Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Labour?

Just how stupid do the Labour party think the people of this country are with regard to their attempts to divert our attention from their sleaze and incompetence. First of all we had their usual lets scare the population, just before a bank holiday weekend for greater effect, to show how they are keeping on top of this kiddy-on terrorist scam that our governments started with 911, and 7/7 in London. Anyone who still believes our corrupt governments about these events should watch the evidence, in the videos at the right hand side and make up your own minds. Funny how these "students" were deported for visa irregularities with no evidence of terrorist targets or weapons, the usual in fact.

Secondly, we have the situation regarding the setting up of internet blogs with the intention of smearing the opposition. In England it was to make up false smears about the Tories in the hope of spreading them through the internet and thus giving them credence by becoming mainstream news in the newspapers and tv. Again just who do the Labour party think they are kidding with regard to Damian McBride, who was employed by Brown among others, to carry out his spin and dirty tactics on his opponents, especially within his own party.

That is how Gordon Brown has got to where he is, nothing to do with talent as he has none, but to do with surrounding himself with equally talentless brown-nosers to smear and control everyone else that he would consider a threat to his power. We are supposed to believe that this control freak Brown and his wee gang did not know what this guy was up to, we are also supposed to think that Brown's wee sychophants like Douglas Alexander were trying to get rid of McBride because he was a loose cannon, that's rich coming from another shower of serial liars and conmen.

In Scotland they have supposed to have set up the blog "A Leaky Chanter" to dish the dirt on the SNP. Of course if you visit that site just now they claim that is rubbish, but then they would wouldn't they. Then again maybe they are claiming it is their site that is rubbish because that would be true, with all the corruption and incompetence coming from the Labour party and Westminster all they can come out with is petty drivel about the SNP!

Now we have Brown's attempt to change the rules on MP's second homes allowances, after he, half his cabinet and MP's, have been fiddling it for everything they can get for years, and also to try and undermine the investigation by the standards watchdog into what was going on with regard to this fraud. It is time for this cesspit at Westminster to be cleared out and reformed, preferably by Scotland getting out of it! Just who do you think you are kidding Labour?

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subrosa said...

Very well said PE. He's down and out but won't let go of the power.