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Jesus, Hitler And The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz! The Brexit And Scottish Independence SCAM! The Simple Solution to The Debt And Austerity SCAM! Jail The Bankers And Politicians! Iceland Did It - So Can We!

Here we are over a year since my last post and in the most dangerous time for humanity as the Elites make a rush towards their New World Order - One World Government DICTATORSHIP. They are sneakily trying to bring this in by drowning the countries they control in debt and by demonising the leaders of the countries they do not control as tyrants or are full of "terrorists" in order to go in and remove them and put in their own puppets. Of course the arms companies and private companies who rebuild these countries after we have smashed them make a fortune while this is going on at the expense of the hard-pressed tax payers of the countries funding all of this, the US, UK etc. Funny co-incidence that all the countries that our corrupt controlled governments are targetting are not part of our Debt/Austerity Banking SCAM - These were the Muslim countries - only two to go now Syria and Iran - and the other countries that have wars going on in them just now plus Russia which just happens to have cleared its debt and which our corrupt controlled governments are encircling with their equally corrupt and controlled NATO (Google Operation Gladio) while spreading lies saying that it is Russia that wants to invade and take over other countries. Like I said above this is a very dangerous time as this could and probably will lead to WW3 and the end for us all if this is not stopped as exposed here by Dr Paul Craig Roberts (who served in President Reagans government in the 1980's) :

Now Russia has put a stop to and has been forcing these mercenary "terrorists" to retreat by bombing them and aiding the Syrian army after being invited in by the Syrian Government and of course this has brought on the usual lies and disinformation propaganda by our corrupt controlled governments and mainstream media such as the lies about the Syrian government using poison gas etc to try and garner support from the public again as an excuse to at the very least support the "good" terrorists or go in and support them with bombing which is in reality supporting ISIS. Of course millions of people are aware of all of this and put a stop to our corrupt controlled governments last attempt to fool the people into supporting us going into bombing "ISIS" in Syria when in reality it is the Syrian army they have been wanting to go in and bomb in SUPPORT of ISIS.

Now it is either that these US, UK backed terrorists that have killed real people in these "chemical" attacks or it is the usual fakery using CRISIS ACTORS  that our corrupt controlled mainstream media puts out these days as victims or rescuers in these "terrorist" attacks - funny how every "terrorist" attack has either an anti-terrorist drill going on just before it or while it is going on just like 9/11 and the 7/7 London Bombings had at that time - see 7/7 Ripple Effect documentary at the right hand side that exposes that this was happening DURING that "attack"at that time as did 9/11. In the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks real people did get killed but this created the problem of families wanting investigations into what and why these attacks happened so the TREASONOUS scum behind them have went over to using these CRISIS ACTORS in DRILLS being passed off as real. Yes that's right our mainstream media puts out a pack of lies most of the time and is why only 32% of the population (and falling) trusts what they say these days. Here is a German reporter Udo Ulfkotte who wrote a book exposing the fact that most news put out by the mainstream media is lies :

Now most of the people are so used to watching fakery on the tv that they cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is acting these days. They have been brainwashed into sitting taking in everything on their tv or in the newspaper without using CRITICAL THINKING - if it is on the tv or our government/politicians tells us it must be true/real so much so that when they see something like the following picture (that doesn't contain anything upsetting or horrific by the way) they do NOT question it and thus question the entire narrative that is being spun around it :

This is Jeff Baumann who has supposed to have had his legs blown off in the Boston Bombings terrorist attack - who was lying on the ground for at least 20 minutes after getting his legs "blown off" before they decided to put him on a wheelchair and wheel him quarter of a mile up the road to the FIRST AID tent. This guy would have been dead within a couple of minutes if this had been real only he was an amputee actor who had already lost his legs and has fake "damaged" oversized stumps that he is holding onto his own stumps in this photo. You don't even need to be a Doctor to see this and even a real Doctor has said that this guy is an actor at this link dr-stan-monteith exposes-jeff-bauman. For those who want to see how they carry out these FAKE terrorist attacks using CRISIS ACTORS just click on the Peekay Boston link at the right hand side where he totally exposes this HOAX and how they did it.

These Elites behind all of this are now ramping up their FAKE terrorism with the same old drivel time after time being played out in different countries with the exact same story and the people who watch or read the mainstream media fall for it every time - a truck attack in France and then another in Germany a couple of months later - a car attack in Melbourne Australia and then the exact same thing happening again in Westminster here in the UK - all FAKE and have been ripped apart and proven to be FAKE online. Here is how they did the Melbourne car attack and most of the people you see in this are CRISIS ACTORS being paid to take part in a DRILL :

The biggest laugh just now if it wasn't so serious is the Governments attempt along with the mainstream media to paint all of the internet sites and people who are exposing what they are up to (including all of their corruption) as fake news in order to try and shut these sites down. If they didn't have anything to hide or weren't telling lies then they would have nothing to worry about but the fact is more and more people are waking up all the time to their lies because these sites are exposing them and all of the other political parties etc as being the corrupt controlled organisations that they are. It is our governments and mainstream media that are putting out the FAKE news and here is a perfect example of this with the BBC and their involvement in 9/11 being exposed by announcing that Building 7 had collapsed 20 minutes BEFORE it actually did just "collapse" : 

Of course again the mainstream media is totally silent about Dr Judy Wood and her EVIDENCE that she used to take the US Government and over 20 US Companies all the way up to the Supreme Court for putting out LIES with regard to 9/11. Two of those companies were Directed Energy Weapons MANUFACTURERS who were "helping" the US Government "investigate" the "collapse" of the Twin Towers.

There were two main reasons for 9/11 and the first was a massive insurance job. The New York Authorities wanted rid of the Twin Towers because they were old and hard to let. They could NOT bring them down by conventional controlled demolition because they were built into a fragile concrete bathtub built into the river bed and if they did it  using this method or any type of explosives they would have smashed this bathtub when they hit the ground and flooded Lower Manhattan especially as the underground trains ran beneath the towers and would have flooded the entire network so they sold the Twin Towers Complex to Larry Silverstein who so fortuitously insured them against a terrorist attack - only he tried to claim for two saying it was two attacks by different planes even though the planes were totally FAKE as well. It would have cost billions to dismantle each of these towers so as Dr Judy Wood has proven they used these Directed Energy Weapons to turn most of the SEVEN buildings of the Twin Towers Complex to DUST - they did this to save the cost of that dismantling and also to save on the cost of having to take away millions of tons of steel and concrete etc as well. Because of the millions of people worldwide questioning 9/11 with more waking up all the time the US Government and mainstream media have done everything they can since 9/11 to put out DISINFO that it was Controlled Demolition/Nano-Thermite that was used that day rather than admit that there is FREE ENERGY out there that they are using for weapons instead of for the benefit of mankind and this planet. You can watch the TRUTH about 9/11 and FREE ENERGY in the following video and you can see video interviews of Dr Judy Wood and her EVIDENCE over at the right hand side of this site:

The other main reason for 9/11 was to start the totally FAKE war on terror that is being used as an excuse to go and bomb and invade all the countries that the Elites do not control through their corrupt debt slave central banking SCAM that I mentioned above. Here retired US General Wesley Clark exposed that agenda after 9/11 happened here :

This present attempt at taking over the entire planet and enslaving the people has been going on from at least the last two thousand years ever since the Romans put down the Jews in the Roman/Jewish War in 70AD. This was a fight between the Elites who created the Jewish religion and wrote the Old Testament (ripped off from Astrotheology) to control and enslave people and the Elites behind the Romans - the Piso/Flavian family who created Christianity and Jesus and who wrote the New Testament from 70AD onwards (also ripped off from Astrotheology). These Elites always created a new saviour for the beginning of a New Age of the Zodiac so the Piso family created Jesus to represent the Age of Pisces (The FISH) that had just started - Jesus means FISH hence all of the references to Fish, Fishing, Fishermen, Two Fish (PISCES) around him in the Bible and that is why his "birth" date was EXACTLY the start of that Age and why the Romans restarted the calendar from then. Moses was also created to represent the Age of Aries (the RAM) hence all the references to Rams Horns etc around him in the Bible and why he was having to fight against people who were still worshiping the Bull - TAURUS from the previous Age etc etc etc. The 12 Disciples were just simply the 12 Signs of the Zodiac as were the 12 Tribes of Israel etc. One thing that they do not teach in school or mention in the mainstream media is the FACT that according to the Jews the Romans killed 6 MILLION of them in that Roman/Jewish War as shown here in this magazine dated May 1897:

Funnily enough the schools and mainstream media are totally silent about the other many hundreds of times the Jews have claimed that 6 MILLION of them have been or were about to be killed by many other different countries published in many different newspapers between 1900 and 1944 in this ebook at this link here book.pdf Now there is a major reason for mentioning this here and it will become apparent later but suffice to say millions of people all over the world are blaming the Jews/Zionists for what is going on in the world just now, then again millions more are blaming the Elite Private Bankers, Royalty etc. Many people are complaining that Christianity is under attack, many more think that Islam is and others that the Jewish religion is etc but this is all part of the Elites plan as it was them who created all of the religions in the first place and control them and are using them as above in this totally FAKE terrorism to keep the people fighting each other while they carry out their agenda to bring in their NWO DICTATORSHIP. One of the major reasons they are in a hurry to bring in this NWO agenda is because they are also going to bring in a One World Religion and new saviour to represent the Age of Aquarius which has, or is just about to begin - Don't forget when Jesus was asked when he would return he said "To watch out for the Man Bearing the Pitcher of Water" and that is going to be LUCIFER to represent Aquarius. Jesus is the EXACT same story as the much older SUN GOD stories of Mithra, Krishna, Buddha, Osiris/Horus etc etc.

The reason I mention religion here apart from the FACT it has always been a part of this NWO agenda - the internet especially Youtube is full of "Christians" who know about all of this NWO agenda I have pointed out above but they keep commenting don't worry "Jesus" will be back to save them and humanity - instead of them actually doing things to save themselves here and now - exactly what religion was created to do - just wait until you die and you will be saved then the religions preach. Probably the first form of slavery and voluntary at that and just how much most of mankind has been enslaved by religion and especially the Roman Vatican through the Birth Certificate as exposed by Santos Bonacci in this video here :

And he also updates all of this in relation to our birth certificates in this video here:

As you can see with these videos you are a Bonded Debt Slave being traded on the Stock Exchange and where you own NOTHING - not even own your own name. Even the "legal" system is corrupt and based on deception and more and more people are waking up to this all over the world just like they are with all the other lies that they have been told so much so that anonymous groups of people have been paying to put up giant advertising hoardings all over the UK exposing the Legal Name Fraud as per this one that was one of many here in Paisley :

Parents all over the world in this Birth Cetificate SCAM have never realised that they handed over ownership of their children to their Government/Vatican but what they are even more ignorant of is the fact that they want to take over full ownership of their children with such sneaky underhand tactics known as the Named Person Scheme here in Scotland. There has been massive opposition to this in Scotland so much so that it was taken all the way to the Supeme Court where they recognised the agenda behind this scheme as per their judgement here :

 "The first thing that a totalitarian regime tries to do is get at the children, to distance them from the subversive, varied influences of their families, and indoctrinate them in their rulers view of the world." - UK Supreme Court 29th July 2016.

This scheme actually came from the United Nations and was first put forward by the last Labour/Lib-Dem Government in the Scottish Parliament and then was being vigorously being pushed by the present SNP Government who even after this judgement are still so eager to force this onto the parents of every child in this country. Because of the strong oppostion to this in Scotland the Tory Government in Westminster are now trying to sneak a similar scheme in under the radar in England.

That Supreme Court ruling is EXACTLY what the SNP and all of these other political parties are working towards. That is why when another party gets into power they carry on with the EXACT same policies and are working towards the same agenda. The SNP is lying about Independence just like every other party is lying about Brexit. The Elites know that the English people are against full integration with the EU and the Euro so the SNPs job here in Scotland is to get Scotland out of the UK and into the EU. The Tory Government is already forming England into 9 REGIONAL City States ready for when they make things even worst economy wise using this Debt/Austerity SCAM to then take England into the EU after which it will become the United States of Europe part of this NWO DICTATORSHIP. Scotland will be a REGION of that and England will be 9 REGIONS. This is why they are allowing free movement of people within the EU and bringing in all of these immigrants and refugees to get rid of countries and also to bring down the wages and conditions of the people in order to provide cheap labour for the Elites corporations and to make people even more dependent on the corrupt controlled governments - to enslave them even more.

As has being exposed on the UK Column News the Tory Government at Westminster is pretending we are coming out of the EU with Brexit while they are actually integrating things like the Military into the EU quietly behind the scenes - the same goes for the SNP leadership pretending that they are for Scottish Independence from the UK while at the same time wanting to take Scotland into the EU - some Independence that - out of the frying pan and into the fire. What these political parties do not tell you about is the NGOs that are funded as innocent charities in most of our countries used by these Elites to decide policies that THEY want imposed on our countries to suit THEIR agenda. Here is the excellent Ian R Crane with Mel Kelly exposing some of these and the FACT that Brexit and Scottish Independence is a massive SCAM :

Also here is Ian R Crane again exposing the Brexit and Scottish Independence SCAM in the EU Parliament this time where the MEPs, useless puppets as all our politicians usually are, are not allowed copies in any form of the TTIP "Trade Treaty" that is going to enslave our people even more in this NWO DICTATORSHIP Scam :

The main mechanism that these Elites and their puppets in the political parties have used to enslave the people through Debt Slavery is money. Money does NOT exist - only Debt exists in this corrupt system. The notes and coins in circulation only account for under 3% of all money and they are just pieces of worthless paper and metal. In the UK we owe the Private Bankers £13 TRILLION and the Governments share of that Debt is £1.7 TRILLION. Not one penny of most of the taxes you pay is going to pay for anything that is needing done in your Town, City or Country - your taxes are going to pay off this Government Debt to these Private Bankers etc who NEVER lent our Government a single penny of in the first place and all of these taxes cannot even meet the Interest Payments never mind the Debt. Basically what these Corrupt Controlled political parties have always been doing is giving away ALL of our money for FREE in exchange for this massive ever increasing Debt. This excellent video shows how money does not exist and how every penny in "existence" is just debt :

The biggest part of this Banking and Financial SCAM that enslaves the people is the Mortgage Ponzi Scheme SCAM where for decades the corrupt controlled political parties have been suckering more and more people into this Debt Slave SCAM where the Banks did NOT lend you a single penny to buy your house - You created the CREDIT and paid off your house when you signed the Mortgage and you were also conned again then by the Bank into paying for up to another THREE houses over the 25 years or so of your Mortgage. You then spend the rest of your life slogging your guts off to pay this DEBT and worried about losing your job in case you lose your house as things get worse and worse but thinking at least the value of your house is going up - again a huge SCAM. In fact because of all of this DEBT the value of your house is NOT going up - it is the value of money that is collapsing.

That is why both partners need to go out to work to pay their Mortgage now, why the wages kept having to go up to keep up with this and why the price of everything keeps on rising and is why the people in the other countries with far superior economies such as Germany who still actually make things the people will not get involved in the House Buying/Mortgage Ponzi Scheme SCAM. It is a major reason why all of the manufacturing jobs have been destroyed or have moved overseas because we cannot compete and why this country is nearly BANKRUPT. Here is the UK Column News with Anthony Carlin exposing just some of this Mortgage Ponzi Scheme SCAM and how the corrupt courts cover up for this as they are part of the same Corrupt Controlled System :

The corrupt political parties and the Elite Private Bankers that control them are also using this Debt/Austerity SCAM as an excuse to give away everything we own as Privatisation on the cheap to their pals and as usual we are going to be paying even more for less services when this happens. Everything is going to be Privatised under this Debt/Austerity SCAM. Even if Scotland becomes Independent tomorrow we will be in a worse state than Greece - If we become Independent and join the EU we will still be in a worse state than Greece because it is the EU that is robbing the Greek people with this Debt/Austerity SCAM and even by staying in the UK we are still going to be in a worst state than Greece because much worse is still to come for the entire UK and most other countries in this Debt/Austerity SCAM just like they did in the 1920/30s with the DELIBERATE Depression. During the Scottish Independence Referendum the SNP Scottish Government were lying to the people big style while keeping the following under wraps and they are still lying now as they try and push for a second referendum :

The United States of America escaped this SCAM Debt Slavery System for a while when they won their Independence only that was also a SCAM on the American people as well as you can read on this link here The Top Of The Pyramid Vatican/Rothschilds This quote here gives you a hint as to the second country to escape this Debt Slavery System :

That's right folks the REAL reason for WW2. Tony Blair was not the first leader of our country to lie in order to fool the people into going to war. ALL of our leaders have done so in order to carry out the agenda of these Elite Private Bankers/Vatican etc as per all of the above. Hitler did the right thing - he arrested the Bankers including Baron Louis De Rothschild and took over their banks and printed his own - the peoples - money Debt and Interest FREE, just as the US had done on Independence, and he spent it into his economy and that is why Germany was booming in the 1930's while the rest of the world was in the Elite Private Bankers DELIBERATELY created Depression. Hitler mistakenly blamed only the Jews for what had been going on in Germany and for this SCAM Banking System so he arranged with the Zionist Jews to remove the Jews from Germany in the Haavara Agreement - maybe he was partly right because the Jews had been thrown out of over 100 countries etc before then. The ordinary Jews not being happy with all of this declared war on Germany in 1933.You can watch the TRUTH about all of this and the "Holocaust" here Judea Declares War On Germany 1933 Watch this speech from Hitler from back then warning the world what was really going on that has gone viral all over the world (that keeps getting banned) and notice that what he is saying back then is EXACTLY what is still going on today:
These Elites and their puppets in our governments then engineered WW2 against Germany by getting the Polish Government to rape and murder and ethnically cleanse the German people living in the German areas handed over to Poland after WW1 goading Hitler into invading Poland in order to save his people. Stalin invaded Poland at the same time and the Allies NEVER declared war on him because he was another puppet of these Elites. Hitler had made 19 attempts at peace during this period and even after he defeated the countries ranged against him he still offered peace to Churchhill after Dunkirk as he NEVER had any plans to invade or take over any country never mind the world. He only wanted the best for his people and he achieved that with the German people being the best off they have ever been before or since Hitler took over. Here is the TRUTH about Hitler and WW2 in this BRITISH Documentary that is also going viral all over the world that also keeps getting banned as well :

Since the defeat of Germany the Elites and their puppets in our governments have put out so much DISINFO and PROPAGANDA about Hitler and Germany back then to steer the people of all the other countries away from questioning why our governments back then and now were not doing the same as Hitler did re arresting the Bankers etc and printing our OWN Debt and Interest FREE money. This is not a post about Hitler only how he achieved the miracle he did with his economy by doing things re arresting the Bankers etc and printing his own Debt and Interest FREE National Credit/Money. Hitler was NOT a Rothschild nor was he funded by them or anyone else as shown above in his speech exposing these people - he had NO plans to invade any country never mind the world or to mass murder anyone. Funny how they have all of the Hitler/German records from back then and cannot show one single order for any of this and the Germans were very efficient at keeping records. As per the examples I gave above there was NO Holocaust of 6 MILLION Jews or anyone else as it was part of this DISINFO and there are plenty of videos and sites out there on the internet exposing all of the LIES around Hitler and WW2. It has been the British Empire that has been taking over the world on behalf of these Elites it being a continuation of the Roman Empire and now it is the UK and US that has been covertly taking over the countries of the world they don't control on behalf of these Elites through this FAKE Debt/Austerity and FAKE "terrorism" SCAMS. It was the ALLIES that killed the 271504 people in TOTAL that died mostly of TYPHUS and then also Starvation in ALL of the Concentration Camps because we bombed the factories and railways that made and transported the ZYCLON B Gas that was needed to kill off the LICE that was spreading this disease. They conveniently forget to mention the real Holocaust of 12 MILLION Germans in that period such as at this link here Hellstorm the Documentary  or the Rhine Meadows POW Camps where millions of German POWs were left with NO shelter and left to starve to death with NO food AFTER WW2 etc. The Red Cross kept records of all deaths in every POW and Concentration Camp on both sides during WW2 and here is their records for the deaths in ALL Concentration Camps during that period:

Someone else who was warning the world what was going on back even before then was Frank L Baum with his book about the Wonderful Wizard of Oz which was exposing the Bankers and how they control everything via the Gold Standard another massive SCAM that leads to financial slavery. In the following video The Secret of Oz, Bill Still explains the meaning of that book and the characters in it and how they relate to this SCAM Banking System and the simple solution to all of this:

Everything that is happening in this country and most others is DELIBERATE as part of this NWO agenda and every single main political party is involved in this massive SCAM and not only that what they are involved in is TREASON. They are ALL corrupt and involved in, and the covering up of, the massive corruption at Westminster involving MPs and others where £hundreds of billions at least is being stolen from the Treasury and your Pension Funds etc - All of this being exposed by Gordon Bowden, Professor George Lees and John Paterson (Links at the side bar on the right hand side). They are also involved in the massive cover up of paedophila in this country especially as this is one of the main ways that the Elites control our politicians etc - this Tory Government is involved in the jailing of the child abuse victim Melanie Shaw in order to silence her from exposing the politicians etc involved and the SNP Scottish Governments involvement in and spending over £2 million to fit up and jail Robert Green in order to try and silence him from exposing the massive child abuse problem in Scotland - you can see more about that if you click on the Hollie Greig and Paedophile Abuse Cover Up link at the right hand side of this page and more about both of these cases at the UK Column News link there also. Both Governments also set up Child Abuse "Inquiries" as they were under severe pressure to do so from the exposures on the internet but members of both inquiries have already resigned because of interference from both governments to try and limit the scope of these inquiries in order to get the results that they want in order to try and keep a lid on all of this.

You may wonder why the mainstream media are not exposing all of this? The answer to that is as I have already said above, and as Hitler also said in his speech above, is that they are controlled and owned by the very same Elites that control all of the main political parties. Things only get into the mainstream media when it is part of the Elites agenda or because of pressure from exposures on the internet where they then try to steer the news and then attempt to bury it. Here is a perfect example of how the news is totally controlled where Gordon Bowden presented a mass of evidence about the corruption I mentioned above regarding the £Hundreds of Billions being stolen from the Treasury etc to the BBC with them doing nothing to report it ever since:

The solution to all of this is what the Icelandic people did - They arrested their Prime Minister and bankers etc involved and jailed them and nationalised their main bank. They then formed an assembly of citizens with NO political party affiliation to rewrite their constitution to avoid entrapments of debt and then they wrote off all debt exceeding 110% of home values - in other words they told the corrupt international bankers/Elites etc where to stick their FAKE Debt. Iceland is now BOOMING and they did this without any violence or shots being fired while our countries are continuing to collapse contrary to the lies of the political parties and mainstream media.

Every country should be independent and doing what Iceland did including printing their OWN Debt and Interest FREE money and there is NO need to back it with anything as Bill Still said in the Secret of Oz video above as long as we control the amount of money in circulation. By doing this there would be NO need for any of this Austerity or cutbacks in the Health Service, Police, Education, Council and other services or any Privatisation and poverty would be eliminated. There is a mass of work needing done locally and nationally in this country and to do this we are all going to have to work together to make the changes needed like the Icelandic people did for the sake of your kids and grandkids future. It will also require the people educating themselves as to all of the above so that they do not get conned again by any crook or politician and so that Grand Juries of informed and educated people can hold to account everyone in position of trust in government etc and deal with them accordingly.

Anyone who thinks that simply voting for politicians and letting them get on with doing things for you is going to improve things deserves what is coming as you have been suckered into doing this election after election and it did not matter who got in as things have only got, and will get, worse and the country is in the state it is in because all of these politicians and political parties are the ones that have created all this mess DELIBERATELY as per all of the above in the first place. Iceland Did It - So Can We!

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