Monday, 30 June 2014

Lee Rigby Soldier Murder Hoax Exposed! Chris Spivey Site Blocked By Government To Stop The Names Of Those Involved Getting Out! Here Is The Link!

I would say that this is bombshell news but it is not to all of us people who actually research things for ourselves and do not waste our time and intelligence by sitting glued to DRIVEL on the TV or reading DRIVEL in newspapers etc and as all of you people in this situation know and like what is happening to Chris Spivey get slagged off or threatened by these lazy ignorant people or called "conspiracy theorists" etc by these people who are so dangerous that they actually go out and vote for the very political parties involved in all of this FAKE terrorism and all of the rest of the corrupt treasonous things including the fake debt austerity scam that every one of these controlled parties are involved in.

Now - type that into Google and see for yourself - has been blocked by Google on behalf of our government because he has been exposing this SCAM which was FAKED by this Tory/Lib-Dem government carrying on the FAKE terrorism narrative started by the Labour party with their involvement in the 7/7 London Bombings.  

Here is the link to Chris Spivey's site where he is exposing this HOAX Save the link in your favourites so that you can get to it past the blocking - You will find it slow to load because they are trying to choke the site plus the fact thousands more people are hitting his site to see the facts for themselves every day.

This entire scam was another FALSE FLAG event in order to stir up hatred in this country against the Muslims just like they are doing every day by their STORIES blaming the sick, disabled, unemployed, pensioners etc for the state of the economy and all of the FAKE debt and the austerity SCAM to take the blame away from the REAL culprits the Government, political parties and the people that control them the Elite Bankers, Royalty and Vatican who are the ones who are stealing ALL of the peoples money, assets and resources on this planet. These Elites are doing this along with the connivance of their political party puppets in order to take away YOUR freedoms and reinforce the police state that they are building. They are attempting to get the people to riot and fight each other to give them the excuse to bring in this police state much quicker and they have now created the FAKE new Islamic terrorists ISIS (Google ISIS hoax) to aid in this and as a scam excuse to start another war in the middle east since the UK and US government were stopped from bombing Syria the last time with their FAKE chemical attack SCAM. We would have been in WW3 and probably been wiped out by now if all of these people in the world who do do their research did not stop the UK and US governments from bombing Syria whilst these lazy ignorant people would just have let it all happen. There is a dictatorship building in this world led by the UK and US - Building their New World Order on behalf of these Elites.

Now people if someone tells you that you are being conned, ripped off etc you are supposed to engage your brain and go and check it out - look at the EVIDENCE and RESEARCH to find the TRUTH for yourself - Do not just believe what you are told - Unlike the people who get all of their "news" and "knowledge" from the TV and Newspapers etc and certainly unlike like the few people left in the political parties who think that they are more aware of what is going on than everyone else. Of course the usual reaction of these lazy ignorant people is to get angry with, attack or threaten the person telling them what is going on just like is happening with Chris just now, which all of us who know what is going on can relate to, and yet these lazy ignorant people will blame everyone but themselves for everything that is happening in the country and world because the people doing it all are getting away with it because of THEIR ignorance. The biggest joke is is that Chris and the rest of us care about these lazy ignorant peoples kids future more than they do letting these Elites decide what their kids future or no future more like is going to be - Not being interested or doing nothing means you CONSENT to what they are doing and also means that you do not care about anyone else either.

Of course this is all rubbish to the lazy ignorant people who do no research of their own and this world is never going to change unless we all get together to change things by working together, by caring for each other, every other living thing and the planet. If you all think that these corrupt controlled political parties are going to make a difference then you are all in for a nasty surprise - There are two types of people in this world the people who stand up for themselves without fear and the gutless wonders - time for you all to grow a pair - it's not as if you have to actually go and fight physically - these crooks in the government, judiciary, police etc work for YOU not the other way round and it is time to stand up like the people of Iceland and jail all of the crooked politicians, bankers etc involved in all of this fraud, paedophilia, murder , wars and genocide that they are causing in this country and abroad. 

There is plenty of money to do everything in this country if our crooked politicians were not printing OUR money and giving it away to these Elite Private Bankers for FREE in exchange for massive debt PLUS interest - our government should be looking after our troops instead of them having to rely on charity - too many people are working away for their charities not realising that they are just scams laundering money away for crooked politicians and businessmen - Go research the Red Nose Day Charity scam for one.

ALL the EVIDENCE that you need that shows all of the following to be FALSE FLAG scams with the American ones all to do with disarming the people in order to bring in this Elites dictatorship.

An excellent video showing the Lee Rigby SCAM:

Excellent video showing the Sandy Hook SCAM with all of the EVIDENCE you need to show how they are all just actors and that no one was killed plus these crooked fake families are raking in the money with their charities from the gullible people taken in by this just like they are with the Lee Rigby SCAM:

This video about Sandy Hook exposes the COMPANIES these FAKE families worked for in the Sandy Hook SCAM:

Three excellent videos that prove the Boston Bombings to have been a huge SCAM again all done with actors and NO victims:

An excellent link that also shows up these bombings to be FAKE CLICK HERE

Two videos that prove the Aurora Batman Shootings to be a huge SCAM:

Two excellent links that show that the Westgate Shopping Mall attacks in Kenya was also a SCAM CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

And finally two videos of Richard D Hall interviewing Tony Farrell who was a Police Intelligence Analyst who was sacked from his job because he refused to put out government lies with regard to terrorism when he researched all of the evidence and his analysis proved that it was the government that was behind it all - Conspiracy Theories eh? Says the ignorant:

Plenty more EVIDENCE on the web to show that the UK and US governments, and others, are behind all of these terrorist events and SCAMS against their own people - Google Operation Gladio about the corrupt controlled NATO who are also reported to be behind the 7/7 and Madrid bombings.

Lee Rigby Soldier Murder Hoax Exposed! Chris Spivey Site Blocked By Government To Stop The Names Of Those Involved Getting Out! Here Is The Link!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Timothy Rustige Needs YOUR Help! Sign The Petition - Pass It On And Help Beat These Corrupt Scum! You Get The World You Deserve And At Least Some Of Us Want A Better One!

Well the Hollie Greig cover up and the jailing of  the pensioners Robert Green and Timothy Rustige saga continues with Robert out on bail and practically under house arrest down at his home in England until his trial all under this corrupt "legal" instead of LAWFUL system and Timothy as per the previous post moved to the Barlinnie prison in Glasgow because of the, unreported it seems, riot in the brand new prison at Peterhead - Then again they are trying to make out that the prisoners are getting 5 star food compared to the dross they are serving in hospitals so they mustn't expose their wee lies that keep you all arguing over the DRIVEL instead of what is really going on, and who is really responsible, for everything that is happening in this world - the Elites with their puppet political parties and politicians.
Now for those who can drag their way from being brainwashed by their CORRUPT and CONTROLLED TV or Newspapers - Totally silent on the Hollie Greig, Robert Green and Timothy Rustige cases - spare a MINUTE of your time by helping Timothy to help to get him out of prison by signing the following petition:
Now Timothy was jailed like Robert Green in order to try and shut them up as they were trying to expose the cover up of the abuse of a paedophile ring against the Downs Syndrome girl Hollie Greig as per the previous posts and the involvement of the former disgraced Lord Advocate of Scotland in this and her, and our SNP Scottish Governments, use of hundreds of thousands of pounds of YOUR money for what should have been private slander actions if she was innocent of what Robert and Timothy were exposing - plus these cases against Robert and Timothy were nothing to do with the police, Crown Office or CORRUPT Scottish government - both this SNP administration and the previous Labour/Lib Dem one apart from their agenda to keep this covered up. 
Timothy’s early release date should have been the 3rd June 2014 but because of the the riot at Peterhead prison, which he was not involved in, his  early release process has been stopped with his transfer to Barlinnie prison. Timothy is not in very good health and the strain of being in prison, especially that dump of a prison, is not doing him any good being locked up 23 hours per day and it is a joke that prisoners who had been at Peterhead with him, and in fact had been guilty of criminal activity, have been given their early release papers even though they had been jailed after him.  Just like the case of Robert Green the corrupt scum in the Scottish Government and Crown Office are unlawfully interfering in this process which is in the remit of the Scottish Prison Service to pile more misery on Timothy and keep him in and stop him from continuing to expose this cover up which is related to all of the other corruption that our Government, Political Parties, Judicial System and Police etc are up to.
Timothy Rustige Needs YOUR Help! Sign The Petition - Pass It On And Help Beat These Corrupt Scum! You Get The World You Deserve And At Least Some Of Us Want A Better One!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Robert Green Free - Tim Rustige Next? The Battle For Justice Goes On! Plus - Why Is The British Government And Police Helping To Cover Up What Really Happened To Madeline McCann?

Robert Green was finally released on bail on Wednesday 24th May there despite the unlawful and dishonest attempts to keep him in prison even though he has served the maximum sentence he would have been jailed for after the CORRUPT Scottish Government, Crown Office and Police dropped the case from a jury trial to one with a single sheriff. These scum were probably too scared to put Robert before a jury and try and fit him up like they did before because they did not want all of the evidence regarding the Hollie Greig case going before a jury plus the fact that they are being watched and contacted by people all over the world now because of their utter stupidity having the opposite affect from what they had intended. Robert's case comes before the court this Friday 30th so it will be interesting to see what comes out of that.

Timothy Rustige meanwhile has been moved to Barlinnie prison as many of the prisoners from the new Peterhead prison had to be moved out after it was wrecked by prisoners who were fed up getting fed pigs-swill for food with child portions amongst other complaints so the battle now moves to getting Tim out - all of this reported at the following link and in the comments:                      

Meanwhile for those who still believe that Madeline McCann was taken by a paedophile well here is an excellent documentary that shows who the Portuguese Police suspected of being involved in the disappearance of that poor kid - The fact that this was banned by the McCann's should give you a huge hint. Most people with more than one brain cell already came to this conclusion and could see through all of the drivel that our press and media put out as news these days like a missing airplane, terrorism, or 300 girls supposedly being kidnapped in Africa -  another CIA group by the way. The thing that is puzzling is why the HUGE effort to cover up for these two parents involved in this crime right up to government level and above - again the masonic link has been cited by many in relation to this case.

The rest of the world now knows the probable place that Madeline is buried and yet the McCann's themselves are avoiding anything to do with this as are the British police and the under pressure from the British government Portuguese police as you can read at this excellent site

Robert Green Free - Tim Rustige Next? The Battle For Justice Goes On! Plus - Why Is The British Government And Police Helping To Cover Up What Really Happened To Madeline McCann?

Saturday, 29 March 2014

£2 Million Spent By The Corrupt Scottish Government, Police And Crown Office To Cover Up Paedophilia And NOT One Penny Spent To Investigate The Paedophiles! Another Pensioner Jailed For Exposing What They Are Up To! Watch Corrupt Politicians Run Away From Questions About Their Corruption!

For all of you that think that paedophilia is something that only happens in a few households then it is time for you to think again. Paedophilia is massive in this country and the world and it is not just in the religions either. It is rife in the parliaments, political parties, police, judiciary and right up to Royalty. The common thread through every one of these, including the religions, is the satanic paedophile masons which, as I have said in a previous post, is what the Elites use to recruit their USEFUL IDIOTS to carry out their agendas against humanity including these USEFUL IDIOTS own families. It is what these Elites use to bribe and control these people and the USEFUL idiots in the satanic paedophile masons not involved in any of this are so THICK that they do not realise how much these Elites at the top lie to and use them to help cover up these sick crimes and all of the other corruption of these Elites and their fellow USEFUL IDIOTS. These people are using children's homes etc in this country as their personal sex playgrounds destroying thousands of young kids lives even to the extent of murdering them. It is institutional and at present they are stopping the decent police from investigating all of the above people with the aid of the Chief Constables and Crown Office who are either USEFUL IDIOTS themselves or the only other explanation is that they themselves are members of these paedophile rings - Why else would anyone want to get involved in covering up for these sick filth?

Watch the excellent Bill Maloney, who is an independent film director, who suffered abuse along with his brothers and sisters by some of these people, challenge Nick Clegg and the Lib-Dems who thought they would have an easy photo opportunity to con the people again with regard to the budget. Watch the faces of these SCUM politicians who are involved in covering ALL of this up and watch how they run off from REAL questions.

Also watch the face of the thick muppet Danny Alexander as he runs off ignoring the question from the excellent Sonia Poulton, a real INDEPENDENT journalist unlike the ones in the Newspapers and TV, who is exposing the FACT that the Lib-Dems like ALL of the other political parties are ripping off YOU by printing YOUR money and giving it away for FREE to the Elite Private Bankers in exchange for massive DEBT plus INTEREST and thus it is THEM the political parties that are creating this austerity and bankrupting the country DELIBERATELY on behalf of these Elites that control ALL of them through the satanic paedophile masons mentioned above. Our government can print OUR money with NO debt like they did before with the Bradbury Pound. More about this huge banking and mortgage scam soon.
(see for more about the Bradbury Pound).

Watch the CROOKED scum run off and remember if this was any of the other political parties they would be doing EXACTLY the same - This is what everyone should be doing and they would not be getting away with it especially our gutless and useless (CONTROLLED) media:

Meanwhile here in Scotland the huge paedophile cover up goes on with the Scottish Government, Police and Crown Office having spent over £2 million pounds of YOUR money on PRIVATE prosecutions on behalf of our ex Lord Advocate and some of the people involved in the abuse of Hollie Greig and on jailing two pensioners trying to expose what all of these crooked people are up to. Amazing how many £millions all of these organisations can find of YOUR money to cover up their and their fellow USEFUL IDIOTS corruption and paedophilia against the £ZERO they have spent on actually investigating the 22 people involved or the OTHER 7 victims. Watch the excellent UK Column Live online news from Friday for an update on this corrupt cover up and the jailing of Tim Rustige and Robert Green for exposing what is going on:

Meanwhile more evidence about paedphilia and the mass murder of kids in their "care" homes coming out against the Vatican and the involvement of the previous and present Pope and their attempts to try and cover this up and the forthcoming court case against them in the following video:

Let's not forget the Scottish Police cover up of the Moira Anderson paedophile scandal either as reported back a while here AT THIS LINK a similar cover up to the Hollie Greig case.

Still not one of the useless Scottish MPs or MSPs doing anything to help the victims of paedophiles, or the corruption going on against Robert Green or Tim Rustige, in this country even though they are ALL aware of what is going on all because their corrupt parties are involved so it is okay with them. These MPs and MSPs and all of their fellow councillors are so THICK that they do not realise that ALL of their political parties are controlled by the same people - the Elite Private Bankers etc, as per the first video above stealing all of our money with the aid of their parties, with the help of their satanic paedophile masonic puppet leaders and other placemen. Then again a wee bit of imagined power and a trough in front of your face and you will do and ignore anything. This system is coming down soon and a lot of people are going to get what they deserve including those who did nothing - people who are just as guilty as those involved.

£2 Million Spent By The Corrupt Scottish Government, Police And Crown Office To Cover Up Paedophilia And NOT One Penny Spent To Investigate The Paedophiles! Another Pensioner Jailed For Exposing What They Are Up To! Watch Corrupt Politicians Run Away From Questions About Their Corruption!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Robert Green and Hollie Greig! - The More The Corrupt Scottish Politicians, Police and Judiciary Try And Cover This Up The Bigger It Gets Worldwide! APATHY Gets YOU The World YOU Deserve!

Well done to all of those showing their support to Robert Green by writing to, and visiting him in Perth Prison and the good news is that after the Scottish Government/Justice System's dirty tricks he has finally after nearly five weeks got to see his solicitor and has his application for bail in. The joke is if he had actually been a paedophile instead of someone exposing them they would have let him out on bail right at the beginning or for anything more serious for that matter.

Then again when you have something big to cover up that involves some of your fellow satanic paedophile mason pals and maybe even you yourself you will do anything you think that you will get away with especially when you think that you have the entire establishment behind you. What gets me is the stupidity of the people who join such things as the masons who not have the brains to know that the likes of this organisation is what the Elites use to find their USEFUL IDIOTS to help them keep control over their fellow human beings. These USEFUL IDIOTS are so dumb that they do not realise that these Elites are poisoning them and their families with Fluoride in their toothpaste and water and with Mercury, Formaldehyde, MSG, Aluminium etc in their vaccines and their GM food and robbing them stupid like the rest of us with their banking and financial system - in fact they are so stupid that they do not realise that when the Elites manage to bring in their New World Order that their fate is going to be exactly the same as the rest of us - if you are not a blood relative of the Elites then you are just what they call the rest of us - Useless Eaters, Scum, Slaves etc.

The good thing is that there is a great awakening going on in the world just now to all of this, with this being the Age of Aquarius, and more and more people are doing what EVERYONE should be doing and standing up for THEMSELVES and for EVERYONE who cannot do so such as the victims in this case and ALL of the other victims that are still being abused by the paedophiles in our establishment and also all of the other scams these people, including ALL of the political parties, are committing against EVERYONE.

With regard to Robert Green and the Hollie Greig scandal I received the following reply from the Scottish Crown Office to the email I sent out to all of our USELESS Scottish MP's and MSP's, as per the last post, titled "Final Response" which says a lot considering it is their only response:

Click on image to enlarge

Oh Dear! The Scottish Government and Crown Office must have made a mistake by saying "prosecution of Mr Green" instead of PERSECUTION of Mr Green  and missed out "for telling the TRUTH", they have again failed to answer my, and everyone else's, questions as per my emailed reply below which they have not even acknowledged never mind answered to date:

Click on image to enlarge

No wonder why our Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and Police cannot find any evidence when they DELIBERATELY do NOT interview the people accused of the crime or ANY of the OTHER victims. To be fair there are decent police out there wanting to do their jobs and being stopped from doing so by their fellow corrupt satanic paedophile masonic workmates doing their utmost to stop them and the same goes for the Crown Office etc. 

The one answer that we have from the horses mouth is that they have been using tax-payers - that is right YOUR money - to carry out PRIVATE prosecutions on behalf of the ex-Lord Advocate for what she calls slander but which is fast being exposed as being the TRUTH in her, and the Crown Office and Scottish Governments, quest to silence Robert Green and anyone else exposing what they are up to.

It is time the people of this country did the same as the Icelandic people and jailed every single corrupt person, not just the Bankers and Politicians deliberately involved in bankrupting our country like they did, but every single person involved in disgusting stuff such as this and the people helping them cover it up.

The entire story of the Hollie Greig case and more beside can be read at the following excellent site by a REAL investigative journalist unlike your mainstream press and media. To get the rest of the story click on the newest posts at the bottom of the page - Click  HERE

Robert Green and Hollie Greig! - The More The Corrupt Scottish Politicians, Police and Judiciary Try And Cover This Up The Bigger It Gets Worldwide! APATHY Gets YOU The World YOU Deserve!