Monday, 9 November 2009

Funny How The "Scottish" Press Manages To Increase Their Lying Drivel When There Is An Election On!

More drivel from the Herald newspaper, one of the kiddy-on "Scottish" papers, today regarding the Clyde Shipyards. This is spun as a good news story claiming how these yards contribute so much to the Glasgow and Scottish economy.

Then surprise, surprise, you get the bit that claims that these same shipbuilding yards rely so much on the English government for their orders and thus their survival. We then get the real reason for this story, to let Jim Murphy from the English-funded Labour party claim that breaking up Britain would sink these yards and destroy 8000 jobs. Is there a by-election on? - Of course there is!

Funny Jim, could you explain how a country called Finland, has just build the biggest liner in the world for a US customer? A country with the same size of population as Scotland that successfully manages to compete in the world shipbuilding market without relying on handout orders from another country.

Murphy, who has never worked in his life incidently, also claims that the Clyde yards have the strongest order book in years and their future looks bright, that these ships would be built in what remains of the UK and not Scotland and that independence for Scotland would lose these jobs. What about the fact that the navy cannot afford to run the ships they have at the moment then Jim, the fact that they are having to mothball so many as a result? What about the fact that the UK is bankrupt and cannot afford to build these ships Jim?

Are you and the Labour party, if by a miracle you win the next Westminster election, going to promise that these orders are not going to be cancelled? The fact is Jim these shipbuilding yards will be lucky if they survive because of the state the Labour party has made of the economy, these jobs are already under threat. It does not matter who wins the next election for Westminster, the Tories will cancel these orders and so will Labour, the country cannot afford them so stop spinning your lies.

The best thing that could happen to these yards is independence, then they could be developed along the lines put forward by John Browns years ago by building huge dry docks further down the Clyde, to enable them to be able to compete with the Finlands of this world.

Funny how the "Scottish" press manages to increase their lying drivel when there is an election on!

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Allan said...

Good post. I do wish you would stop refering to "The Labour Party" though.

The Labour Party died in 1994. Murphy represents its sucessor party, New Labour, who no more represent the working man than the Tories do.