who says that the downturn in the economy was thanks to "unforgivable banking vandalism" Just who are the one's who are living in fantasy beyond fiction land, Jim Murphy and Gordon Brown, two numpties that have never worked in their life and have the cheek to slag off every one else's policies and blame every one else for their own disasterous policies.
As I have said on another post we have Jim Murphy and all the other Scottish MPs getting paid full-time wages for doing absolutely nothing, about £30 million pounds being wasted on these wasters every year, and he claims that there is a patriotic case for the union and that Scottish families know that you cannot run your home the way the SNP want to run a separated Scotland. Of course we will see what the people think when they are told this!
The truth is Jim Murphy and his fellow unionists of whatever party are only interested in their own party and career, they need their funding from England to keep their parties going and to help keep Scottish parties down. Watch Diomhair in the link below and you will see how far these quisling unionists will lie to keep their snouts in the London gravy train!


Allan said...

Bit harsh on Murphy. After all, its Brown who... failed to regulate the banks, failed to stop the spending spree from the upper middle classes, failed to halt the boom in executive pay, sold our gold at the bottom of the market, raided our pensions rather than raise income tax to name just 5 things he got wrong, that has lead us to where we are today.

Anonymous said...

think that you are bang on the money with this one.

Jim Murphy is an egg head, who has done nothing for Scotland, he serves his London based Labour Masters.

You have to ask yourself, name one thing that Labour has done for Scotland. We have Micheal Martin, Labours House of Commons Speaker, spending thousands of pounds on holidays, taxi fares for his wife and family, while his Scottish constituents, many of whom are unempled and ill educated, look on in wonder!

The Labour Party has lost it in Scotland, my only problem is! will the SNP be any better, so far they have sold out on tuition fees, the £2000 pounds first time home owners grant, the Council tax and many more, it's no wonder that the general piblic are sick to the teeth of "polititions".

Viva da Revolution.

Billy said...

Allan you are correct with regard to the economy and Brown but Murphy is the one who made the farcical speech, he is also the usual Labour MP who was happy to go along with what his leader and party were doing, not saying a thing, as long as he was collecting his money for doing absolutely nothing.

Billy said...

Anonymous 12:20

The problem that any nationalist government in Scotland taking power at the moment under devolution has is they do not have the control over the country's finances. At the moment all the Scottish government has to work with is the pocket money that they are given by England and most of that is already spent re the Health Service etc so they don't have much left to play around with. Don't forget you also have unionist politicians who are ganging up to make sure that the Scottish government don't get things like the Local Income Tax through and that is why they have had to drop them until they get an increase in MSPs at the next Scottish Parliament elections.

Only with Independence will the Scottish government, of whatever party, be able to know what they raise in Scotland and then be able to spend it like any other country and they will be able to borrow then as well and at least in that scenario every MSP should then be working for the benefit of Scotland without looking over their shoulder to London.

Allan said...


I take your point. I thnik that weighing up respective failure's though that Brown's is greater.

Anonymous said...


I see that on Terry Kelly's web page, someone has mentioned that little Queen, Dave McCartney, I don't think he will like that, him being all proper now, I think he buys the same coats as Dexy McKay, could there be a common theme here.

Dexy wants to go to the Scottish Parliament and does the little Queen, Politics just got interesting.



Billy said...

Scott 17 March

Wondered what you were talking about so I had to go through Terry's drivel to find out.

Old news that, McCartney was put in by Derek to gain control of Paisley South Branch in order to get his chosen supporters in to the seats they wanted. The most faithful and eager back-stabbers were also given positions in thanks from Derek for their dirty work and support for keeping him as leader. McCartney not winning anything was helped to get a position as a researcher in William Street as a spy for Derek - it seems that it is only the MSP's that don't realise that.

Anonymous said...

Billy, I object most strongly to the fact that Mr Dave McCartney of no fixed trouser leg was called a "Queen" on this site.

Everyone in the SNP knows that Dave is a "Dutchess" and Mark Ferguson of Unison, is the "Queen" of Queens.

Glad I was able to sort that mistake out for you.

John H Quinn