Tuesday, 7 April 2009

We All Know Who The Guilty Are - So Do Something About It!

There are two types of people in this world, honest and dishonest. We all know the difference between the two. It is the same in politics, the honest people do the job in hand, whether it be local councillor, MSP, or MP, for the benefit of the people who voted for them. These people would not dream of stealing from the people who put them in that position. Then you have the other type, the dishonest ones, only in it for what they can get out of it, do as little as they can for their electorate and quite happy to rip them off for every penny they can get out of them.

Here in Scotland we need not be shocked by the corruption that is going on in Westminster just now with regard to the Labour party, we have been used to it for decades. But with the fact that Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, Alistair Darling, the Chancellor and half the cabinet as well as a fair number of backbench MP's are ripping off the people of this country no wonder it has shocked the people of England as well as to how corrupt these people are.

Like I said we all know the difference, honest people just would not do what these Westminster MP's are up to. It is the same here with regard to our local councillors, the honest councillors got on with the job of representing their constituents and only claimed what they were due. Like I said in a previous post the dishonest ones, Ronnie Burns, Celia Lawson, Derek MacKay, Mark McMillan and Tommy Williams decided they would rather rip off their constituents by claiming money they were not due.

The Labour party were told about Tommy Williams over ten years ago about him ripping off Glasgow council, the term "Phantom Worker" actually came from them because of his getting paid for a job that he never attended. Mark McMillan opens up a can of worms. Just who was doing the most fraud here? Was it Mark, or his ex-wife Barbara Adams, or was it her mother Irene Adams, ex-MP for Paisley North and now in the Lords as a "Dame". It's a family affair as the song goes!

You will all note the silence on this issue on the "Don't Drink Without A Piece Of Paper" blog below, the local Labour and SNP party's and councillors know about this site and some have commented on other issues. Never before have the SNP in Renfrewshire been so silent on the Labour fraudsters and why are Labour so silent on the SNP fraudsters. We all know why! Only the dishonest would commit fraud, we all know who the dishonest politicians are, if your MP is one of these who are ripping off the system report them to the police - If they were honest they would not have done it in the first place!


Allan said...

Yeah. Funny that. Can't really think why the sound of silence is deafening from all sides.

You'd have thought a quality newspaper like the PDE would have picked up on your story. Then again, they have failed to really cover the where, why and how of the SNP's spending cuts. Have they really asked how close to bankruptcy are Renfrewshire Council, and what role the PPP schools programme has in that respect.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100 percent with Allan, you would think that the Paisley Daily Express would pick up on this story, let me tell you a story, my neighbour went to Canada for a month, she asked her neighbour to keep the PDE's for her.

When she came back home, she and her husband took all the papers and laid them out on the living room floor, what a shock we all got, muggings, murders, job loses, sleaze, benefit fraud, arrests, no wonder this town is in terminal decline, we have a local paper that talks this town down, they are in bed with the SNP, fearful to breath in case Dexy McKay cuts off their advertising budget.

This once proud town is on it's knees, we have a SNP Administration that could not care less about this town, we have Councillors of all parties, who represent this town centre, though their silence is deafening, people like wee Kenny (Ginger) McLaren said before the elections "you would be nuts not to vote SNP", what he should have said is " we are nuts for voting SNP", we Kenny (Ginger) Mclaren appears more keen to powder Dexy's face and moisturise Dexy all over, than bother or care about this town or it's inhabitants, suppose staying in Ralston in £200 hundred thousand pounds house, why should he care, he's elected until the next local elections.

R.I.P Paisley.

Anonymous said...


I learned from your site that Mr Dave McCartney now works for an SNP List MSP, I thought I was dreaming, this wee chap is an offal person, arrogant, questionable moral values, he didn't even go to his own fathers funeral, what sort of chap is this and now he Lords it over us as an Employee of an MSP, God forbid if the SNP ever allow him a place on the Political List, as I said McCartney has questionable morals, lets just say that he is fragrant and enjoys weekends at his cottaging, and likes fresh young, tender meat.

Please SNP wake up before it's too late.


Anonymous said...

Is that Dave McCartney the same guy that had the seven body per icings including his "John Thomas)? I am sure I met him in one of those "special clubs) in Glasgow, I could be wrong but he was wearing jean, Fred Perry top with braces and Doc Martin shoes,
He said he loves "scatt" I never found out what that was, any takers.

P.s for thoese who don’t know what his “John Thomas” is, that is in fact his
Todger or winkle.

Anonymous said...


Wait one minute, is one of your bloggers suggesting that a person who works for an MSP has his person per iced and visits ( special clubs) at weekends, if this is try could he be bringing Parliament into disrepute if these (special clubs) are full of fresh young meet.

Answers on a postcard, please.

P.s What in God’s name is Scat or spelled Scatt?

Allan said...

Nice to see that Damian McBride & Tom Watson MP are fan's of this site, if the annonymous comments (13 April) are anything to go by.

Anonymous said...


I agree with your comments, but what or is "Scatt or Scat".

Yours Tom.

Anonymous said...

Jaysus, so none of you know what "Scat Porn" is?