Thursday, 21 February 2013

THEY Want YOU Dead! A Politician Who ACTUALLY Knows What Is Going On - Of Course She Is INDEPENDENT! Absolutely NO Independence For Scotland Or The UK Or ANY Country!

Oh Dear! While our politicians, like just about every other country's, have not got a clue as to what is really going on here in the following video we have an Australian politician, of course she is not a member of any BANKER controlled political party, who is very aware of what the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS have in store for Australia and the rest of us. Watch to see what is in store for YOU and YOUR families, friends and countries:

Here is an excellent documentary about the people behind this - The Bilderberg Group. Quite a few of our corrupt politicians have been committing TREASON against this country and its people by being a member of and carrying out the agenda of this group against the best interests of the people. Blair, Brown and Cameron and Kenneth Clarke of the present government to name a few. Clarke is behind the bid at present to bring in secret courts supposidly against "terrorists" but in reality will be used against people who are exposing the corrupt and treasonous goings on of the politicians - This is the kind of stuff you got in East Germany, the Soviet Union, China etc:

Another excellent documentary about the Bilderberg Group the people that REALLY run our countries. The Anti-Defamation League interviewed in this are actually funded by some of the people in the Bilderberg Group so you can see how biased they are:

Meanwhile we have all the blinkered people from the BANKER controlled political party cults and their equally blinkered supporters all busy arguing away with each other about being better together in the UK or independent in Europe when in fact there are NOT going to be ANY independent countries and that their BANKER controlled political parties are shepherding them towards this One World Government and the ultimate extinction of them, their families, friends and 90% of the rest of worlds population and those that survive will be serfs to the elite - Only those of the elite bloodline will be the masters and in control. Here you can see a bit of what they have planned for the regionalisation of the UK in the EU part of their world government:

Time to wake up and highlight the REAL issues and threats to the people of this country and the world right now instead of arguing over things that are NOT going to happen. The Elite have spent centuries dividing people to keep them from realising what is REALLY going on. It is them that have been causing all the wars to not only gain out of it financially but also to consolidate their power and sneakily guide everything towards their aim of world government ruled by THEM. Time to put a stop to all of this!

THEY Want YOU Dead! A Politician Who ACTUALLY Knows What Is Going On - Of course She Is INDEPENDENT! Absolutely NO Independence For Scotland OR The UK or ANY Country!

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