Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nothing Exists Outside Your Head! We Are All One Consciousness! Time To Care About Each Other And Not THINGS And People That Do Not Exist!

Do you realise that you, me and everything outside of your brain does NOT exist? Well if you watch the following amazing videos you will realise that we live in an illusion - A Holographic Universe - Where we are all part of the SAME consciousness where each and every one of us is just having an individual experience. After watching them you will see how we have been conned into wanting and concentrating on THINGS that do NOT exist instead of caring about each other. We have been deliberately kept from knowing this fact and the power that each of us has to create the existence you want and not have to live the false illusion given to us by the elite. You do not die all being a part of the same consciousness that makes up the entire universe - that is what psychics tap into when they contact someone who has died. The ancient peoples knew all of this and that is why Buddhists will not kill any living thing as they are all just a part of this same consciousness also - plants DO react to what we are thinking - Amazingly water reacts in different ways to different words as well.

The other four episodes of this video can be watched HERE

Another excellent video regarding all of this :

This excellent video also shows that the ancients knew about all of this and shows that they could use anti-gravity to move huge stones etc and how this knowledge has been kept from us - I will put  link to the ending as soon as it has been uploaded:

This excellent video by David Icke might be 7 hours long but it is worth it to show all you negative, scared, people just why YOU have the POWER within yourselves to create the world that YOU want and why we should ALL stop worrying about things that do not matter and do NOT exist:

Things are changing now and millions of people all over the world are "waking" up to how we have been kept in ignorance to all this as slaves to the elite because the Earth's vibrations are increasing so awakening our consciousness. We are all ONE so we should be getting together to make a better world for ourselves, our kids and all living things on the planet - there is no left/right, black/white/yellow/gay/normal people. You are not better than anyone else because you have more THINGS/Money that do not exist than someone else. There are NO countries. There are starving in the world, poor in the world, wars in the world because ALL of you negative, scared people concentrating on THINGS let it happen. Watch the videos become positive and lets ALL get together as human beings to change this world for the sake of the kids that will be left a dire future if we don't.

Nothing Exists Outside Your Head! We Are All One Consciousness! Time To Care About Each Other And Not THINGS And People That Do Not Exist!

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