Monday, 17 December 2012

Is The SNP Being Blackmailed - Or Are They Controlled Like All The Other Parties?

What is going on with Alex Salmond and the SNP? This was a man and a political party that was supposed to be different from all the others putting the people and the country first. Salmond and his party have a majority in the Scottish Parliament and as a result should have been using that to, not only show that they were different, but to actually be different from the corrupt Labour/Tory shower that have run Scotland previously.

Now with Salmond running around now just like the leaders of the Labour/Lib-Dems and Tories wanting to get government control over the press I wonder whether he is being blackmailed or is under the control of the same BANKERS and GLOBALISTS that control all of those other political parties and the unions

Why do I think that Salmond and the SNP could be getting blackmailed? Well the SNP was involved in major fraud against the tax-payer when they set up a company called Independence Merchandising in 2000 with the aim of laundering hundreds of thousands of pounds of MSPs expenses into their party funds. Here is the details of this company:

Each MSP would put through an initial invoice for the set-up of this company and then regular payments for ficticious information such as this example:

This is scam and infighting around it is what led to Alex Salmond standing down as leader in 2000 and as you can see above this company was quickly closed down by the party. Because of the fraud, perjury and backstabbing by Councillor, now MSP, Derek MacKay and his cronies here in Renfrewshire at that time - I was thrown out of the party for calling him scum for what they were up to and they lost all of their decent members then also - I reported the above SNP scam to Lothian & Borders police who after a period of silence on the matter said that they and the CPS were not interested as there was lack of evidence. Funny how I could get, and have, the evidence. I have just put a complaint in against the Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police and his force regarding not investigating, and perverting the course of justice, regarding fraud by SNP councillors here in Renfrewshire Council but that is another post.

Is the corrupt CPS using the above to blackmail Salmond and the SNP? The silence and lack of action with regard to the Hollie Greig and Dunblane shooting paedophilia cases makes me think that they are. The members of the other parties I know would disgracefully rather protect paedophiles within their parties than expose what their wee cult parties have been involved in covering up because their parties are guilty of this - the CPS have been using tax-payers money to cover up the guilty in the Hollie Greig case so is this the reason for Salmond and the SNPs lack of action? Either that or they are just as controlled as the Lib/Lab/Cons are! Why does Salmond and the SNP want to drag Scotland into the EU to be in the same state as Ireland etc instead of out of the EU to be more like Iceland and tell the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS where to go? Why the sudden urge to join the corrupt NATO (Gladio, Madrid Bombings, London Bombings etc)? Why do they want to carry on with the same corrupt banking system? Why does he want to get government control of the press? Here is a excellent video regarding the corrupt Levinson inquiry and this issue:

As Patrick says in the video the government, police, judiciary already have all the powers they need without government control of the press but they do not use them. There is an agenda at work here! Is the SNP being blackmailed - Or are they controlled like all the other parties?

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