Saturday, 24 April 2010

We Need Scots Who Put Scotland And It's People First - You Fail These Principles By A Mile Dougie!

I received this election leaflet from Douglas Alexander through the post the other day. Douglas is our local MP for Paisley South and as usual he, and Labour, cannot put out a leaflet without scaring and conning the electrate, and what a load of drivel it is.

First of all he states that the election is a two horse race between Labour and the Tories - No it is not Dougie, in England it is a two horse race between the Tories and the Lib-Dems with Labour in third place. In Scotland the people have the choice whether to vote for a Scottish party like the SNP, Scottish Socialists, Scottish Greens etc or to vote for an English-funded and run party like Labour, Lib-Dems or the Tories.

How can anyone vote for a party who continually lies and cons them - the biggest one on this leaflet on the other side is the one Labour always pulls out when it comes to an election - "Scottish Labour".  There is no such party. Labour is an English-funded and run party - no other country in the world would vote for a party funded from another country and that includes England.  Their slogan on the front is "A strong local voice" - who are you kidding so local you need to be funded and run from England and you do not even stay in the ward Dougie.

The fact is Douglas is one of the 59 Scottish MP's who are costing the tax-payers £35 million per year to do nothing for the people of Scotland with Jim Murphy wasting another £8 million using the redundant Scottish Office as a propoganda tool for the Labour party in order to keep Scotland down and keep themselves on the most expensive unemployment benefit in the country.  This does not include the £9 million also being wasted on the Scottish peers in the Lords.  How many NHS operations could this waste of money pay for?

I would list what Dougie has done for Paisley South but, since he has not done anything as he has confirmed himself on his leaflet by the lack of any claims, I cannot.  He also proves how unemployed he is by the fact that just about everything on his leaflet has nothing to do with him but is Councillor and MSP work. The biggest laugh on the leaflet is how "he will campaign for much needed investment and regeneration in Paisley and Johnstone town centres" - which party was it that got them into that state again over the last couple of decades?  Oh that's right, the Labour party!

Of course the Labour party's biggest con on this leaflet is where they are trying to pass the blame for  THEIR cuts from Westminster to Scotland and the Scottish Government on to the SNP.  Labour also claim that the choice for families and pensioners is that the Tories would be a change local families and pensioners can't afford - another huge laugh!  It is Labour that has bankrupted this country, who deregulated the banks because the banks asked them to (why do they think the regulations were there in the first place - gross incompetence eh!).  Labour claim to have provided all those benefits to families and pensioners and claim they have made life better for these people.  Who are you kidding Dougie and Labour?  You have been throwing around money that the country did not have, got the country into the worst debt in the world, and it is these families, pensioners and in fact everyone who is going to be worst off in order to sort out your mess.

Unfortunately there are too many people in Scotland in a cult, quite happy to put their English-funded party before their country.  Quite happy for the Scottish people to be ripped off for their gas, electricity, petrol etc, whilst we produce and export most of the stuff, to keep the south of England in lower prices. Quite happy to let England build motorways and fast train links etc with our oil money whilst we struggle along with second-rate ones ourselves.  Quite happy for the country to keep losing the best of our talent having to leave Scotland for decent jobs elsewhere.  Quite happy to vote for a party that has Maggie Thatcher round for tea regularly - Labour that is!

We don't need three parliaments to run Scotland.  We don't need Westminster with unemployed Scottish MP's doing nothing but interfere in English matters.  We need Scots who put Scotland and it's people first - You fail these principles by a mile Dougie!


Allan said...

I've just e-mailed a link to my post about the same leaflet to him, as his previous letter asked for feedback.

It will be interesting to see his response!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just received the Nats leaflets from the habitual loser Andy Do-nut.

What he forgets to tell us is the fact that the Nat/Lib/ Administration have:

Closed Swimming Pools.
Increased charges for the Warden Service.
Taken away kids bus passes.
Cancelled pensioners voucher scheme
and summer trip.

For many pensioners this was there only day out.

Paisley is a shambles, full of Neds, bookies, pubs, hair dressers, charity shops, pounds shops.

And to add insult to injury Mr McKay has asked for a call to arms in relation to Paisleys future.

Added to the activities of some of the snp's councillors:

Second homes
Avoidance of Council tax.
Close links to unsavoury business characters.

I could go on. I will certainly not ne voting snp this year or nay other year for that matter.

Billy said...

Anonymous 28 April 11:46

I'm afraid I would no vote SNP locally either as they are just as crooked as Labour.

Andy keeps going on about his degree in Fairy Stories, sorry Divinity - surely all he needs to do is pray and it will be a shoo in.

Anonymous said...

Hehe your nuts billy get a life

Billy said...

Anonymous 1 May 08:41

Oh dear! Every time I mention the local SNP or Labour corruption one of their anonymous numpties comes on here to slag me. Silence on their parties corruption as usual though.

Anonymous said...


I thought councillors worked for us.

I saw Councillor Cameron the other day in Paisley, no she wasn't campaigning; she was heaving large shopping bags, looking tanned and didn't have a care in the world.

It really pays to be a SNP councillor these days, what a pity she spends most of her time shopping, on holiday, eating nice meals, fancy foreign trips, while the general populace face unemployment and a life on state benefits.

Added to the fact that every member of her family now has priced council houses, I just wonder how and why she gets away with this, hey I thought Labour was a party that was full of sell interest, that lot can't hold a candle to Lorraine Cameron.

No wonder she has stops washing dishes in the Gleniffer and stopped doing the quiz master in the St. Peters men’s club.

Life is rich and full for Mrs Cameron, I wonder if she has managed to get anymore of her family shops in Renfrewshire House.

Ciba Pigments faces certain closure, could I make a suggestion that Mrs Cameron is sent to speak with the Staff; maybe she could help them get other employment.

As I said Lorraine Cameron really does know how to feather her own nest. From Barmaid to Cleaner to Quiz Master to Councillor to Education Convenor.

I can't take anymore, can anybody please tell me if she has helped anybody, please anybody other than her own family.

T Hughes

Anonymous said...

Andy Do-nut and Mag's McLaren beaten again! Thank God for that, these two are just a couple of toss pots.

Anonymous said...

Haha all this from the man who supported the sno until his mates got chucked our for their disgraceful behaviour, shirt term memory billy!!!!!

Billy said...

Anonymous 26 May

Oh Dear! Funny I was the only one thrown out of the party locally for calling Derek MacKay scum for illegally doctoring minutes and committing perjury during his attempt to backstab fellow SNP councillors out of the party all the other members resigned as a result.

That is why the SNP has very few members left locally and that includes their corrupt local councillors as you can read in some of my posts.