Monday, 7 December 2009

Oh Dear! I'm Accused Of Being A Liar By One Of The SNP In Renfrewshire!

Imagine that! Someone has come on to the post below "Councillor Cameron And Renfrewshire Council Under Police Investigation!" and has accused me of lying.

Fact 1 SNP Councillor Lorraine Cameron and Renfrewshire Council have been reported to, and are under investigation by, the police for the reasons in the blog below. No lies there!

Fact 2 Labour Councillor Mark McMillan and ex-Provost Ronnie Burns have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for fraudulently ripping off the council tax-payers of Renfrewshire as has Tommy Williams, who has also been charged for defrauding the council tax-payers of Glasgow. Labour have thrown Williams out of the party but are awfully quiet about McMillan. No lies there!

Fact 3 SNP Leader Derek MacKay and the SNP Provost of Renfrewshire Celia Lawson have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for fraudulently ripping off the council tax-payers of Renfrewshire. No lies there!

Fact 4 There are other Labour and SNP councillors who have been ripping off the council tax-payers of Renfrewshire who will be reported. No lies there!

Fact 5 All the decent people in Renfrewshire SNP who did all the work have resigned and left the party because of the despicable, dishonest and illegal backstabbing of decent councillors by the lazy and useless scum councillors that are left. No lies there!

This person is also alleging that I have something to hide in my past - again I say feel free to investigate me or report me to the police if you have any allegations against me. I have nothing to hide! No lies there!

Also I don't do the religion thing - too full of lies!


Anonymous said...


I am cofused, could one of your bloggers assist me.

Here is the question, why would say "Mr & Mrs Smith" live together, the husband, doesn't register on the voters roll as staying with Mrs Smith, why then would Mrs Smith insist in paying the full council tax for the property.

I'm confused, can anybody help me!

David W White.

Anonymous said...

Billy, I thibk the only liars here are the councillors you have listed and it is time they were brought to justice.

Paisley Buddie

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - the operative word being "reported". Now, you report ALL of these people, instigate ALL of these investigations, accuse ALL of these people of being fraudsters, and ALL of the agencies [police/council/procurator fiscal etc] ignore you? Could it be that ALL of them know you are a nutter?
I am just waiting on you accusing your maw of no being your maw!!!!