Friday, 7 December 2012

The End Of Britain Is Imminent! Will The Loonies Take The Planet With It?

Here is some excellent videos that show how bad things really are with the state of Britain and how close we are to the financial meltdown that has hit the other countries in the EU only Britain is in a worst state than ANY country with the exception of Ireland - if you add in the hidden figures such as the pensions deficits, PFI etc we are probably much worst - and equal to Japan. Of course Ireland's economy has already collapsed and Britain is just about to and this a DELIBERATE act by ALL the political parties as you can see in these videos. Of course all of you who are awake and know what is going on will know that it is the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS that control ALL the political parties who are carrying out their masters agenda to bring down ALL the countries in order to bring in their NEW WORLD ORDER - A One World Government with a One World Bank and a One World Currency with them the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS in control and everyone else as their personal slaves - that is until they wipe 95% of us out leaving them with the planet for themselves.

The excellent Max Keiser as per the previous video who has been telling everyone what has been going to happen for decades now with 100% accuracy in the next video saying exactly the same thing about the imminent collapse of Britain:

Here the brilliant Gerald Celente another who has been accurately saying what is going to happen decades before it does being interviewed by Alex Jones about the EXACT same agendas being used to bring down the US and EVERY other country with BANKERS being put in charge of countries by their corrupt political puppets that control ALL of these political parties and governments in EVERY country: 

Of course our controlled and corrupt governments with the support of their controlled and corrupt opposition parties are now building up to what will probably be World War 3 with their usual dishonest and illegal lies and propoganda with Syria in the firing line now as they follow their masters orders. The fact that this is going to enslave or even destroy their own families along with the planet shows how stupid these little puppets are. The end of Britain is imminent! Will the loonies take the planet with it?

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