Saturday, 19 January 2013

Better Together Ha! Ha! Ha! Independence Ha! Ha! Ha! Why? How? When We Are All Slaves To The Bankers!

Got to laugh at all the people arguing their wee corners about how we are better off being dependent on the corrupt UK with it's corrupt legal and financial systems or how we are better off getting independence and being part of our own corrupt legal and financial systems. The fact is these systems were set up by the BANKERS with the help of their corrupt puppets in the political parties to make slaves of us the people and to make sure that most of the money goes to THEM. Every thing that is happening just now is deliberate with the help of ALL the political parties. It is all a huge big scam.

Many of you are going through, or know relatives, friends etc that are going through the ATOS scam like myself - that is what it is a scam - just like the law and financial system scams. I have just sent off the following letter regarding my assessment (again) that they keep changing the rules and "law" on to get the results that they want and NOTHING to do with peoples health. What sort of "health professionals" is it that are desperate to take a job in that place?

With regard to your letter about my assessment for Employment and Support Allowance dated 08 January 2013 I would like you to look at the decision again for the following reasons:

1: The assessment has nothing to do with my, or anyone else's, health but is part of a scam set up by corrupt politicians. These questions have nothing to do with the reality of what I, and anyone else, can and cannot do and the “clinical assessment” and “observed behaviour” OPINION of a NURSE who has created an entirely dishonest account of my health and everyday circumstances as a result of these. Someone with nothing wrong with them would get no points so how can I with my medical history get no points. The Department for Work and Pensions already has all the details about my health from many previous assessments including the previous dishonest assessment of the 21 October 2011. The DWP has the First-Tier Tribunal Decision Notice – Ref. No. SC897/12/00656 of the 25 May 2012 regarding my appeal with the TRUE facts regarding this matter.

2: These assessments and everything to do with them have nothing to do with the law. They are to do with Statute. The country is being run illegally under Admiralty Law instead of Common Law with the connivance of corrupt politicians and political parties etc. and as a result the people undergoing these are being dishonestly conned with regard to this matter as is everyone else who are being conned into having to pay income tax, council tax – in fact ALL taxes etc. which are mostly going to the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS who set up this system and who control ALL of the political parties AND the unions and the press and TV. The people are being dishonestly conned into taking part in this entire system.

3: These assessments are part of the scam by the politicians and political parties to bankrupt the country on behalf of the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS. Everything the politicians and political parties are doing just now is to do with making EVERYONE worst of with this DEBT scam. They are deliberately cutting everything and raising taxes and prices. They are deliberately trashing jobs etc. The GOVERNMENT prints the money so there should be NO debt – There should be NO tax as a result. The BANKERS have set up this corrupt system where we have to borrow from, and pay interest to, THEM every time we print our OWN money – The Bank Of England like ALL Central Banks belongs to the Rothschild's. These BANKERS have done absolutely NOTHING to earn ANY of this “DEBT”. The politicians and political parties claim we owe the BANKERS trillions of pounds yet the Icelandic people told the BANKERS they were getting NOTHING. All of these Islamic countries we are invading just now have all got one thing in common – They do not have this DEBT/INTEREST run by the BANKERS system we have but they do have when we have finished with them – ALL on behalf of these BANKERS. People who buy a house are paying for at least three because they are being robbed by these BANKERS who charge all this which used to be, and still should be,  ILLEGAL, interest on money that does not exist to start with. The same goes for interest on anything – it is a SCAM.

4: These assessments are also part of the UN Agenda 21 scam set up by the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS as part of their plan for their New World Order – A One World Government with a One World Bank and a One World Currency with a One World Army with them the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS in CONTROL. No-one is going to be allowed private property, pets etc. and everyone is going to be moved into the cities. That is why they are crashing all the countries economies at the moment with the help of their corrupt puppets in the governments and ALL the political parties that they control. Their aim is to get rid of 95% of the worlds population in the next 30 years down to 500,000 million who will be slaves to these ILLUMINATI blood relatives who control everything just now. They have already started on this with starving the poor and letting pensioners die of cold, starving the old in hospitals, putting GMO in food, ASPARTAME in drinks, poisonous FLOURIDE from Aluminium Smelter chimneys into toothpaste and water and Mercury and other poisons in vaccinations etc. Our governments and political parties have signed up to ALL of this and this assessment is just a part of this. 9/11 was the start of all this and the Labour government was involved in the 7/7 London Bombings as their part in this and the Tory/Lib-Dem government is carrying on with this with their continuing covering up for this atrocity and their continuing involvement in invading these other countries. This will all be going to happen as soon as the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS political puppets in the US have disarmed the American people.

As this assessment is a scam and NOTHING to do with my health I will be appealing this all the way up to the EU Court Of Human Rights with regard to all of the above. Being ill does not mean you stop thinking but gives you more time to see what is really going on.

See how they handle this? Anyone else who is awake and wants to use this as well go ahead.

Proof that you are a slave and that the country has been LAWLESS for hundreds of years in the following video where John explains and shows exellently these facts:

The following video also shows these facts and how the BANKERS were gloating in a letter when they were setting up the same illegal admiralty law system in the US that theywould make a fortune out of the people as unwitting slaves:

Want proof of what the BANKERS have in store watch this interview with a man who was friends with one of the Rockerfellers:

Here is what is already happening and in store for you and your kids with regard to UN AGENDA 21:

ANYONE who thinks that we are going to be ANY better off independent with ANY political party and ANYONE who wants to STAY part of the CORRUPT UK and it's CORRUPT legal and financial systems and political parties is off their head. I'll be posting more about the banking system in a future post. We should ALL be working together to defeat the CORRUPT political parties, law and financial systems then we would ALL be better off.

Better Together Ha! Ha! Ha! Independence Ha! Ha! Ha! Why? How? When We Are All Slaves To The Bankers!


Anonymous said...

Once they read that they will section you.

Billy Carlin said...

Why is that - because it IS true or because you don't believe it is true?

The country is LAWLESS and has been for hundreds of years as is shown in the videos and the crooks are just making things up as they go along with the help of their political puppets.

And if you do not believe it then you are the same as the people who denied what was happening under Hitler,Stalin etc when they came to power until it was too late.