Thursday, 13 May 2010

What Effects Are These Idiots Having On The Planet By Messing About With The Weather And Magnetic Fields?

Everyone has heard of Hurricane Katrina that caused so much damage to New Orleans etc in the US but how many of you have heard of Hurricane Erin?

Here above is a picture of Hurricane Erin sitting off New York on 911 with the insert showing the smoke and dust rising from the Twin Towers.  Amazing how the press and media were so quiet about this hurricane, much bigger than Hurricane Katrina, approaching the US coast and New York in the days preceding 911 after what had happened with Katrina.

The photo above shows the track that Hurricane Erin took, and its strength, on its way to New York before veering off to the right after the Twin Towers had turned to dust.

The diagram above shows in greater detail how close Hurricane Erin was to New York the morning of 911and is reckoned to be the power source behind the Direct Energy Weapon(s) that was used to turn the Twin Towers to dust that day.

This diagram shows the Earth's Magnetic Field readings dropping at the exact moment each "plane" hit the Twin Towers and when they "fell".  These readings were taken at the magnetic data sites in Alaska above right.

When since did planes hitting buildings and buildings "collapsing" cause the Earth's Magnetic Field to dip so sharply?  Anyone wanting to know the link between Hurricane Erin and the Twin Towers and Direct Energy Weapons should go to Dr Judy Woods site where you can see all the details regarding Hurricane Erin as well as experiments by John Hutchison based on the Tesla Coil, invented by Nikola Tesla one of the most important contributors to the birth of commercial electricity and electromagnetism.

The US made an agreement not to weaponise the weather!  What effects are these idiots having on the planet by messing about with the weather and magnetic fields?

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