Sunday, 12 July 2009

Time Is Now Running out For The Real Terrorists!

Amazing! This week the Labour party has actually moved very swiftly to report the directors of MG Rover, a private company that collapsed I might add, to the Serious Fraud Office. This was after a four year, £16 million, independent inquiry by the government themselves. Just what are the government trying to hide by this move?

This move is more to do with burying this report until after the next election. It has nothing to do with fraud, after all the Administrators appointed to MG Rover did not find any fraud. It is because it will show up the incompetence of the Labour government in dealing with this issue.

Funny the difference between how Labour has moved with regard to this matter and how they have had to be dragged kicking and squealing into having an independent inquiry into the Iraq war, which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of British soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

Why is Labour still desperate to avoid an independent inquiry into the London bombings? For the same reason they avoided a Post Mortem into the death of Dr David Kelly, because they are involved in both of these incidents - They have been involved in the murder of their own citizens!

Excellent news then that a team of 13 specialist Doctors have mounted a legal challenge to the Labour government to demand a formal inquest into the death of Dr Kelly and for the release of his autopsy report. It is also excellent news that in the US a bill is going through the Congress to have a new independent inquiry into 911 based on the facts presented by Dr Judy Wood (see videos at side) and that her attempt to sue the US government for putting out false information is now proceding through the US court system.

The governments of the US and UK have been involved in Treason, Murder and Inciting Terrorism - Time is now running out for the real terrorists!

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