Thursday, 13 February 2014

Scottish Government, Police and Judiciary Continue Their Cover Up Of Paedophilia In Scotland. Robert Green Arrested Again By The Corrupt Aberdeen Police!

The continuing cover-up of the Hollie Greig Paedophile scandal in Scotland continued today with the arrest again of Robert Green the whistleblower and campaigner for those involved in the abuse of this downs syndrome girl to be brought to justice. Hollie Greig was found to have been abused and actually got compensation for her abuse but Grampian Police did NOT interview ANY of the 22 people that were named in this case plus they did NOT investigate the other 7 victims that were named as being abused either.

Now it is a strange co-incidence that Robert Green is being arrested again when the pressure is on the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond who has ignored TWICE requests by the Information Commissioner to reveal details to Robert when and what he knew about this paedophile scandal. And when the pressure is on the Chief Constable Steven House who Robert has requested information on just when the police will take action to investigate rape and paedophilia especially in the case of Hollie when the evidence is there - Got to laugh when this man is made a Sir for services to policing when his force could not investigate or are not being allowed to investigate cases such as this and fraud here in Renfrewshire Council and they can have officers out every day unlawfully defrauding motorists who have committed NO crimes. Now what is Alex Salmond's excuse - is he a member of the paedophile Masons? Or is he and his party being blackmailed into covering this up because of his involvement in the SNP setting up a company to rip-off the tax payers of hundreds of thousands of pounds as per a previous post about this scam which led to his resignation the first time as SNP leader - Now just WHO decided this was not in the public interest and WHY?

Now if you go to Robert Greens site at the link below you will see that a woman that seems to be central to this entire case - is using the legal system as her private toy - of course she nor the Scottish Government will reveal if it is YOU that is paying for all of this - her first complaint being one that should have been a case of her taking Robert Green to court privately if she felt slandered instead of her corrupt private use of the police and public court system with the aid of a corrupt sheriff to deny justice to Robert Green and give out a corrupt sentence that they wanted instead of one based on justice and which the police are now using against Robert Green in order again to cover up this scandal.

The corrupt politicians, police and judiciary are out of control and just doing as they wish using YOUR money and ignoring the law to protect their fellow paedophile masons in this case because it is just the tip of the iceberg as paedophilia is rife among the politicians, judiciary and in the higher echelons of the police etc. You will notice that in the Jimmy Savile case the lack of anyone above celebrity level being brought to justice for their involvement in his activities and yet that is where most of the people involved with his activities all the way up to royalty are. Yes for all of those who think that it is just the Catholic Church that is rife with paedophiles there is no difference between them and organisations such as the Masons as they are all controlled by the same people with organisations such as the Masons there to recruit the useful idiots to carry out the agendas of the Elites at the expense of their fellow man - the top of all of these corrupt organisations is the Vatican.

ALL of the political parties are involved in covering up this paedophile scandal and not just the SNP as the Labour/Lib-Dem parties were covering this up when they were in power and ALL the parties are involved in the cover-up of the Dunblane Shootings which was all about paedophilia and involved politicians and others higher up - the reason for them putting a 100 year secrecy order on a shooting that was NOTHING to do with National Security simply to cover up for these paedophiles. These are the folk you vote for!

Watch the report on Robert Greens arrest here on the excellent UK Column Live online news programme:

Go to Robert Greens site to get all of the information on the corruption and cover-up going on with regard to the Scottish Government and legal profession, police etc with regard to this case CLICK HERE

All of you people who think that Scotland is going to be independent soon, or the UK for that matter, should watch this as well as what they report about this matter IS what the "independence" agenda is all about - there is NOT going to be any independent countries soon if these FEW people get their way - that is why they are letting anyone into the countries to dilute them and get rid of them and ALL of the political parties are involved in this because they are ALL controlled. That is why they all say one thing all the time and do the opposite when they get into power. Time to ban ALL of the political parties!

Scottish Government, Police and Judiciary Continue Their Cover Up Of Paedophilia In Scotland. Robert Green Arrested Again By The Corrupt Aberdeen Police!

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