Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What Terrorists Have Direct Energy Weapons?

Another holiday period just past with another failed incompetent "terrorist" - you can almost set your watch by them now. The trouble is it is all a pack of lies, by the US and UK governments, the Press and the Media.

The above picture is one that was taken from one of Dr Judy Woods court cases against the US government (NIST) for putting out lies with regard to 911 that shows World Trade Centre building 6 in the centre with holes burned out of it by Direct Energy Weapons.  To the left of that is WTC Building 7 that just "collapsed" after having no damage done to it - the BBC somehow managed to announce that this building had collapsed nearly 30 minutes before it actually did.  To the right of WTC6 is where the remains of WTC Tower 1 would have been if it had collapsed, but as you see there is very little left there as the steel and concrete of the building was turned into the dust that you saw wafting all over New York that day by the same Direct Energy Weapons that created the holes in WTC6 and also turned WTC Tower 2 to dust.

Dr Wood is now also suing 29 companies and individuals for their part in this fraud including Direct Energy Weapons manufacturing companies such as Applied Research Associates, Inc, Science Applications International Corp, and Boeing through to companies such as American Airlines and United Airlines.

The US government (NIST) is also being sued by Dr Morgan Reynolds for putting out lies with regard to planes being involved in the destruction of the Twin Towers at 911 when in fact it was against the laws of physics for aluminium planes to fly into steel and concrete buildings plus the fact that the videos shown in the media were fake.

Watch the videos in the video vault at the side for the facts relating to these cases and visit Dr Woods site for more information at http://www.drjudywood.com/.  What terrorists have Direct Energy Weapons?


Anonymous said...

......and elsewhere Terry Kelly opens his big mouth and makes a total tit of himself.



Billy said...

He always does, I have posted about him in the past. You will notice that he still has his daughters link as Councillor Rayleen Kelly when she hasn't been for years. If you go to her link you will see that she was proud to be councillor for Seedhill. Only problem there is Seedhill was not proud to have her as councillor as she never came near the place - sometimes she sent her mummy instead, but only sometimes.

Labour got her elected through lies and she was promtly found out and booted out at the next election. Terry was on his way out as well until he was saved by the new voting system.

The trouble is the new proportional voting system is allowing all the useless councillors like Terry to hide in the system.

Anonymous said...

"Labour got her elected through lies and she was promtly found out and booted out at the next election"

lies? eh?

Billy said...

Oh dear! What have we got here in Anon above?

What does the bold anonymous mean by "lies eh!".

Is it the fact that Labour used lies to smear their ex-councillor Iain Hogg in order to win the seat for their numpty candidate Rayleen Kelly - this is true where it even ended up in the court where the Sheriff basically said you can say what you want in election literature.

Is it the fact that I have posted that Labour and SNP councillors in Renfrewshire are as bad as each other in committing fraud - this is true as Derek MacKay, Celia Lawson, SNP and Mark McMillan, Tommy Williams and Ronnie Burns, Labou or now ex-Labour have all been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for fraud. Plus Lorraine Cameron, SNP, that I have reported.

Is it what I have posted regarding 911 etc - funny how two scientists are suing the US government with facts, not lies, with regard to 911. Funny how the media are silent on reporting this fact considering they know it is going on and yet you get numpties who just cry "conspiracy theory" to hide their ignorance of he facts or to hide the facts.

Anonymous said...

Sir May I ask you a question, I have been studying politics in the West of Scotland.

I am currently investigating "SNP Facilities" in Paisley Renfrewshire.

I noticed that this organisation operated out of the SNP's HQ in William Street in the West End of Paisley.

The SNP took out a lease on this building so why would SNP Facilities then lease a small room with two windows from the SNP, former SNP MSP Bruce McFee and Cllr Iain Nicholson were both Directors of this organisation.

What work was undertaken by both gentlemen, did Mr McFee claim expenses from the Edinburgh Parliament while working at SNP Facilities, the same question is put to Mr Nicholson, did he work there while claiming expense from Renfrewshire Council?

Then Cllr Iain Nicholson resigned, for whatever reason!

The problem is that I am finding it difficult to trace were the money went, Cleary monies changed hands, did the SNP filter this money into local party funds, the back of Cllr Nicholson’s pocket or another location.

I just wonder if this is legal and above board, I can’t understand why the local Labour Party has not raised some questions bout this situation.

Scott Black.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on son, youv'e been watching too much star trek or star wars.