Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Labour The First Fascist British Government!

I cannot remember who said it but it is true how much Britain and America are turning into fascist states. What has happened with regard to the two bloggers Wardog and the guy who worked for the SNP minister just shows how far this country has gone down this road.

Not happy with murdering their own citizens in the London Bombings, invading other peoples countries using a pack of lies to do so, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people in these countries, bankrupting the UK, lying to, scaring and conning the people, stealing the hardworking peoples money, the Labour party and their corrupt friends in the press are now attacking anyone who dares question their propoganda.

In the case of Wardog he called Jim Murphy MP, the unemployed Scottish Secretary, a "cunt". Nothing wrong with that I say as people call him worst and as far as I can see he should have preceeded it with "useless". Wardog was also questioning, rightly, the standard of journalism in our so-called Scottish press, especially with regard to the likes of the Scotsman, where journalists like David Maddox regularly print out Labour party propoganda as anti-SNP bile.

Jim Murphy and the Labour party along with their corrupt friends in the press actually went out to lose this guy Wardog his job over this, the party that set up blogs to smear members of their opposition taking the moral high ground. They also forced a SNP ministers aid out of his job because of his blog that according to everyone was done tongue in cheek. Fascism indeed when a political party and the press go after people because they don't like what they say.

People fought and died to defeat fascism and now we have the fascist Labour party happy to murder their own citizens to bring in their own draconian fascist laws, happy to lie to, scare and con the people into voting for them and a fascist press happy to cover up for them and print their fascist propoganda for them! Labour the first fascist British government!

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