Thursday, 14 May 2009

This expenses farce is not just about the last four years!

Many of you out there may be disgusted and angry about the MP's expenses swindles that are being revealed by the press in this country at present but you better be prepared for the fact that this has been going on for more than just the last four years. This has been going on for decades and what the press are reporting now are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is not just the MP's that have been fleecing their constituents and tax-payers it is also local government Councillors that have been at it. The fact is the Westminster government, the Scottish government, the Lord Advocate knows it and they have all been sitting on it, trying to bury it and hoping it will go away. The Procurator Fiscal has been sitting on the fraud cases committed by the Renfrewshire councillors, already mentioned in a couple of blogs below, for a few years now and yet still no sign of justice for the people of Renfrewshire, yet they will wheech people right through the court for less!

The case of Ronnie Burns, see excellent STV video at side, is just one example. I took a civil action out against Councillor Burns for the return of a penny of my council tax, the smallest amount that I could claim, that he had stolen. After reading my file detailing examples of Councillor Burn's fraud the Sheriff threw my case out and stated that "this was a serious criminal matter and that it should be heard in a higher court". Still waiting to see what the Procurator Fiscal is going to do with this, and the others, serious criminal matter.

Another example of how long this fraud has been going on with Westminster MP's can be seen at under the heading "Adams Murders Paisley". This relates to fraud that was being carried out by Irene Adams and her family that I had mentioned in another post below. Like I said above this has been going on for decades, there has been too many people silent on these goings on in Scotland. It is taking the English press to lead on this matter with the Scottish press following with as little as they can. Ask yourself why? Who are they protecting - it is certainly not you! This expenses farce is not just about the last four years!


Allan said...

Can I recomend this issue to Private Eye to your readers, which details Renfrewshire Council's relationship with those fine, upstanding tax dodger's... Tesco.

Billy said...

Feel free to recomend anything that shows the people what goes on behind their backs Allan. We need more people prepared to expose what is going on so good on you!