Monday, 2 January 2012

INDEPENDENCE In WHERE? Not While The Bankers and Elite Control Everything!

I am all for Independence for Scotland but will Scotland achieve independence even if we say yes in a referendum? We won't because it is the bankers and elite that have the real power and unless the people start to wake up we will not be any better off than we are at the moment. In the UK it is a waste of time voting for any of the three main parties because they have been bought off by the bankers and the elite - Take the example of the people wishing a referendum on the UK staying in the EU Labour promised one before they got into power and swiftly denied the people their vote. The same goes for the Tories and the Lib-Dems they promised the same referendum with the same result when they went into power together. It is a waste of time voting for any of these parties as they have the same agenda. The politicians in charge are doing their paymasters bidding while the rest do not know what is going on or do not care because the position and money mean more to them than their electorate or what is actually happening in the world.

In the following video David Icke gives an excellent little talk about what is really going on  world just now:

In the following films you can see who the people are who hold the real power at the moment- nobody voted for them - they just buy their politicians who use our military etc to do the dirty work for their paymasters in order to carry out their agenda:

As many of you will be aware what is happening just now with the financial meltdown is deliberate and with the supposed Arab Spring in the Middle East etc. It is all to do with the elite setting up their New World Order, to set up a world government - not for the benefit of the people but for their own benefit. Their aim is to get rid of countries so are they going to let Scotland become independent? What are the SNP going to do - if they go for the same system as present with a central bank then we will not be independent but  slaves to the bankers and have to pay them interest to borrow our own money. Have the higher ups in the SNP been bought like these other parties or will they be? The EU is just one of the elites plans towards a world government just like the American and Asian Unions - are the SNP going to wake up to what is going on? INDEPENDENCE in WHERE? Not while the bankers and elite control everything!

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