Sunday, 2 September 2012

The World Financial Collapse To Happen In April 2013

Funny all the drivel coming out of the political parties and their sycophantic followers regarding the state of the economy and how to deal with it is a great big joke considering these political parties are all controlled by the very people - the bankers and globalists that are deliberately bringing down the global economy - with these crooked political parties help - all so that these bankers and globalists can bring in their World Government WITH THEM RULING OVER THE WORLD and us as their slaves.

Same goes for all the numpty unionists who insist that Scotland is better off being part of the UK - the UK being a country with a DEBT - TO - GDP Ratio of 800% hardly any gold left compared to most other countries and one of two countries - the other being Japan that will collapse first when the financial system finally goes. Watch the excellent Max Keiser in the following video who has been predicting exactly what has been going to happen for decades now:

Another excellent predictor of what has been and is going to happen is Gerald Celente who gives an excellent take on what is going to happen in the following video:

What Gerald says about the political parties in the US is exactly what is going on here in the UK and every other country with regard to the rot at the top with the politicians selling out to the bankers and globalists who are the one who are really in control - why do you think that NO banker has been jailed for the Libor scandal etc.

Time to wake up folks and drop the political parties they are part of the problem and that is why they have so few members left - The world financial collapse to happen in April 2013!