Sunday, 31 October 2010

TATP, Chapati flour, Black Pepper And Now Ink Cartridges - Who Are These Action Film Dreamer Experts And News Media Kidding!

Deary! Deary! Me! - In the week that the Chief Executive of British Airways complains about the amount of security that people here in Europe and else-where have to go through to get to the US compared to the lack of security in US domestic flights where the kiddy-on "terrorists" were supposed to have actually carried out the highjacking of the supposed airliners on 911 we suddenly have these bomb scares with printer ink cartridges on cargo planes.

Now I have just been reading the following book on the 7/7 London Bombings which you can get from Amazon on the Books link at the side bar below:

This is an excellent book that exposes a lot of the lies with regard to this atrocity especially regarding the lies of the police and government when it comes to the type of explosives that the "terrorists" were supposed to have used to blow up the trains and bus.  It was stated by experts at first that it was military grade C4 explosives that were used because traces were found at all the bomb sites and this quietly disappeared because it would then have raised the question of where would these supposed "terrorists" have got this highly regulated stuff.  The police then came out with the story that they had found an explosives factory in Leeds where the "terrorists" had brewed homemade explosives in a bath consisting of a mixture of acetone, hydrogen peroxide and sulphuric acid (TATP), stories of mixtures of black pepper and hydrogen peroxide and rubbish about the 21/7 "terrorists having bombs made of chapati-flour - you have to read this book folks to see how these so-called bombs are just the imaginations of people who know nothing about chemistry and watch too many action films with people mixing up different everyday domestic chemicals to make explosives regardless of the fact that it is impossible in real life.

Now we are all supposed to button up the back with regard to these ink cartridge bombs - be lucky if an ink cartridge would blow up the printer never mind a plane - same action film dreamers trying to scare old ladies with their drivel.  This book also reveals the involvement of NATO in most of the terrorism in Europe through sleepers to keep up their funding and justify their existence when they have no big bad USSR to stand up against any more. This was called Gladio and has actually been debated about in the EU parliament - anyone interested in a three part BBC documentary on this group can see it by scrolling down the page HERE

I have also posted a link to an Italian video called "ZERO: An Investigation Into 9/11" in the Video Vault in the side bar below. This does an excellent job of explaining how most of the "terrorists" at 911 are still alive and have complained about being named as terrorists and how the five or six who were supposed to be the main players were given visas by the CIA. Interesting film, wrong as per most of the rest now with regard to explosives in the Twin Towers - see Dr Judy Wood, but exposes a lot more of the lies wth regard to terrorism.  TATP, Chapati flour, Black Pepper and now ink cartridges - who are these action film dreamer experts and news media kidding!


Dark Lochnagar said...

First of all these 'bombs' were addressed to Synagogues in New York to kill Jews and then we're told they're designed to blow up planes in mid-air. Well which one is it?

irslan2u said...

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Dark Lochnagar said...

That's the last curry I'm having if the Hindus are making bombs out of fucking chappaties!