Monday, 30 June 2014

Lee Rigby Soldier Murder Hoax Exposed! Chris Spivey Site Blocked By Government To Stop The Names Of Those Involved Getting Out! Here Is The Link!

I would say that this is bombshell news but it is not to all of us people who actually research things for ourselves and do not waste our time and intelligence by sitting glued to DRIVEL on the TV or reading DRIVEL in newspapers etc and as all of you people in this situation know and like what is happening to Chris Spivey get slagged off or threatened by these lazy ignorant people or called "conspiracy theorists" etc by these people who are so dangerous that they actually go out and vote for the very political parties involved in all of this FAKE terrorism and all of the rest of the corrupt treasonous things including the fake debt austerity scam that every one of these controlled parties are involved in.

Now - type that into Google and see for yourself - has been blocked by Google on behalf of our government because he has been exposing this SCAM which was FAKED by this Tory/Lib-Dem government carrying on the FAKE terrorism narrative started by the Labour party with their involvement in the 7/7 London Bombings.  

Here is the link to Chris Spivey's site where he is exposing this HOAX Save the link in your favourites so that you can get to it past the blocking - You will find it slow to load because they are trying to choke the site plus the fact thousands more people are hitting his site to see the facts for themselves every day.

This entire scam was another FALSE FLAG event in order to stir up hatred in this country against the Muslims just like they are doing every day by their STORIES blaming the sick, disabled, unemployed, pensioners etc for the state of the economy and all of the FAKE debt and the austerity SCAM to take the blame away from the REAL culprits the Government, political parties and the people that control them the Elite Bankers, Royalty and Vatican who are the ones who are stealing ALL of the peoples money, assets and resources on this planet. These Elites are doing this along with the connivance of their political party puppets in order to take away YOUR freedoms and reinforce the police state that they are building. They are attempting to get the people to riot and fight each other to give them the excuse to bring in this police state much quicker and they have now created the FAKE new Islamic terrorists ISIS (Google ISIS hoax) to aid in this and as a scam excuse to start another war in the middle east since the UK and US government were stopped from bombing Syria the last time with their FAKE chemical attack SCAM. We would have been in WW3 and probably been wiped out by now if all of these people in the world who do do their research did not stop the UK and US governments from bombing Syria whilst these lazy ignorant people would just have let it all happen. There is a dictatorship building in this world led by the UK and US - Building their New World Order on behalf of these Elites.

Now people if someone tells you that you are being conned, ripped off etc you are supposed to engage your brain and go and check it out - look at the EVIDENCE and RESEARCH to find the TRUTH for yourself - Do not just believe what you are told - Unlike the people who get all of their "news" and "knowledge" from the TV and Newspapers etc and certainly unlike like the few people left in the political parties who think that they are more aware of what is going on than everyone else. Of course the usual reaction of these lazy ignorant people is to get angry with, attack or threaten the person telling them what is going on just like is happening with Chris just now, which all of us who know what is going on can relate to, and yet these lazy ignorant people will blame everyone but themselves for everything that is happening in the country and world because the people doing it all are getting away with it because of THEIR ignorance. The biggest joke is is that Chris and the rest of us care about these lazy ignorant peoples kids future more than they do letting these Elites decide what their kids future or no future more like is going to be - Not being interested or doing nothing means you CONSENT to what they are doing and also means that you do not care about anyone else either.

Of course this is all rubbish to the lazy ignorant people who do no research of their own and this world is never going to change unless we all get together to change things by working together, by caring for each other, every other living thing and the planet. If you all think that these corrupt controlled political parties are going to make a difference then you are all in for a nasty surprise - There are two types of people in this world the people who stand up for themselves without fear and the gutless wonders - time for you all to grow a pair - it's not as if you have to actually go and fight physically - these crooks in the government, judiciary, police etc work for YOU not the other way round and it is time to stand up like the people of Iceland and jail all of the crooked politicians, bankers etc involved in all of this fraud, paedophilia, murder , wars and genocide that they are causing in this country and abroad. 

There is plenty of money to do everything in this country if our crooked politicians were not printing OUR money and giving it away to these Elite Private Bankers for FREE in exchange for massive debt PLUS interest - our government should be looking after our troops instead of them having to rely on charity - too many people are working away for their charities not realising that they are just scams laundering money away for crooked politicians and businessmen - Go research the Red Nose Day Charity scam for one.

ALL the EVIDENCE that you need that shows all of the following to be FALSE FLAG scams with the American ones all to do with disarming the people in order to bring in this Elites dictatorship.

An excellent video showing the Lee Rigby SCAM:

Excellent video showing the Sandy Hook SCAM with all of the EVIDENCE you need to show how they are all just actors and that no one was killed plus these crooked fake families are raking in the money with their charities from the gullible people taken in by this just like they are with the Lee Rigby SCAM:

This video about Sandy Hook exposes the COMPANIES these FAKE families worked for in the Sandy Hook SCAM:

Three excellent videos that prove the Boston Bombings to have been a huge SCAM again all done with actors and NO victims:

An excellent link that also shows up these bombings to be FAKE CLICK HERE

Two videos that prove the Aurora Batman Shootings to be a huge SCAM:

Two excellent links that show that the Westgate Shopping Mall attacks in Kenya was also a SCAM CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

And finally two videos of Richard D Hall interviewing Tony Farrell who was a Police Intelligence Analyst who was sacked from his job because he refused to put out government lies with regard to terrorism when he researched all of the evidence and his analysis proved that it was the government that was behind it all - Conspiracy Theories eh? Says the ignorant:

Plenty more EVIDENCE on the web to show that the UK and US governments, and others, are behind all of these terrorist events and SCAMS against their own people - Google Operation Gladio about the corrupt controlled NATO who are also reported to be behind the 7/7 and Madrid bombings.

Lee Rigby Soldier Murder Hoax Exposed! Chris Spivey Site Blocked By Government To Stop The Names Of Those Involved Getting Out! Here Is The Link!


Anonymous said...

-quote-Not being interested or doing nothing means you CONSENT to what they are doing and also means that you do not care about anyone else either.-end quote-

Really? you sound like walker bush, i said fuck off then and i say it now: fuck off!

There are more then these 2 options.


Anonymous said...

typical responce from a shitbag.

Billy Carlin said...

The difference is dickhead Bush was saying it to get the sheeple to back him in his war scams off the back of 9/11 that he was involved in.

I'm saying it because I want the people to go and research things for themselves so that they have the knowledge not to get conned by scum like Bush saying it to justify their corrupt wars etc.

It is not a Bush saying - it is a Roman Law and you sound like the type of person that they want someone who would start rioting in the streets etc to give them the excuse that they need to sent in the armed police and troops to bring in their dictatorship quicker - people need the knowledge to know what is going on first and then they need to get together peacefully to opt out of their system and set up a better one for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Chris's article Billy and keep an eye out there is MUCH more to come from the Big Man!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hiya Billy,

First time visiting your site which I just came across today through google whilst trying to find out what has happened to Chris Spivey's web-site after yesterday's fiasco in court. Looks like the 'Powers' have finally pulled the plug on Chris after all he has done trying to help highlight the corruption that's adversely affecting everyone of us. I doubt it would've made any difference at all no matter how many turned up at court. Take Tom Crawford as an example. Hundreds of folks showed up, on two separate occasions, in support of the family but they were still evicted from their home.
If anyone reading this is in touch with Chris then please pass on best wishes to him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Definitely think there is something weird going on with Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates – these are public records. It is easier to find someone born in 1880 than anything relevant to Lee Rigby. Now as Mr Spivey has been found guilty of harrassment by the Rigby family – by contacting them through facebook – I get friend requests all the time – I do not class that as harrassment. If a relative of mine had been murdered and someone on the internet decided to write a piece about it and I was accusing them of harrassment I would have attended that Court with a birth/marriage and death certificate to prove that the person did in fact exist. I don’t know whether Lee Rigby did or did not exist but I do find it rather odd that the family did not turn up at the Court case with this evidence.