Saturday, 22 November 2008

Major Hypocricy In Action Too!

For years I thought that having no principles was something that you took for granted from the unionist political parties with regard to the Scottish electorate given the fact that they are not even Scottish - more about that in another post. But with regard to the SNP councillors locally what a shower, not happy with back-stabbing their own councillors and activists out of the party in order to jostle for the safest seats and positions of power - they are now doing the same with regard to the Renfrewshire electorate.

Absolutely no principles, for years these local SNP councillors stood by the people and opposed the Labour party with regard to their closures, PFI etc and now that they are in power they have shown what a bunch of liars and chancers they are. It is disgusting enough to see them posing to get their pictures taken with regard to the PFI schools, but with regard to South School what an embarrassment. What they are trying to save here is peanuts with regard to their overall budget each year.

It gets worst! For years they have opposed letting supermarkets open up close to Paisley Town Centre because this would be the death of what is left of the shops there. To prove that they are just as bad as the Labour shower they opposed they are now going to allow the opening of a Tesco, nearer the town centre than all the parties have opposed in the past, at the bottom of Renfrew Road.
Pound signs before principles - what a shower!


Mad Mitchey said...


Love your site, it’s about time we had a good site where we can have adult discussion.

With regards to the SNP group on Renfrewshire Council, I have never witnessed such a bunch of low hitters, no hopers and to be honest "brown tongues". I have to mention that there is an exception to that, one Bruce McFee, he is one of the most talented councillors and former MSP's in Scotland. What a shame that the national party could not see that, or maybe they did!

Let's have a look at just some of the non entities in the SNP's ranks.

Ms Tracey McGee, brown tongue, would sell her granny and has sold out her friends, all for a council seat.

Ms Brian Lawson, former stunt double to the Krankies, so full of his own self importance, he makes former councillor John Kenny blush.

Ms Lorraine Cameron, former bar maid and cleaner, sold out friends for a trip to Germany and extra cash to pay for her many council houses, her only contribution to the Council was " us yens and youse yeans" well down Lorraine!

Wee Kenny McAllen, former panto dame, "o yes he was" was very critical of McKay for "never leaving Renfrew", would only go to events and functions if they were held in Renfrew. Now keeper of Del's Privy Purse.

Mr Jim R Mitchell what can one say, Jim's mantra has always been " if I an no getting it, neither are you", an odious little man with no redeeming characteristics, what more can I say, or in Jim's case can't say. What I should maybe mention for any of you readers is that Jim used to claim 12 hours per day subsistence and expenses, amazing for a man who can't eat, unless his food is liquidised and can't speak, so what the hell was he doing down in Cotton Street all day apart from eating soggy biscuits and reading papers.

Billy part two soon.


Dave Mc.

jimmy said...


Supermarkets are over. We cannot have such long supply lines between us and our food. Not any more. The very model of the supermarket is unsustainable, what with the packaging, food miles and destruction of British farming.
Rob Newman 2008
(Political Activist)

Rob Newman, the man behind A History of Oil insists that the era of Big Retail is over. He might be right. The advent of peak oil might just put paid to monolithic supply chains and refocus food production to not just the local, but the micro level. Unfortunately somebody forgot to tell retail giants Tesco, who have all but ditched their plan for Love Street Football Stadium and are instead proposing to open a Tesco Extra of 136,000 sq ft on the Renfrew Road, currently the Wallneuk Industrial Estate, on the edge of Paisley Town Centre.

The supermarket wants to build a shopping temple the size of its Silverburn store, and the recently proposed site at Wallneuk represents a 170% increase in the an 80,000 sq ft store recently approved by Renfrewshire Council. Theere is nothing like this store anywhere near the town centre. The nearest we have in the Paisley area is Asda near Linwood, a massive store, but a mere 100,000 sq ft and three miles outside of Paisley town centre. The Wallneuk site is less than a mile away from the main shopping area.

Tesco’s car-centric proposals include 700 parking spaces and a petrol filling station, both accessed from Wallneuk Road, which would have to be realigned, in an area that already operates at capacity.

At a time where investors are becoming harder to locate than molars on one of Tesco’s battery chickens, Renfrewshire is currently falling over itself to get the deal for Wallneuk done, to sell the land and relieve budget cuts heaped on a furious electorate. Town centre plans are being abandoned, priorities and allegiances shifted as the current administration rolls out the red carpet and doffs it’s cap to its corporate puppet-masters.

I have written a longer piece at


jimmy kerr