Wednesday, 3 November 2010

"You Cannot Fight The Labour Party" - A Guest Post By Gary Pearson!

Councillor Williams defence, appears, to rely upon whether he had an arrangement in place with his direct line manager Raymond Bell. Mr Bell denied this in court. Fact I was there. In court today Wed/03/Nov we heard from a Jim Callahan who was the group work (practice) manager in which Councillor Tommy Williams was a member of his team within Glasgow Social Work. Mr Callahan refused to sign Councillor Williams’s pay roll time sheets due to absolutely no hours being worked by Councillor Williams.

At a meeting between Callahan and Bell the two managers, Mr Bell’s reason to Mr Callahan when the issue was brought up is as quoted “you cannot fight the Labour Party”. No more was elaborated on from the statement. No more questions from the Procurator Fiscal.

The term went down like a lead balloon. Why? Well we all know that the politicians have been stealing our money for years and the system always states it is not in the public interest to prosecute. If someone was stealing our money how can any sane person tell you it is not in YOUR interest, to crave satisfaction, in full?

The answer given to Mr Callahan was extraordinary! Mr Bell claims there was no arrangement with Williams . Mr Callahan was angry at a wage, for a much needed social worker, being paid to a person without there being any service provided. In short he was pleading for a much needed worker, required to help the vulnerable children/families the department was set up to help at great cost to taxpayers.

Mr Bell in stating,” You can’t fight the Labour Party” was explaining to his college that Mr Williams was a Labour Councillor and it was unwise and impossible to highlight this fraudulent action by one of the ruling Labour Party Members. We all know what happens to (Whistle Blowers) don’t we?

Mr Williams spilled the beans in court, by stating, “He spoke to many councillors at conventions who had similar arrangements”.

Well regardless Councillor Williams, you took money from the peoples purse, money collected from our taxes, and lined your own pockets. Your claim of worrying about your pension would be laughable if we were not all so sore from the effects of the economy. Corrupt politicians, who in the main come up with useless fiscal developments costing the tax payer money so they can skim, cream, blatantly steal our money whilst providing a shambles of a service.

There are less and less Politicians who are honest, morale and blessed with some integrity. Unless the politicians are held to account we will never recover. Many a sound business floundered due to ignoring petty theft, it never stops there. Does it?

The Jury I am sure will have the common sense to convict. You see the truth is, the Crown have dumped a fraud case against an ex high ranking Deputy Leader of the Renfrewshire Labour Party on a fresh faced Procurator Fiscal, who we are told had ten days to learn her case and be prepared for trial, against not only an experienced QC, but Sheriff Spy appears to be hostile to the (young, pretty) Procurator Fiscal.

Why did the other 2/3 handling fiscals refused to try this case.

Simple answer is that it would be the death of their career. Remember, if you have an ethical or a criminal issue to highlight with the way Labour do business, watch your back. If you intend to make noises about it, or even try going public, no main stream paper will print political wrong doing unless it is a shitty we line at the back of a publication.

Mr Williams provided false time sheets and you took money in the form of wages from the People of Glasgow and provided no service for it that is fraud. Not so pure, albeit Simple to understand.

Gary Pearson.


Anonymous said...

Guess your gonna claim the judge is crooked now? Haha haha haha haha

Anonymous said...

Many of the staff, including security, office and Fiscal staff looked on in horror as Sheriff I Spy with my little eye a party called "Labour". Many of these same staff hardened to the day to day drudgery of fining drunks, drugies, shop lifters and even shirt lifters, could not have anticipated the shear biased performance by Sheriff Spy, aren't Sheriffs supposed to be impartial.

So the above bloger is wrong, Sheriff Spy is not "crooked" it's just that his Labour rosette slipped slightly today.

Telling a Jury of fair minded members of the public, "The only direction I am showing you is one direction, find in favour of fraudster Tommy Williams".

Please note, Tommy is an adult, yet he continued to falsify time sheets for almost 4 years, got himself sacked, appealed, lost the appeal and was forced to pay back, wait for it, £26,500 pounds, then wait for it! He had to pay back pension contributions, tax and NI contributions.

Sheriff Spy saved a by-election, had wee Tommy been found guilty, he would have de-mitted public office with immediate effect.

So, the next time you here of a wee cleaner being charged and found guilty of fraud for not telling the DSS about her wee 16hrs a week extra, please think of wee Tommy, £26,500 Tommy.

God Bless Tommy
God Bless Sheriff Spy
God Bless the Courts

Don't they make you proud?
(What a load of olde shite)
At least the Nats Councillors can now claim more expenses without any fear of prosecution by our Legal system.

Cameron, Mitchell, Nicholson, McGee will be dancing naked round the bonfire, "he he he" says Cameron I've never had it so good" Michael states "back date my claims" The staff ask "How Far" wee Mitchell says "Noah, that's how far, they went two by two"
And it came to pass. The Nats went two by two to collect their expenses.

All thanks to a prophet called "Spy

Anonymous said...

How much do you think Sheriff Spy charges for a get out of jail card, he certainly gave one to a waste of space councilor today.
A Councilor who for (4 years the charge sheet states) was paid as an essential social worker, required in one of Glasgow's neediest areas admitted he never done any work for his wages.

A high ranking Labour Councilor at the time and a Union Rep. He stated, he thought he had an arrangement with a member of staff, who, he knows has absolutely no authority to clear such an arrangement.
He is not a silly we boy, just a crook who stole the peoples trust,as well as a heck of a lot of money, our bloody money.

The Councilor causes havoc in Glasgow Council, who employed him. People were fired and fined because they were to frightened and precautioned inevitability rendering them scared to complain.

Luck played its part and 15 jurors starting, then loosing two of them meant the jury still had to return a majority of 8 based on the original number of jurors 15, not 13 as they now numbered.

Shame on you Tommy Williams.

Billy would you be good enough to start a petition on your site, calling for the immediate Williams who is clearly not a fit person to hold office.
Lastly we will hear what Councilor kelly has to dribble about on his daily blog, however one must question ones involvement with such despickable charachters. For Kelly sat with his buddy every day through the long arduas trial and comforted the despicable councilor.

Regards Gary Pearson

Anonymous said...

So the jury didn't have a mind of their own? Your so pathetic, grow up get a life dint you have some cats to rescue?

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Thought drop in on your fly infested shit any spare rats to eat or have you eat them all

brownlie said...


You should feel right at home, then. I suspect that if this was an SNP councillor you'd be heating up the tar and plucking feathers from your budgie.

Anonymous said...

This case may not all be over till the fat lady sings.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys
Get a room why don't you, Councillor Tommy Williams is a waste of space, nothing changes, the richer get richer the poor get poorer and get shat on from a great height, the current crop of Nats in Renfrewshire House are not much better, look at Cameron, Jimmy Mitchell, Iain Nicolson and wife, fraudsters one and all, Iain Nicolson is an especially demented arse hole, who runs around with the Depute Provost chain round his neck, it should be a lavvy chain, he has got on fat from his lavish life style, real nasty character.
Renfrewshire is going down hill faster that a naked Iain Nicolson dipped in lard and pushed down St Mirren Brae.

As for the rather Fast Provost, she can't be classed, she can’t, I would say though, a fat loathsome creature who gave birth to two fat loathsome creatures who are constantly feeding their gigantic mouths and I now learn that one of them is up the duff, god help us, you couldn't write this shite.

Anonymous said...

what does Gary pearson think of Dead beat dads?

Anonymous said...

What Councillor Kelly Couldn’t Print.?

Cllr Kelly,

May I be permitted to make comment on the recent by- election won by the Labour Party.

Can I firstly make clear that the local activist’s did not want David McCartney; he is a Cameron and McKay loyalist?

I remember a hard working former fund raiser for the Paisley South branch, suddenly resigned from the party, all she would say was, the fact that she didn't want to be anywhere near David McCartney!

I recently watched the nats in Lochfield running around with maps of the area held upside down!

I agree that there is a see change in the area, I have spoke to many people who are now turning their backs on the nats. Derek McKay controls all of the snp branches in Renfrewshire, talk about Independence, they can't even give that to local branches, John McNaughton, Unisons former branch secretary works hard for the snp but even he sees the writing on the wall.

It is a real shame that no one now has the back bone to stand up to McKay and his lieutenant, bad boy Iain Nicholson.

There used to be real fun nights locally, fancy dress fund raisers and the like, all gone, as for Mr McCartney, Cllr Kelly if you lived to 100 you would never meet a more nasty, self serving creature than this person, his juices come to the boil on talk of "power, position, Derek McKay". The snp have come full circle from the days of "wee Jimmy Michael" with a cardboard box on his head to Dave McCartney, spiteful, nasty and one who bares a grudge, if you cross Dave, you better not forget it, because he won't.

Lets take a look at Mrs Cameron, no one suggests that she is stupid, I can tell you Sir, that she certainly is not, Mrs Cameron looks after Mrs Cameron, in expenses, family members in jobs, housing allocations and the like, she is no more a Head of Education, than Dave McCartney is electable to the people of Renfrewshire

This group will in time implode, it's already starting, with "Baw Bags" and "cheeky Mares" to people like McCartney, who privately seeks higher office, not on merit or skills, hard work or even having a dream, and no he feels that it is his right!

I hope Cllr Kelly that you are able to print this, I have taken a steep back from going too far.

Past on my best to Cllr Roy Glen, work hard over the next year Roy, be seen in the local areas of Lochfield, Hunterhill and Glenburn.