Thursday, 28 November 2013

What A Disgustingly Sick Society - It's All YOUR Fault! You Either Want To Continue To Be Sick And Selfish Like The Few Elites Who Control YOU! Or You Want To Make This A Better World For All Of Us?

What a disgustingly sick society this is. Thousands of pensioners dying in this country every year because they cannot afford to heat their homes, soup kitchens and food banks because people cannot afford to feed themselves, pensioners being starved to death deliberately in our hospitals because "we" cannot afford to care for them, care for our disabled being slashed all over the place, prices going up and up with our government fiddling the figures as usual to pretend differently, wages going down and being squeezed by the falling value of our money, no jobs especially decent jobs for our kids and everyone else, hundreds of thousands of kids disappearing in the UK every year and a massive paedophilia problem, massive drink and drug problems, millions in the third world dying of starvation, millions being killed in wars funded by YOU including our troops because of lies by our politicians, massive fraud by our politicians and bankers etc etc etc and whose fault is all of this? YOURS!

That's right! - Yes YOU who moan and complain about the state of everything above and more. Every single one of YOU who care more about imaginary people in soaps or people who do not matter in Big Brother, football teams, pop groups etc none of which actually make any difference to YOU or anyone else's life. YOU who care more for all of your worthless tat than you do of actual people and every other living thing - Yes YOU who only know and believe what your TV, Newspapers and corrupt lying political parties tell YOU - That's right YOU who think that these politicians, of ANY party, actually give a toss about YOU just like YOU don't give a toss about anyone else!

There are four types of people in the world just now - The 0.1% who are ripping the rest of us off and who are conning everyone and have stolen 99.9% of our wealth - There are people like ME who know what they are up to and trying to do something about it - There are people like ME who know what is really going on but do nothing and who stupidly just hope it will all go away - And there are the people like YOU who are too lazy to find out what is really going on are happy to accept the crumbs and live in this sick society as long as YOU are okay.

And yet YOU are the ones who say YOU are sick of listening to the likes of people like ME  who are having to live in this sick society created by YOU!

Everything that is happening is deliberate and the few people behind it all are depending on YOU - It is YOU that are making these few people rich and powerful. These few people control ALL of the political parties, TV and Newspapers etc and they control all of this through the money ILLUSION - That's right money does NOT actually exist and YOU all worship it but that is a post for another day. The following is an excellent documentary about how they have done this and although it mostly deals with the US it does mention the FACT that we have been in this slavery system a lot longer although they do not mention how it all goes back millennia to the Vatican and Cestui Que Vie trusts etc that they enslaved us with then as per the Santos Bonacci video a couple of posts back - The other videos on that post PROVE all of this as well. Of course the choice is whether you can spend three and a half hours empowering YOURSELF with this or keeping YOURSELF ignorant and easily conned by spending the same time watching the imaginary rubbish above:

Like I said above there is a mass awakening of people happening in the world now helped by the internet that makes it easier for people all over the world to communicate and harder for the corrupt governments etc to hide things now and because of this more and more people are becoming aware of how our legal systems, governments and banking systems are unlawful and corrupt and are in fact a HUGE slavery system. The excellent news is that this system is collapsing and people are challenging it all over the world. As a part of this three lawyers along with people on the inside of the system did an investigation of these corrupt banks etc, formed a trust for the people of the planet called the OPPT - the One People's Public Trust and at the end of December 2012 had legally Foreclosed ALL Governments and Banks in the world and at the beginning of 2013 had wiped out ALL debts. More details of these Government and Bank FORECLOSURES and links to where you can download all of the documents relating to this can be found HERE.

The following Public Notice is included among the documents - Click on the image to enlarge them:

Now you will all notice the silence of our Governments, Political Parties, Press and TV etc to this news. The people being freed from slavery and debt - They ALL know about this but it would be an admittance of their involvement in all of this and how much they are ALL controlled by so few people. I sent the following letter recorded delivery to David Cameron the UK Prime Minister and I have emailed the same questions to Alex Salmond the Scottish First Minister on the same date:

Will these people answer these questions? To date (28/11/13) only Alex Salmond's office (Ref : 2013/0027838) has acknowledged my letter. The fact that our governments have carried on up to now as if nothing has changed means they will either ignore this or come back with some waffle that it does not matter meaning they are going to carry on and act even more unlawfully and corruptly than they did before - Our political parties are carrying on with the these Bankers and Elites AGENDA for a One World Government and they are relying on YOUR ignorance of all this. The fact is more than 500 million people and rising are now aware of these FORECLOSURES and have been getting the information from the OPPT site.

While people like YOU are doing nothing but help to keep this sick society going there are millions of people all over the world getting together to change this corrupt system to a better one where EVERYONE works together for the benefit of EVERYONE else - here are people from South Africa who are now working together, some of whom are lawyers who would rather give up the ILLUSION of money, to explain about these OPPT Foreclosures to others in order to spread the word there and to get everyone there working together towards a better society:

There are plenty of online news sites telling YOU exactly what is going on instead of the LIES and DRIVEL that they are feeding YOU on the mainstream TV news and newspapers. Keep watching them if YOU are happy to be fed LIES and DRIVEL and if YOU think I am talking rubbish about this then just watch the interviews with Dr Judy Wood in the ALL THE 911 EVIDENCE IS HERE side bar that shows how much they lie to YOU. Here is a link to an excellent online news site UK Column Live that exposes what these people and our corrupt politicians are up to

Nothing is ever going to change because of YOU! Only by EVERYONE working TOGETHER for the benefit of EVERYONE will we get a better society. The first step to achieving this is for YOU and EVERYONE else knowing what is going on. Everyone has been divided by these few Elites by their religions, political parties, political charities etc etc etc and by corruption to keep us ALL from getting together and realising that it is THEM and their corrupt MONEY and LEGAL systems that is causing ALL the problems and keeping US from creating a better world for all of US and YOUR kids. If You are not interested or think you can just ignore it that it will all go away then just YOU wait and see what THEY have planned for YOU if THEY get away with THEIR agenda.

What A Disgustingly Sick Society - It's All YOUR Fault! You Either Want To Continue To Be Sick And Selfish Like The Few Elites That Control YOU! Or You Want To Make This A Better World For All Of Us?

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