Sunday, 5 February 2012

Are Members Of The Scottish Government Involved In This Disgusting Filth? Why The Total Lack Of Action Then Alex?

We have a severe problem here in Scotland, if not the UK as well, and that is PAEDOPHILIA as I have posted in the past HERE which has involved cover up all the way up to the top of the legal and political establishment.

Now Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government have been dragged into this with regard to the Hollie Greig case and have till July to explain their lack of action with regard to a criminal investigation or inquiry into this matter. You can watch the following video to see all the questions that the First Minister has to answer and which need to be answered to give justice for Hollie and the OTHER kids that were abused in this case also:

The following videos are of Hollie Greig on the Richplanet TV show to let you see what has been happening with regard to the details of this case:

What is going on here with regard to the Scottish Government? Why have they NOT initiated Criminal Proceedings against the people responsible in this case? There are politicians and members of the establishment who were involved in Paedophilia with regard to the Dunblane Shootings being protected by the evidence having a secrecy order being put on it - Why? All of this SHOULD and NEEDS to be investigated for the sake of the victims and to DEAL with the abusers. Every single person in politics or the police or legal profession involved in covering up these sick crimes is just as guilty as the people who carried out the abuse and should at the least be removed from their position.   

Are members of the Scottish Government involved in this disgusting filth? Why the total lack of action then Alex?

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