Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The SNP Is As Bad As The Rest - You Find Out The Hard Way!

Oh dear! It seems that SNP's Renfrewshire Labour style backstabbing and infighting has spread to South Lanarkshire concerning the councillor John McNamee.

How I and many other ex-SNP members here will recognise the same pattern of accusations against a fellow councillor.  Did this councillor indulge in "inappropriate behaviour" at a social function?  If that is the case where is the complaints in the press by other parties or persons that attended the event.

So the SNP were initiating disciplinary procedings against this councillor over concerns about his expense claims.  How hypocritical of this party and what a load of drivel.  If they had any concerns and evidence about this councillor then they should have reported him to the police not the party.  Strange how we have the situation here in Renfrewshire of the SNP councillors Derek Mackay and Celia Lawson who have actually been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for fraud and councillor Lorraine Cameron reported to the police with no investigation or disciplinary procedings by the SNP.  The silence from Labour on this is deafening but then again they are in the same boat!

The fact is people the SNP are just a corrupt as the Labour party.  Another SNP councillor here in Renfrewshire George Adam is a crook and the party know this.  This man ripped off the banks of hundreds of thousands of pounds, ripped off St Mirren FC and Renfrewshire Council for thousands, and others, and was not allowed to be vetted as a candidate as a result.  The only reason he was not prosecuted by the banks is they did not want you to know how easy it was for them to be scammed.  This man only got selected because they had no one left after all the decent people left the party because of what was going on here in Renfrewshire.  This man should not be a councillor and the party know it!

SNP is not interested in corrupt councillors, it seems to be that they are only interested if it is members of a council group who report the fraud or misconduct - if you were a normal member, like myself, who report members of a group they ignore your concerns, discipline you for calling the guilty scum for what they are doing and throw you out of the party.  The SNP is as bad as the other parties - you find out the hard way!


Anonymous said...

Sir, what you have stated in your blogg is most worrying.

If this is true, surely the SNP must take action or at the very least inquire further regarding these serious matters.

How can Mr Adams remain a Counsellor and have acted in the manor which you allege on your site.

I would be pleased if you could keep updating your site with news of this story, if true and Mr Adams has not declared these acts, he could face the Sleaze Watchdog, I know of many people who would lodge an official complaint.

I also noted that a Nationalist Counsellor from South Lanarkshire has been accused of
falsifying his expenses and yet nothing is happening in Renfrewshire, why has
the SNP nationally sat back and done nothing!

If you are aware of a crime and do not act, you are by definition as guilty and those
who have carried out said act.

Please remember that “ignorance” is not an excuse

T. McGuire.

Anonymous said...

pml! You are such a twat!! The only serious aspect of this info is that it lets everyone know that you are SERIOUSLY off your head/paranoid/schizophrenic/depressing/bored/
Mr Adam must have been selected by the party if he is a councillor - do you GET IT yet? Maybe youre just pissed off cause he won an election and youre a habitual LOSER? Serious claims here - as always - awa and bile yer heid or catch some mare cats

Billy said...

Dear! Dear! One of the local SNP numpties has crawled out from under their stone re Anon 02:03.

First of all I am not a habitual loser as I have only ever stood once here in Seedhill and I came close to beating a very good sitting councillor because I worked hard at leafleting the ward on my own many times unlike the lazy people that are left in the party locally now.

George Adam being one of these never got voted in through doing any work but because his surname got him at the top of the list.

Yes there are serious claims here - that is because they are true. Such reluctance for the guilty parties mentioned to do anything about it. I wonder why? They could easily go to the press about me or take me to court.

Of course he has been picked by the party, he was not allowed to stand before because he was a crook. He is still a crook so what has changed - oh that's right they had no one else to choose from when the scum drove all the decent people out locally. This guy is not fit to be a local councillor!

Anonymous said...

two words for you billy.......SOUR GRAPES

Billy said...

Three words for you Anon 16:50...LAZY CORRUPT SCUM!

Anonymous said...

I stay in Lochfield and know that Councillor Adams is one of the councillors representing my area. I am really concerned that if your statements about him are true then I agree he is not fit to be a councillor but surely these allegations were addressed before the SNP allowed Councillor Adams to stand for their party. I can't see Councillor Mackay of whom we have a high regard being party to covering up these allegations if indeed they are true. If there is any substance at all to what you say I would think there would need to be an enquiry from higher up in the party to make sure that indeed Councillor Adams wasn't elected under false pretenses. I am also concerned about what you said about Provost Lawson. I know she was asked to pay back some expenses that were obtained fraudulently but she explained that it was just a mistake and I am sure she has nothing further to hide.

Anonymous said...

I think the author of this site is correct, if indeed there is so substance to these allegations, why haven't any of the people mentioned taken action, gone to the press, police, lawyers.
Their silence tells me and the public, that there must be substance to the allegations.

As for Cllr McKay, I hate to pour water on the lads fire but the business community laugh at this 19 year old trying to be an adult, apparently he went to one meeting recently and one wag approached Cllr McKay and said to him, did he get a day off school, did you see the STV news yesterday, I never watch STV, the BBC's new is always better, so I happened to switch the channel by accident and saw Cllr McKay on the television, who advises these people, is there a school in the SNP which churns out these morons who are clearly floundering.

Good help Paisley for the rest of their term of Office.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate,

Listen lets talk, take this web site off line, you do that for us and we can do things for you.

Maybe even let you rejoin the party, break away from the deadbeats that you hang around with, you only get one opportunity to do the right thing, please give it up.

The Police are not going to act on your nonsense, the SNP are not going anywhere in Renfrewshire for years to come, so go on play the Scottish card and come back to the winning side. Arms will be out stretched, smiles on faces, warm hand shakes around.

So what’s it going to be, ride in the fast lane with as, or stay broken down in the slow lane, with the non starters, your so called friends?

Time stands for no man; don't take to long to think this over.

Come on! Join in the good times.

Is it not better to be looking out from the inside, rather than looking in from the outside?

As I say the cop shop is a no! no! take back your dignity, your sanity and join us, sit at the top table, eat fine food and drink fine wines, don’t sit in the stalls with a packed lunch and out of date milk.

Time is tick tick ticking.

Finally and lastly,

1) Take off the web site
2) Confirm that you were mistaken in all allegations
3) Join in a Group photograph.
4) Admit that you were going through a bad batch
5) Blame you former colleagues; tell us that they told you what to say.
6) Renounce them, name them, and shame them.
7) They are just embers in a fire long gone out, snuff them out today!

Billy said...

Anonymous 17:43

Someone from Lochfield aware of local politics? I thought most of the people there didn't have a clue what was happening locally and that was why they continued to go out an vote for the invisible and useless Lib-Dem, McGurk, at every election or waste a load of votes on equally useless Labour candidates as is evidenced now by the likes of Devine. At least all the parties are equal now in having useless and lazy councillors to pick from.

Councillor MacKay committed perjury and illegally doctored minutes in order to get a fellow councillor thrown out of the party and he has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for fraud so lots of us do not have your faith in him.

As for councillor Lawson. A mistake? Stuffing her face with two meals, her husband or daughters always there for their free feed and then claimng for food that they ate for free - a mistake? Let a judge and jury decide!

That is the point of my blog - the SNP do not investigate councillors unless it is to support members of a group backstabbing others. They just ignore any illegality that goes on.

Billy said...

Anonymous 19:17

Derek MacKay is indeed just a wee boy who has never worked in his life, who has only got to where he is by backstabbing his betters out of the party with the support of his useless placemen and women who have only got their positions by supporting him in his actions.

He is a wee Tony Blair clone and is typical of the standard of politician that has brought politics to such a low standing.

Billy said...

Anonymous 6 February 2010 14:11

I agree that I think that next time SNP is on a sticky wicket with regard to Renfrewshire but as to the rest of your drivel - away and bile yer heid.

I would not join any party again - certainly not the SNP locally with the amount of useless and corrupt scum as councillors.

madmitchey@hotmail.com said...

What a load of crap anonymous has said on this blog “sit at the top table, look through the window” who sent in this rubbish, I wonder if it was Devine or McGurk trying to stir things up.

Then again Devine making a complete sentence, he is more likely to abuse an Asian shop keeper. Eddie Devine and his family try to act like a mini Mafia in Glenburn, I wonder if he really knows that most of the people in Glenburn think he is a clown, half wit, with half a brain.

Some of your other bloggers have used the words scum back, but I have to say that Eddie gives scum bags a bad name.

As for anonymous and that pish, as has been said “away an boil yer heed”

Anonymous said...

This is too funny for words! Why hasn't someone nominate Billy for a Blogger Award?
Please tick one of the answers below:-
A] Cause he is a tit
B] Cause people would rather shag Mrs Martin
C] Cause time would be better spent watchin Terry eat pies
D] Cause Billy is a tit

Pussy Galore.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny for words! Why hasn't somebody nominated Billy for a Blogger Award?

Please tick one of the answers below:

A) Because Derek McKay is brain Dead
B) He once refused to fist Lorraine Cameron
C) Cause time would be better spent watching the Lawson family eat like pigs.

D)The SNP group is full of Back Stabbers
E) Dave McCartney is a raving Queen
F) All of the above
G) Dave McCartney is 100% raving Queen.

Anonymous said...


Billy said...

Oh dear! Someone annonymous calling me names, not very intelligent comments, must be from the local SNP then and they wonder why they don't have many members left.

Anonymous said...


I am a personal friend of David McCartney and I find myself writing to complain most strongly to the suggestion that he is anything but 100 percent man, so please desist with any comments other than the above and for the avoidance of doubt, he is 100 percent man and loves 100 percent Beefcake. Hope that clears up the issue once and for all.

Nigel & Clarence from the Chair Leaders & Cake Baking Club.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dave you bitch, I'm going to rip your tights and smudge your .makeup

Anonymous said...

Derek McKay was a little lamb and his fleece was white as snow and everywhere he went he was sure to stub his toe.

There was a lad called Dave, he really was so brave he once said to Del, please don't tell,

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Oh the boys did laugh; Del said I really do enjoy a slice of harbert or even a look at Dave’s Prince Albert.

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Oh Allan Noon is so bold & brave,
He really started to chuckle when he found Iain in a muddle, what’s up cried Allan, Iain said my expense form has no merit or could it have been my last family credit.

Lorraine shouted, yes I can do my sums, my family are no living in slums, yes I bought three houses, but there still no big as Bruce’s.

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