Saturday, 20 October 2012

Jimmy Savile? Why Now And What About The Rest Of Them?

You have just got to laugh at the hypocritical furore over the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal from the press and media at the moment considering for years they ignored all of this when the little creep was alive. The same goes for the few politicians who have commented on this when as you can see below in the posts about the Hollie Greig case the poitical parties know what is going on but they are involved in covering it all up by their silence. The Labour party with the help of the Tories even put a hundred year secrecy order on the Dunblane shootings to cover up for the fact that this involved paedophillia and senior members of their party.

The trouble is there are too many wee kiddies in their wee kiddy secret societies covering up for paedophilia etc. People who have never recovered from their mother taking away their rattles etc and need a place to go to feel safe with other similar degenerates who need to keep secrets from their own families and everyone else and who swear on oath to protect these secrets even if involves other wee secret society kiddies being involved in this disgusting type of behaviour. The trouble with most of the people in their wee kiddy secret societies is that they do not know that they are being controlled and used by the Illuminati at the top who do not care about them any more than they do the rest of us.

Child abuse and paedophillia is rife in this country and involves Judges, Doctors, Police, POLITICIANS, Teachers etc and also ROYALTY. Watch the video below to see the interview by the online news channel UK Column Live with Bill Maloney who for years was trying to expose Jimmy Savile to the Press and Media who were not interested. Also see who else Bill names and has been trying to expose - The bit at the end where he mentions the Queen and Prince Philip is TRUE as there is investigations ongoing regarding them and others as per the abuse, murder and disappearance of Indian orphans

Jimmy Savile? Why now and what about the rest?


Frank Jackson said...

What about the known paedophiles within St John ambulance who are about to receive awards from the Queen's representative:

Billy said...

Why does that not surprise me Frank? Do not know if it is incompetence or if these people are in on the paedophile thing to do this to that kid and their family. Don't get me started on the judges and secret courts either. Common Law should be the deciding factor and not East German?Communist style secrecy.