Saturday, 20 March 2010

Who Are The Real "Terrorists"?

Not only has our governments here in the UK and US been active in inciting terrorism with their lies, their murderous and treasonous deeds that were the 911 and 7/7 London Bombings, but they are still doing so - even funding and deciding the targets for the suckers that they manage to bribe with large amounts of tax-payers money.

Do you think I am just talking rubbish - then read the following report in the New York Times and make up your own mind:

Just ask yourself who is behind these "terrorists"?  Who is paying the people recruiting the "terrorists"?  Who is paying for the training of the "terrorists"?  Who is picking the targets for these "terrorists"?  This court case should tell you a lot about what is going on - these guys aint no "terrorists"!  Stupid guys looking for a bit of easy money maybe, but this entire sham would not have taken place without the "government" employee organising, recruiting and bribing with cash, these other guys to do his and his masters bidding.

The people that should be in court here are this Shaheed Hussain and anyone in the security services who are party to this criminal activity.  This has nothing to do with catching "real" terrorists but more to do with manufacturing "fake" terrorists to justify their, and their governments, mass murder of their own citzens at 911 and 7/7 and their fake wars against "terrorists", etc in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who are the real "terrorists"?


Indyanhat said...

Excellent stuff here my friend, and the vid of the 7/7 conspiracy is very interesting indeed!!!
Have joined you as a follower and will not be very far away, am going to view the other vids tonight.
I have always believed thatr the american jobbie was aput up job and had my suspicions about ours, but till now had not seen the case for it put together.
How old is the vid ? and where does it come from?

These security letters to post comments are getting wierder this one is vesst, spooky!

Billy said...

Hi Indyanhat...only just seen your comment today...the video is from 2007 and I got it from ebay.

The guy who did the video is awaiting extradition from Ireland for sending a copy to a judge during one of the "terrorism" trials of about that time.

I have copies of all of these videos if you want free copies of them.