Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Independent International Hearing Into 9/11 Toronto In September

In this the tenth anniversary of the September 11 Twin Towers "terrorist" attrocity in New York there is to be an Independent International Hearing in Toronto in Canada into this in September with witnesses and experts as per the following link:

I am all for this but will the press and media report on this - do not think so. They did not report on any of Dr Judy Wood's court cases against the US Government (NIST) or any of her Qui Tam cases or Appeal to the Supreme Court - things that should have been splattered all over the news. Another thing that bothers me is whether it is just a select clique of experts presenting a preset point of view. I have posted the following question on their comments to see if I get an answer (if they publish it that is):

Have you invited Dr Judy Wood to attend with her evidence as she has the most compelling evidence as to what happened to the Twin Towers and Building 7 on 911. Explosives, no matter what type, cannot turn three buildings, and everything in them including people to dust. Explosives cannot cause thousands of vehicles for miles around to spontaneously burst into flames etc so having people there who believe these things against the evidence will make this hearing as dishonest as the US governments account of 911.

Only one person, Dr Judy Wood, has taken the US government (NIST) and over 20 US companies to court with accompanying evidence over 9/11 and where were these people then. Dr Judy Wood has done an independent investigation into 9/11 and has published the evidence - why are they not all out there putting this evidence out to everyone. Again here is the evidence - buy it I have aound £33.00 including postage is THE book you should have:


Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, it has to be investigated further.

Philip Joy said...

Barbara Honegger has spoken alongside Dr Wood at many conferences, but even Honegger remarked that her inclusion was a remarkable event.

Until Dr Wood is brought into the movement fully, that movement remains fatally flawed. Read the book.