Sunday, 29 August 2010

Looks Like The Idiots Are Still Using The Weather As Weapons!

Strange just as they are still going on about Hurricane Katrina in the US we have the tragedy going on in Pakistan with regard to the serious flooding. The trouble is were both of these deliberate acts by the US just like they used the weather to destroy the Twin Towers on 911.  See the post below about Hurricane Erin the seemingly invisible hurricane.

Go and read this link HERE to get the full story about the US using HAARP weapons against the Pakistani people.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to leave this comment in Subrosas comments on the 911 mosque pat condell post.I typed the bugger out then discovered she doesnt allow anonymongs to comment.

Judy Woods is not credible.Her petitions to the government are spurious and make it harder for credible claims to be made.
She is championed by Jim Fetzer,who sabotaged the original scholars for 911 truth faction.Go ask the JFK crowd about the damage he caused to their work.Ask Jim Fetzer how much money his Teachers Pension earned him from the destruction of building 7.
Woods is part of the cointel attempts to discredit anyone with legitimate questions about 911.Shame on you ,Billy,for pushing her pseudoscience.Even the hard core no-planers have disowned her.

Anonymous said...

I heard someone on a recent radio show say that talking about Dr. Wood's research can be like throwing holy water on a vampire. Why? Those who wish to keep the cover up going must, at all cost, divert folks away from looking at the evidence. Vampires don't want your to know about Hurricane Erin.

Ralph said...

Anonymous said . . . I am puzzled that 800,000 TONS of missing concrete and steel of the one millions tons wherein Dr. Wood examines the "real" evidence staying away from Hype and who done it. No one will address this. No one (Richard Gage) or the 911 truthers (sic) will address how many "tons" of thermite would be required, that thermite has never been used for demolition of a building, how is controlled or how a all of these hundreds of tons turned into "dust" not to mention the "toasted cars" up to 1/2 mile away. Unbelievable to say the least to obfuscate the truth. Take a stroll down or checktheevidence and you make up your own mind.

Billy said...

Anonymous 30 August 2010 03:29

Must say I look for the evidence in what people say and Dr Judy Woods atually comes up with the most credible evidence there is.

As Ralf says most of the Twin Towers just disappeared, or turned to dust. Explosives bought down Building 7 and left a pile of rubble.

Dr Judy Woods petitions to the government are not spurious, they are well thought out and presented with evidence. Do you think she and her attorney are stupid - it would end up costing them millions in legal fees if they were spurious.

The rest of you in Scholars for 911truth are like a bunch of wee kiddies crying because someone has taken your rattle off you.

I am a no-planer who thinks her evidence is on the button - I do not care for stupid personalities