Friday, 13 June 2014

Timothy Rustige Needs YOUR Help! Sign The Petition - Pass It On And Help Beat These Corrupt Scum! You Get The World You Deserve And At Least Some Of Us Want A Better One!

Well the Hollie Greig cover up and the jailing of  the pensioners Robert Green and Timothy Rustige saga continues with Robert out on bail and practically under house arrest down at his home in England until his trial all under this corrupt "legal" instead of LAWFUL system and Timothy as per the previous post moved to the Barlinnie prison in Glasgow because of the, unreported it seems, riot in the brand new prison at Peterhead - Then again they are trying to make out that the prisoners are getting 5 star food compared to the dross they are serving in hospitals so they mustn't expose their wee lies that keep you all arguing over the DRIVEL instead of what is really going on, and who is really responsible, for everything that is happening in this world - the Elites with their puppet political parties and politicians.
Now for those who can drag their way from being brainwashed by their CORRUPT and CONTROLLED TV or Newspapers - Totally silent on the Hollie Greig, Robert Green and Timothy Rustige cases - spare a MINUTE of your time by helping Timothy to help to get him out of prison by signing the following petition:
Now Timothy was jailed like Robert Green in order to try and shut them up as they were trying to expose the cover up of the abuse of a paedophile ring against the Downs Syndrome girl Hollie Greig as per the previous posts and the involvement of the former disgraced Lord Advocate of Scotland in this and her, and our SNP Scottish Governments, use of hundreds of thousands of pounds of YOUR money for what should have been private slander actions if she was innocent of what Robert and Timothy were exposing - plus these cases against Robert and Timothy were nothing to do with the police, Crown Office or CORRUPT Scottish government - both this SNP administration and the previous Labour/Lib Dem one apart from their agenda to keep this covered up. 
Timothy’s early release date should have been the 3rd June 2014 but because of the the riot at Peterhead prison, which he was not involved in, his  early release process has been stopped with his transfer to Barlinnie prison. Timothy is not in very good health and the strain of being in prison, especially that dump of a prison, is not doing him any good being locked up 23 hours per day and it is a joke that prisoners who had been at Peterhead with him, and in fact had been guilty of criminal activity, have been given their early release papers even though they had been jailed after him.  Just like the case of Robert Green the corrupt scum in the Scottish Government and Crown Office are unlawfully interfering in this process which is in the remit of the Scottish Prison Service to pile more misery on Timothy and keep him in and stop him from continuing to expose this cover up which is related to all of the other corruption that our Government, Political Parties, Judicial System and Police etc are up to.
Timothy Rustige Needs YOUR Help! Sign The Petition - Pass It On And Help Beat These Corrupt Scum! You Get The World You Deserve And At Least Some Of Us Want A Better One!

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Anonymous said...

Signed and distributed.

Justice for Timothy Rustige. Wake up people, it could be you who gets thrown in jail next.

Stand up and unite for JUSTICE.