Sunday, 23 August 2009

Are These Nutters Going To Boycott Their Own Countries?

Amazing the hypocricy of some people wanting to boycott Scotland ( for releasing a dying man who most people with more than one brain cell know has been fitted up for the crime by this despicable pair of governments in the US and the UK. Mind you this site seems like it has been set up by the Labour party by the fact it does not show comments against, their justificaton being that the comments are abusive and contain death threats by "Scottish Nationalists". The oldest trick in the book that one and ironic coming from a party that has actually murdered its own citizens, the Labour party, in order to scare their citizens into allowing them to get their draconian bills through parliament and to justify going to war. My comment to them below:

I am writing to say what utter rubbish you have on your site. The fact is the victims families here are quite happy for this man to go free because like myself looking at all the facts this man, nor Libya, have nothing to do with this atrocity. The fact is the US and the UK governments have been withholding evidence, illegally, from this man's defence team from the beginning, quite despicable in itself.

Also for you to be high and mighty with regard to terrorists and terrorism when in fact it is the US and UK governments that are inciting terrorism around the world by killing their own citizens in the 911 and the London Bombings shows how hypocritical or just plain stupid you people are. The trouble with your country is your government always needs a bogeyman to justify your defence spending and since the USSR has gone now it is the time for Muslim terrorists.

The fact is your government is being sued by Dr Judy Wood and Dr Morgan Reynolds for putting out lies with regard to 911 and there is a bill going through your Congress at the moment based on these peoples evidence for a new independent inquiry into 911.

Your government has killed thousands of your own citizens with this act and you have the cheek to attempt a boycott of our country because we released a dying man. There are millions of us around the world now going to make sure that the people in the UK and the US responsible for these vile acts are brought to justice.

It is amazing how terrorists managed to put out fake videos of planes disappearing into the Twin Towers against the laws of physics.

It is amazing how terrorists managed to get the Twin Towers to collapse at free-fall speed against the laws of physics.

It is amazing how terrorists managed to get an aluminium airplane to go through, not one, but six reinforced concrete walls at the Pentagon against the laws of physics.

It is amazing how terrorists managed to get cars to flip over on to their roofs blocks away from the Twin Towers.

It is amazing how terrorists managed to get entire car parks of cars to burst into flames blocks away from the Twin Towers.

I could go on about this and the London bombings but the truth is coming out via people in your own country and the rest of the world but if people like yourselves want to ignore the truth about what is going on with regard to all this then there will be many more people dying and people being blamed just to suit our corrupt governments agenda's. Why don't you start by asking your own government to release all the evidence on this affair before judging people and boycotting other countries. I will be posting this email on my blog at to show the hypocrisy involved here.

Are these nutters going to boycott their own countries?


Anonymous said...

Rumour I heard was the boycott site was set up by one of these North Brit Liebore lunatics to "teach" Scots.

Amazing how the London media have went around this incredibly tiny amateurish site like flies around dung. All a coordinated stunt.

Allan said...

Got to correct you on a couple of points.

1) Not all the relatives are pro-Megrahi's release, most of the British ones are, including the sane voice of Dr Jim Swire. However the majority of US relatives are against the release.

2) you missed out the bit where the two main prosecution witnesses are on the payroll of the US Government.

Billy said...

Hi Allan

I agree with you regarding the relatives hat is why I said the relatives here. As you know most of the US citizens usually believe anything their government says although after 911 a lotof them are questioning, and as you can see now even suing, their government.

As for the witnesses on the US govenment payroll hopefully all of this will be coming out in the next few weeks via Megrahi's lawyers and the press. Although the "Scottish" press hasn't been so eager to bring out any of the stuff that the English media has already.

Anonymous said...

Are you paranoid? I think you should get yersel checked out by the authorities.

Billy said...

Anonymous 05 September

Are you thick and think you know better than the experts?

Why don't you watch the videos at the side by these expert Doctor's, give you a hint they are not medical Dr's, and then you might gain some facts that will possibly make you sensible and human!

Anonymous said...

hello Billy, I am very interested in your perceptions of the US government in regard to the 9/11 hi jacks and the release of Megrahi but do you not agree that there are forces at work closer to home? I am also wondering if you have given up on your previous comments in regard to Renfrewshire Council Councillors - are they all in the clear now and do you agree that Councillor McKay is doing a very good job as council leader?