Friday, 8 May 2009

Report these dishonest scum to the police!

I thought when I saw the headline that the House of Commons was calling in the police that finally all those MP's, who were committing criminal acts of stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds of the poor hard-up tax-payers cash, were going to be hopefully charged with fraud, jailed and thrown out as being unfit to be in the position as a lawmaking MP.

But no, they were calling in the police to investigate who gave out the information that showed the hard-pressed tax-payers who were ripping them off. Every MP received an e-mail saying that there were REASONABLE GROUNDS to suspect CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR.

Just who are these people kidding! For a start this information was in the public interest and the Information Commissioner had ordered them to release it. Also there is reasonable grounds to be SURE of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR by all of the MP's who were dishonest enough to engage in this blatant ripping off of the people of this country.

Son of the Manse, yes that's a laugh, Gordon Brown has the cheek to blame THE SYSTEM. It is nothing to do with the system Gordon, it is to do with you and your fellow MP's being dishonest greedy bastards who put yourselves before the very people, who voted for and trusted you, and who you pay back by robbing them stupid. Funny how Gordon now only thinks that the system's got to change after Freedom of Information has shown what was going on by him and his fellow crooks.

As I have said above there is reasonable grounds to be sure that these MP's have been involved in criminal behaviour. That is who the House of Commons should be reporting to the police, that is who the police should be investigating. It is time these people who think they are above the law to be brought to justice. Instead of everyone signing a petition to get Brown to resign, everyone should be reporting these scum to the police!


Kalvis Jansons said...

Good post!

Neil Davidson said...

Great blog. I want to know how those of us who are angry can show exactly how strongly we feel. I would like to start a Kick up a stink campaign where 1 million protesters arrive at the Houses of Parliament and donate a rotten egg
to the deserving MP's. We deserve better than this bunch of grasping mediocrities.

Anonymous said...

I hear Gordon is putting in another expenses claim for the renovation of his moral compass.