Wednesday, 10 March 2010

No Ifs Or Buts - 911 Was Against The Laws Of Physics!

This is a picture of WTC1 being built which shows the massive steel core columns at the centre plus the equally large steel beams that form the outer wall of the towers.

This picture shows in close up the huge 1 inch thick steel beams that made up the outer walls of the Twin Towers, each gap being a window that was little more than the width of a person.

This is a picture of Edna Cintron standing in the epicentre of where the jetliner is said to have crashed into WTC1 at 911.  Note the width of the windows again.

The fact is folks all the videos of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers on 911 are fake.  Go watch "September Clues" in the Video Vault at the side to see how they were faked and also "What Planes?" by Dr Morgan Reynolds, who is also suing the US government and over 20 US companies along with Dr Judy Wood for putting out lies with regard to 911.  You can see and download Dr Reynolds PDF's of his court case here

Here is a still picture from the video of the plane that was said to have crashed into WTC2 at 911 where it has just penetrated the outer wall.

Here the plane has penetrated up to the wings.

In this picture you will notice that the wings are disappearing into the building also.

As I have said above these videos are faked.  You will notice that not one bit of the plane or building is falling off here in the impact, this is impossible. The plane is just melting into the building in a butter smooth entry with no deceleration, this is an absurd violation of Newton's 3rd Law : Each force is the same size. For every action - There is an equal reaction.  Thus the plane with its smaller mass is less able to withstand the impact - the same as the fly hitting your windscreen.  Here is a couple of pictures of planes to show how flimsy they are:

The plane on the left has hit some electricity lines and the one on the right has as you can see has tried to cross a drainage ditch while taxying. There is quite extensive damage to these planes considering the low speed at impact.

The reason I have pointed out the window size above is that some people think that they can violate Newton's Laws at their whim.  They imagine that the windows are much larger than they are so they can justify their impossible violation of Newton's 3rd Law above. They also try to claim that the plane can also violate Newton's 1st Law where the plane changes its physical character.  In this case they try to say that the plane was invincible on entry and yet turns fragile inside the Tower.  If the plane was strong enough to go through the outer wall then it would be strong enough to go right through the other side - Law of Inertia where objects keep on doing what they are doing.  No ifs or buts - 911 was against the laws of physics!


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely crazy to think that hundreds of thousands of people DIDN'T witness the planes hitting the towers...

lance cutler said...

gr8 site, chuck full of common sense
so b prepared 4 spineless, nameless, faceless gvrnmnt paid trolls that will call u crazy
in a futile attempt 2 distract others from the truth

Anonymous said...

This is so moronic. You don't address how thousands of people witnessed planes hitting. Also countless footage from every conceivable angle that was taken from a mixture of hundreds of people/media outlets of the second plane hitting. (Live i might add) There are real concerns about 9/11 that the American people would like addressed and this is not one of them. I hope this is a pathetic attempt at trolling.

lance cutler said...

pffftt he didnt adress 1000's witnessin faked footage of "planes" hittin the towers
theres only 5 or 6 vids of the "plane" hittin the 2nd tower thats hardly countless footage
also the "live" shots were manipulated b4 hand
not 2 mention that 2 of the "live" shots showed an intact nose of the plane, emerging from the building cuz of shotty editing
of course they scrambled 2 fix this error but not b4 1000's of ppl saw their goof
sum even recorded it n posted it on youtube
jus search "911 nose out" 2 see it on youtube
speakin of moronic..
a troll is sumbody who posts contrary info, on a vid or website, such as yerself (idiot)