Sunday, 5 September 2010

If Anything Proves That Labour Puts Their Party And Power Before The People - It Is This!

 My! My! I have received this information relating to the post below I did many years ago about the corruption and paedophilia relating to the Labour party here in Renfrewshire. What a shower of self-serving scum - Word also reaches me that Mark McMillian Irene Adams ex-son in law is standing for the Scottish Parliament in place of Hugh Henry (Hugh was involved in covering up all of Labours corruption when he was Labour Leader on the council) which must be the biggest joke on the hard-pressed tax-payers of this county and country since he was involved in major fraud along with his ex-wife and Irene's daughter and Irene herself with their scam of pretending they were working full time as councillors and working full time as Irenes office manager and staff along with Irenes "fiddling" of expenses which netted them millions over the time they carried out this fraud - Ever wonder how they managed to afford to buy two of the expensive flats in the converted Anchor Mill building?

Lets not get into the crooked Tommy Williams who should not even be a councillor dealing with anything to do with council finances or with the poor suffering tax-payers he thought nothing of defrauding - of course he was worried about his Glasgow Council pension - him being the second biggest earner while working full time as a Labour councillor in Renfrewshire at that time and paying for his own pension did not enter his mind especially when you are getting a full wage from Glasgow Council for years and never turning up for work there - and a crooked Sheriff getting him off with a not proven to boot when he admitted to all of this - but his boss forced him to accept all of that money against his wishes eh? Received information in bold with the original post below :

Who would have thought that an innocuous, good humoured remark would have resulted in the Baroness of Craigielea having to pay back £60,000s in libel damages to Guardian Media Group Newspapers. Secreted in a 9,000 word response to a complaint by a Councillor Jackie Henry to the grand sounding but toothless Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland, reveals beyond peradventure that Irene Adams leaked to Gordon Thompson of the Evening Times Gordon McMasters suicide note.

Adams and McMasters' brother went halfers on the award but everyone knows she gave a copy of the suicide note to George Galloway who left it on his desk at the Mail for the Evening Times to pick up in their shared offices at Albion Street. Thompson was mentioned in the note, so Adams blackmailed him into the bargain.

Adams was sacked from a shop in Johnstone for being unable to stack shelves, she now however, has amassed a personal fortune of over £15 million by fiddling her expenses. Doesn't it make you feel proud you come from Paisley.

I have always thought how despicable the Labour party in Renfrewshire, and Scotland, have been with regard to their cronyism, corruption and general dishonesty with regard to the electorate. But I did not think that they could stoop so low when I learned that they were involved in using council houses that "disappeared" off the council list for sordid acts with rent boys and paedophilia.

This was first brought to my, and many others, attention when the Paisley South MP, Gordon McMaster, committed suicide when he was going to be exposed for his involvement in these activities, apparently with regard to a Stuart Clark, who is mentioned HERE under the heading Strangly Brown.  At the time Irene Adams and the Labour party tried to blame other Labour party members for the MPs suicide.

Two of these disappeared houses, frequently mentioned with regard to these activities, are in Bridge of Weir, 6 Warlock Road and 15 Warlock Drive. Apparently Labour politicians, amongst others, visited these houses including a Renfrewshire MP and also ex-PM Gordon Brown. Not knowing if these claims were in fact true I am now of the opinion, as are others, that after reading this HERE and HERE that the Labour party are morally corrupt as well for covering up for these sickos. They also have the brass neck to put up the afore-mentioned Stuart Clark as a candidate HERE at the 2011 Scottish elections.

As if it could not get any worst there is also this HERE and HERE that shows how bad things are in Scotland with regard to these paedophiles and how they are getting away with it.  Why are the politicians silent on this? Why are the newspapers and TV silent on this?  Every person  covering up for these filthy scum are just as guilty as them for these crimes. It is time for the Scottish government to act on this unless they are involved as well. Time for every decent person in Scotland to act on this as well - pass it on.

We need an investigation into all of these despicable things mentioned here and all of the guilty jailed - including those covering up for these despicable crimes. If anything proves That Labour puts their party and power before the people - it is this!

***Update...I have been sent a link that shows that in England at least they do prosecute these sickos. Have a look at this list HERE ***


Anonymous said...

Leave poor wee Stuart Clark alone he had enough hassle during Gordon McMaster's time. He has moved on and is now trying to build a career for himself in politics. What's wrong with that?

Billy said...

Dear Dear! Rent boys and paedophilia that's what is wrong with that - so that is okay then?

Anonymous said...

How do you know that? Is there any proof?

Billy said...

Why don't you ask the News of the World as they were going to expose it until Mr McMaster couldn't face the music.

Like I said time there was a full independent inquiry into all of this and the guilty, including those helping to cover it up, are brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Your sick billy how low will you sink, you have no proof of any of this and I think you have to look closer to home regarding rumours about Gordon mcmaster who by the way was a thoroughly decent hardworking man, suicide is no laughing matter and your vile comments just show what a piece of scum you really are.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the News of the World always tells the truth eh billy, get a life

Anonymous said...

Think billys just jealous cos he didn't get a piece of the action

Billy said...

Dear! Dear! Decent, hardworking and Labour - Three words that you certainly cannot put together.

That's it just keep commenting on McMaster and ignore all the rest of the rent boy and paedophile stuff.

Just ignore the fact that they were using council houses illegally that were missing from the council lists for years.

Just ignore the fact that Labour are covering up for paedophiles in their party by stopping the press from reporting it.

Don't give me your crap about suicide - my brother committed suicide. McMaster did not have to - if he had nothing to hide then he had no problem.

McMaster was such a decent person that was involved in a shockingly despicable attempt to lose an opposition candidate his job by smears and lies and this only ended when he and the Labour party were caught out when local buisinesses came forward in the press to reveal that they were being bullied and blackmailed as a part of this campaign.

I think you will find that there are plenty of ex-Labour party members around that know all about these goings on and are sickened by the scum that are what is left of the Labour members.

Anonymous said...


Here, here, it's time we had a full investigation into this issue, if the Labour members who are attacking you on your site, are they at the same time attacking the author of the other more serious web sites, oh I think not. As for Stuart Clarke don't make me laugh, I attended the late MP's funeral in Paisley Abbey, Mr Clark then a school boy was hysterical, crying his wee school boy's eyes out, it got so bad that a Labour member removed him from the Abbey for fear that the press might pick up on this.

Billy you are to be congratulated for your site, Fear not, the Labour Party or Stuart Clark are not going to be chapping or your or anybody else’s door soon and anyway your are simply allowing the people to see these web sites, I think that the truth hurts, although the SNP should keep their collective mouths shut on this issue and that is all that I am prepared to say for the moment?

McKay and others please take note, rough seas and strong winds are a coming.

Keep up the good work.

P, s I don’t trust our national media, what are your views on that subject.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Clark Gay, never say that coming!

Anonymous said...

For the last time Stuart Clark is not, has never been, never will be gay, he only a little effeminate and acts a little poofy, so what's wrong with that, good luck lad, you are bigger and brighter than many in Scottish politics.

Come on May the 6th 2011.

Anonymous said...


I think the SNP as one of your contributors mentioned should keep their collective mouths shut, I know of a male SNP person who we shall say enjoys harvests of male flesh, who is so up himself, who pretends that he has the rear, sorry I mean ear of high members of the SNP. I once asked the gay, sorry I mean guy called D*** M***** what he did for his spare time, he said that he loves cruising in Glasgow, sounds fairly harmless, he also stated that he enjoyed several pursuits including "scatt", then said "Oh I mean Scatt music".

To this day, I always wondered was "scatt" was or actually meant, this was until I saw a nature program and they had a dog trained to find wild tigers via there dung and piss scent, the dog was called a "scatt Dog".

Need I say anymore, leave off Stuart Clark, he has moved on, what would worry me is this person in the SNP who likes cruising in Glasgow and has "Scatt" as a past time, maybe Alec Salmond should be asked to comment.

P.s The Scatt maybe spelt with one T rather than 2.

Anonymous said...

No wonder your brother killed himself being related to you would drive anyone to suicide

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate,

Keep your chin up, the last entry is clearly from an snp insider, the scum bag(s) don't have the balls or bottle to add their name, talking of no balls, Cameron or McCartney spring to mind, both have no balls, Dave a nasty wee spiteful man, who leaches onto you, then again I could be describing Cameron, who was and still is, the laziest Councillor in Renfrewshire, I don't think she bothers about that though, she is happy to be stuck in the cluster system where her laziest ways just blends into the system, I am sure that more will be coming out about her and her family shortly. Keep you eyes open, ears ready, stay tuned!

As for the horrible wee man Dave, I think his past might be coming back to haunt him, stayed tuned.

Stuart D.

Anonymous said...

Why would things be "coming out" about Cameron's family? Are they also involved in local politics?

Anonymous said...

I don't think stuart clarks sexuality should be an issue in the upcoming election. However, I went to school with him and can confirm that he was a massive arrogant twat.