Monday, 28 December 2009

600 New Jobs For Paisley! The Old Jokes Are Still The Best!

Here we are near the end of 2009 and after years of Tesco being refused permission to open a foodstore at the bottom of Renfrew Road, then at Reid Kerr College Annex further up Renfrew Road, because they were too close to Paisley town centre.

For all this time all the political parties supported this move because of the detrimental effect allowing this to go ahead would have on the already decimated centre of Paisley. Tesco only just managed to get permission for a store at Love Street because it involved them in buying over St Mirren football clubs ground which enabled the club to clear their debts and build a new ground at Greenhill Road. If it wasn't for this they would not have got permission for this store.

Now we have Tesco having the cheek to want to transfer their permission for this store to Wallneuk even closer to the Town centre than the ones that they have been refused permission for before. We also have the cheek of Renfrewshire Council who suddenly have no objections to this store going here, a traffic bottleneck, as it is they who own the land and we also have the two-faced brass-necked cheek of the SNP/Lib Dem councillors who are all for this because Tesco will be buying them for the £millions they will be paying for the land.

We even have the USDAW union getting in on the act as Tesco is an USDAW store. 600 new jobs they spin forgetting that every new superstore just wipes out other jobs in Paisley and round about. Just look at the empty superstores in Paisley, Renfrew etc that promised hundreds of new jobs. All Tesco is going to do is close their stores in Renfrew and East Lane in Paisley. It will close more stores in Paisley - Somerfield/Co-op in the Piazza for one, anyone for a bet?

I used to think that the Labour councillors had no principles but this SNP/Lib-Dem shower outdo them by a mile. 600 New jobs for Paisley! The old jokes are still the best!


Allan said...

Private Eye did a piece on Renfrewshire Council trying to hawk that bit of land to the tax-dodgers last year...

Anonymous said...

More part-time jobs, traffic will be a nightmare in Renfrew Road; it is bad at the best of times.

Since McKay will be driving out of Paisley at peak times, don't think he cares a dam, He and Nickerson are drunk on power, I never thought I would say "come back Labour all is forgiven".

No doubt Labours Man “Markie Mark Ferguson” will be delighted with these jobs, forgetting that the town centre will become a “ghost town” opps, I mean “more of a
Ghost town”.


Tam Flood
Foxbar, Paisley

Anonymous said...

is that tam flood or tom flood make your mind up?

Anonymous said...

maybe new way to spell billy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that councillor mitchells son in law Tam

Anonymous said...

see your pal bill martin had a wee fall out with his buddy george adam. when will round two be.

Billy said...

I would resume Bill had won by a mile and they certainly were not buddies as George Adam is a crook who should not be a councillor and who was not allowed to stand for the SNP previously because of this. Then again when you drive out all the decent people from the party then that is all you have left to pick from to stand.

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