Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Here Are The Facts! Where Is The Conspiracy?

These are more images taken from Dr Judy Wood's court case where she is suing the US government (Nist) and 29 US companies for putting out lies with regard to 911.  The fact is this atrocity was nothing to do with "terrorists".  The Twin Towers were turned to dust with Direct Energy Weapons, or to give them a Reagan era name "Star Wars Weapons".
The images above are just some of many vehicles that caught fire miles away from the Twin Towers that day along FDR Drive, shown on the map at top right.  You will notice that only certain parts of some of these vehicles have burned, especially the metal, and yet it did not affect the paper that was blown everywhere.
Here is another image from the other side of the Twin Towers in a car park at the Northwest corner of Vesey and West Streets.  This is repeated all over for blocks around where vehicles have been "toasted" as per Dr Wood and yet paper is untouched.

Yet you still get some people who claim that this is all just a conspiracy theory.  These are split into two types, the ones who are too lazy to look at the facts as presented by Dr Wood, or the ones who are trying to cover up the truth so publicly trash the people and the facts they are trying to get out as conspiracy theorists/theories.

Dr Judy Wood has proved that the Twin Towers were turned to dust with Direct Energy Weapons and is suing the US government with this proof.  Watch the videos at the side in the video vault and go to her site at and download the court documents with the facts and pictures.  Here are the facts! Where is the conspiracy?


Anonymous said...

Terry Kelly does it AGAIN - this time he is admitting that it really is him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Sir May I ask you a question, I have been studying politics in the West of Scotland.

I am currently investigating "SNP Facilities" in Paisley Renfrewshire.

I noticed that this organisation operated out of the SNP's HQ in William Street in the West End of Paisley.

The SNP took out a lease on this building so why would SNP Facilities then lease a small room with two windows from the SNP, former SNP MSP Bruce McFee and Cllr Iain Nicholson were both Directors of this organisation.

What work was undertaken by both gentlemen, did Mr McFee claim expenses from the Edinburgh Parliament while working at SNP Facilities, the same question is put to Mr Nicholson, did he work there while claiming expense from Renfrewshire Council?

Then Cllr Iain Nicholson resigned, for whatever reason!

The problem is that I am finding it difficult to trace were the money went, Cleary monies changed hands, did the SNP filter this money into local party funds, the back of Cllr Nicholson’s pocket or another location.

I just wonder if this is legal and above board, I can’t understand why the local Labour Party has not raised some questions bout this situation.

Scott Black.

26 February 2010 11:10

Anonymous said...

Anonymous studying politics: Contact Caroline Martin, wife of Bill. I believe it was her "friend" who owned this building. She should be able to provide further information as they also used the building for Bill's parliamentary campaign.


Billy said...

Anonymous 14 March

What a load of drivel you write, typical dishonest crap from the local SNP in Renfrewshire.

As someone who helped in all of Bill's parliamentary campaigns none of his was ever carried out from William Street. All the work was done from his house or the Gleniffer Hotel.

None of us was ever "friends" with who you allege apart from the likes of wee slimeball David McCartney who was aways crawling in with people for his own benefit and backstabbing others for the same reason. None of us actually liked this "friend" apart from the grovellers.

None of the decent people, the workers in fact, went near William Street because it was full of the lazy, backstabbing, numpties.

Usual attempt to smear the decent people by the local SNP scum - No wonder you have no members or workers left.