Saturday, 16 October 2010

Yes Please! This Politician Should Be In Court Plus Her Daughter And Ex-Son In Law.

Oh Dear! I do a post about politicians in Scotland showing contempt for the Scottish electorate and up pops another of the troughers doing exactly that. Mind you I should not be surprised as it is Irene Adams, ex-MP for Paisley North  and now Baroness in the house of Lords who is challenging the Commons authorities to take her to court over a demand for repayment of £4,110 in disputed mortgage payments reported HERE  in the Herald newspaper.

Now Irene Adams would not know the meaning of the words "valid expense claim" or "truth" and I sent  the following email to Herald:

FAO The Journalist who did the story on Baroness Adams in today’s paper

I am sending this email to you because I know Irene Adams to be a hypocrite and a liar with her statement about the truth regarding her expenses in your paper today. If you are interested a Mr xxxxxx xxxxxx, 00000 000 000, has got written judgements with regard to Irene Adams withholding expenses claims for plane tickets that were bought not for her but for her friend the Renfrewshire ex-Labour Councillor Tommy Williams whose court case for defrauding the council tax-payers of Glasgow starts this week. These plane tickets were bought for football matches that were in fact attended by Councillor Williams overseas.

Irene Adams and her daughter Barbara and ex-son in law Renfrewshire Councillor Mark McMillan were also involved in defrauding the tax-payers of hundreds of thousands of pounds with them working for her full-time and claiming for expenses and convenerships full time with Renfrewshire Council.

Irene Adams can take me to court for these statements since she is so brave with her arrogance!

Billy Carlin
Paisley Expressions

In the above email I forgot to put "from Westminster" after "written judgements" but you the reader can still get the seriousness of what this family was involved in. Yes please! This politician should be in court plus her daughter and ex-son in law.


Anonymous said...

Sadly you are correct. I am amazed that the CEO has not reported this serious fraud as did the CEO of another Lanarkshire Council. I wonder what they have on the CEO?
He is certainly not working for us.

Anonymous said...


I used to work in the petrol station on Barrhead Road at odd times of the night a taxi would appear, nothing unusual in that, although the tax was sent by Baroness Adams for large quantities of chocolate.

Why would that be the case?


Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, let me answer that for you regarding the chocolate. Baroness Adams, who is a thieving bastard, also likes her girlfriends to cover her in chocolate, which she then makes them lick off. Her own personal favourite time of year is rumoured to be Easter, when she does things indescribable with 'Cadbury's Cream Eggs', which I would describe, but there might be weans watching this and it might put them off their Nans.

Anonymous said...


I saw s strange figure in the shadows of Paisley Sheriff Court today, a one Mr Jim Mitchell, a horrible little man who would sell his Grannies gold teeth in a second, aparantly he was trying to attend a criminal case against former Labour Depute Leader Tommy Williams. The boald Jim is terrified that someone might ask Jim to explain how he at the same time as Tommy was claiming and I quote directly from Jim's expenses

Monday 8am -8pm
Tuesday 8am 8pm
Wednesday 8am -8pm
Thursday 8am -8pm
Friday 8am -8pm
Saturday 9am -6pm
Sunday is a day of rest.

Wee Jimmy has got some explaining to do, what is a man doing that can't speak (although to be fair, this is a medical condition) can't eat food (to be fair that is for a medical condition) his food is liquidised and wee Jimmy takes it through a straw (to be fair that is for a medical condition).

So taking all factors into account, if wee Tommy is in Court, could this happen to wee Jimmy, or the bold Lorraine Cameron who's claims mirror Tommy's and wee Jimmy's, sorry no medical condition apart from a "Brass Neck). If Cameron could claim for the air which we breath she would, she is the Michael Cowan of the SNP (Who is she?) a former Labour Cllr who even gave wee Tommy, wee Jimmy and the Bold Lorraine Cameron a showing up).

Strange thing about Ms Cameron there could be further issues coming out about her, although for legal reasons they can't be mentioned in this site.

Alas poor wee Jimmy Mitchell could find himself in the dock soon and watch him squeal like the pig that he is!

Jimmy rather than Councillor before your name you’re going to have HMPS after your name.

Paisley Society for Truth and Freedom.

Billy said...

Anonymous 16 October 2010

The trouble with Renfrewshire Council is they all have stuff on each other - Labour, SNP and the folk in the council.

Billy said...

Anonymous 17 October

Don't know anything about the chocolate - or is that a code word for alcohol as I believe that is her problem.

Billy said...

Don't know about that but as you may have read in a previous post you should not mention weans on here as it will get a lot of the males in the Labour party very excited.

Billy said...

I saw Jim Mitchell at the court today as well but he left in a huff because a couple of people were saying how they were going to make sure that all the corrupt councillors in Renfrewshire council are prosecuted for their crimes.

Seems he did not like to hear that so he must have been there to support Councillor Williams, along with Councillor Terry Kelly who was there again today, as they spent ages in a cosy wee huddle together. Three councillors who could not give a toss about the tax-payers and their electorate.

Billy said...


My reply at 22:03 is to Dark Lochnagar.

My reply at 22:12 is to Anonymous at 17:09.

Anonymous said...

Better tip off Vassie and Martin then Billy - their claims resemble jimmies,williams etc - you are not the only one[s] who are holding copies of expense sheets..........look forward to seeing them in court along with the others

Anonymous said...

I’m afraid I must have been the one who upset Councillor Mitchell, as reported. I only said to another good citizen in court I will carry on my campaign to name and shame corrupt Councillors. To my amazement he complained to the policeman sitting a few seats away who was on court duty. This time it was to the policeman’s amazement.


Time to get rid of the whole lot of our politicians, put them on trial and get our money back.

Regards Gary Pearson

Anonymous said...


I think the people of Glenburn are seeing through Lorraine Cameron for being a lazy cow, greedy, corrupt, I think Lorraine should report the two former SNP Councillors, so here's the challenge, why don't you Lorraine Cameron report them to the Procurator Fiscal, please do it! First thing!

Oops, don’t think Del Boay will like that, after all he is going to Edinburgh next year, and he won't want to have a trail on the run up to the elections next year.

Look it's quite simple Lorraine Cameron is a lazy cow, She has form, she will be exposed on a certain white trailer shortly, will look smashing in Skye Crescent, firstly it will show all of her expenses, money made by purchasing the Mother in Laws house, it's going to be fun, fun for all the family, I can't wait to see her face, bloody lazy cow.

Glenburn Time for the Truth Group.

Billy said...

Anonymous 20 October

If you have any proof that ex-councillors Vassie and Martin have committed any fraud then why don't you take it to the police?

I don't think that Mr Vassie and Mr Martin will be losing any sleep over your accusations and neither will I.

Billy said...


I witnessed that myself and agree entirely with what you say. He is on the side of the corrupt politicians is what his actions screamed out rather than his constituents that have been ripped off by these crooks.

Billy said...

Glenburn Time For The Truth Group

Agree totally with what you say. It has been reported to me that Councillor Cameron is saying that she and her family are being harrassed - Why does she not report this to the police if that is the case?

Or maybe she cannot because the harrassment she is talking about is being reported for the amount of fraud she has committed on the tax-payers of Renfrewshire.

Hopefully she and Councillor MacKay will be in court TOGETHER soon regarding this matter.

Anonymous said...

What a pile of pish!

Anonymous said...

Re Pile of Pish, I hope that's not from Councillor Cameron, who everybody knows stands uo to do a pee.

Ohh Lorraine, you are offal but I like you.

Sam Cocker.