Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Secretary of State for Justice For Who?

My the Labour party must have a lot to hide by their actions this week with regard to their vetoing of the release of the minutes of two cabinet meetings leading up to the Iraq war. According to Jack Straw the publication of these minutes would destroy the ability of ministers to engage in "full, frank and robust discussion, safe in the knowledge that their individual views will not be disclosed".

What a load of rubbish, these MP's are in their position to represent the people, what is best for the people, not themselves or their party. What is Straw saying, that when these ministers are speaking in parliament or in the media that their views are completely different to what they say in cabinet meetings.

The truth is the Labour party are mixed up in the entire 911/Iraq War/London Bombings scam along with the Bush administration. These things are all linked, Labour is so involved in these three events that they cannot afford to release these lies, the same reason they will not allow an independent inquiry into the London bombings. The Labour party are guilty of the murder of, not only hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq, but also of their own citizens in the London bombings.

Jack Straw is the Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor what a joke! - What justice will the people murdered in the London bombings or the dead and injured in the carnage of Iraq get whilst this man has his corrupt snout in this postion?

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