Saturday, 23 May 2009

Labour in Renfrewshire Shuffle Their Dodgy Pack!

My, My! Labour this week have finally taken the decision to distance themselves from one of their crooked councillors, Tommy Williams. As I have said on another blog below it was reported to the Labour party, by some of their own members, over twenty years ago what this man was up to and yet in all of that time they did nothing.

It was from this episode that the term "phantom worker" originated, from these very people. This actually begs the question if the Labour party knew this was going on and did nothing about it then who was actually benefitting from this scam, was it Councillor Williams himself or was it the Labour party? Councillor Williams was "employed" with the Social Work at Glasgow Council for over twenty years for which he was paid, only thing is he was never there.

This also begs the question how many other "phantom workers" are there? The Audit Commission recently revealed that Renfrewshire Council did not know how many workers they have (or how many council houses they own) and that they could be paying out wages to workers who no longer work for them. If this was going on in both Renfrewshire and Glasgow, both Labour councils at the time, then how many other councils was it going on in and who was benefitting?

Councillor Iain McMillan, leader of the Labour Group on Renfrewshire Council, wants Councillor Williams to be considered as an Independent member from now on, and is happy for Councillor Kelly to take the place of his friend Councillor Williams, on the Leadership Board. Funny how there was no leadership when Councillor Kelly was Chairman of the Scrutiny Board when it came to expenses, he was blind to Councillor Williams working full time for Glasgow Council and yet claiming for and working full-time for Renfrewshire Council, same for Councillor Mark McMillan and ex-wife Barbara Adams, working full-time for Irene Adams MP and yet claiming extravagant expenses for working full-time as Councillors. Just a couple of examples, yet Councillor Kelly somehow managed not to be able to do his job and scrutinise what his friends were up to with regard to their crooked stealing of the tax-payers hard-earned money!

Councillor Iain McMillan who are you kidding, you still have Mark McMillan who has committed major fraud against the tax-payer in your Group who has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal, along with the SNP duo Celia Lawson and Derek MacKay, and what do you do? Labour in Renfrewshire shuffle their dodgy pack!


Anonymous said...

Why would Provost Celia Lawson have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal? I can't see her doing anything wrong - she wouldn't be allowed to - Derek wouldn't let her and she wouldn't argue with him or she might loose her chain.

Anonymous said...

The only chain that cow deserves is the lavvy chain. Fat Cow!

She is mad as a hatter, who believes that her late Mother has been reincarnated as a brown squirrel, mad or what!

Anonymous said...

The result of investigation into Provost Lawson's 'expenses' was that they OWED her £2000. Unlike Tommy Williams.
Found the comment about the reincarned squirrel brilliant!! V. Imaginative